Just Another Manic Sunday Conference Championship In Pandemic

The time is here. First game of the day, Bucs at Packers, starts in less than an hour. Never pick against the Pack at home, but the Bucs and Brady may give them a game on the Tundra. I have no clue how it plays out, and make no pick. Yes, it is probably cowardly of me.

The second game is Bills at Chefs. On paper, this is an easy pick. Games are not played on paper though. on the field, there is no way to sell the Bills short as to having cause to be here. They are great, and a great story. I, again, will coward out and have no clue how it unfolds.

Two great matchups and four great, and admirable, teams. That is how it should be. Games on!

Mondays may be manic, but the Bangles knew/wished Sundays were too. There is goodness that there is no Trump dick wagging on social media to interrupt this day. Let’s have some fun, and rock the day.

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  1. Burnt says:

    Bittersweet says, “Pack all the way.” I’m inclined to agree. They looked unstoppable last week. Normally, this would be where I’d link to “You’re My Brady” but out of an abundance of being sick and tired of Covid isolation I will refrain. Cheers, time to dust off the antenna for some old fashioned over the air TV

    • bmaz says:

      Is that the video Marcy rings up to piss me off? That one?

      I am inclined to agree with Bittersweet. But that Brady kid sometimes does the darnedest things. No clue how it will play out. But, the Cheese at Lambeau is always a tall order.

  2. scribe says:

    Biebs takes ball, drives down field, throws another TD.

    Fox’s bumper music: Jumpin’ Jack Flash, aka Crossfire Hurricane.

    In other news, Josh McDaniels quails before the challenge of head coaching the Iggles, goes back to Cheatertown to stay Cheatin’ Bill’s OC. (I told you so.)
    Matt Patricia fails as Lions’ HC, goes back to Cheatertown to relearn how not to be late for meetings, while in a sinecure granted him by Cheatin’ Bill. Stand by for drama between Patricia and Son of Bill when it comes to who’s in charge of the D.
    Reports Patricia left town short a kneecap, courtesy of the Lions’ new HC, are overstated.

    Also, Lions shopping Stafford, reportedly Matty’s idea. Reports someone on the Lions was the unknown person buying the winning billion-dollar ticket out in Novi, also overstated.

  3. scribe says:

    More other news, Stillers pick up Bad Behavior Washington Castoff Haskins for the proverbial song. He’s a no-risk pickup – if he screws up (again) it won’t cost them much money to get rid of him and, if he turns out good he’s likely better than Mason or Duck.

    Someone needs to make sure Young Mr Haskins understands the strippers in Pittsburgh all look like … steelworkers. Save your singles, son.

  4. TooLoose LeTruck says:

    Okay… so that last touchdown, w/ what, 5 seconds left on the clock, was impressive…

    Nail in the coffin, if I’m not mistaken…

    W/ an arm like Rogers has, a 2nd half comeback isn’t out of the question, but that last score made it so much harder, no?

    • scribe says:

      Let’s wait on that, to see how this fumble recovery unfolds.

      But the best part was, Arians tells Erin Andrews the “let’s go for it” on 4th and 3 was all Brady. Coaching. Like Cheatin’ Bill didn’t let him do.

      I can see Tompa Bay is just full of vigor and desire now, and the Cheese, looking like fondue.

        • TooLoose LeTruck says:

          I watched him play in college 6 or 8 times…

          (I live in Berkeley)

          After what seems like a couple of centuries of truly mediocre Cal football teams, Tedford took over and all of a sudden, Cal football was fun again.

          That was the team that had Rogers, Lynch, and Jackson all on it… those 3 always looked like they were playing a slightly different game than everyone else on the field.

          Ooooooooo… nice interception by GB… they score now, it’s a game again.

          At the time, I was disappointed that SF took Smith over Rogers in the draft.

          Smith has been a decent and better than decent pro QB, at times, but he’s never been a Rogers…

          • Hopeful says:

            Mike Nolan’s #1 overall pick for the SF 49ers in the 2005 draft was Alex Smith because Smith responded to a Nolan request (legend has it) better than Aaron Rodgers (THE Cal Berkeley guy)………….well, what could have been (maybe it all turned out OK,….. we’ll never know).

            Nolan has since found a more comfortable position on the defensive side of the line.

            • bmaz says:

              Yeah, that’s tough. Alex Smith is a very fine player, but has been kind of snakebit in his career. Not the worst draft mistake in history though. But imagine the Niners with Rodgers for all these years….

              • Hopeful says:

                As a Niners fan, that has always been my reflection.

                How would Rodgers have fared under Nolan? (clearly a defensive guy).

                Who knows, but couldn’t have been any worse than those years we endured with Smith as QB Nolan, Singletary, and Tomsula as Head Coaches.

                Harbaugh had to deal with that, which he did in his unique way.

                  • bmaz says:

                    Lol, I removed the semicolon for you. If it was Rodgers there through all that, who knows. Especially without the time to grow and learn for three years behind Favre. Mahomes lands with Andy Reid and learns for a year behind Smith. How good would he be if had been thrown to the wolves with the Jets or something? Getting the right QB is really a crapshoot.

                    • Hopeful says:


                      Today is offense dominated football. (Thank you Bill Walsh!)

                      Having a head coach who can’t be in synch with how a QB needs to function to be successful is a road to frustration (and a losing record).

                      I feel bad for Smith (he got stuck with Nolan) and happy for Rodgers because he was given the chance to be a student.

  5. rosalind says:

    love me some “Manic Monday”. am now flashing back to the Bangles / English Beat / Blasters show at SF Civic back in the day. a dance party.

  6. TooLoose LeTruck says:

    Okay… so the outcome is not a forgone conclusion…

    But that missed 2 point conversion does sting…

  7. Jon says:

    Not much of a football fan, but there’s some delicious irony to Brady, Gronk and the Bucs going to the Super Bowl, and the Pats didn’t make the Playoffs.

    But I will say that two months till the start of the F1 season (and that questionable, because of the rescheduling/cancellation of Australia – how will Qatar be doing in two months?), is two months too long. I’m not sure Daytona and Sebring can sustain me till then.

    • bmaz says:

      Meh, the time will fly. Think 2022 F1 could be the point to look for, but hopefully 2021 is better than 2020.

      • Jon says:

        I’m glad your promises are dollars, or Krugerands.

        2021 will be the last of this Forrmula, so a number of interesting things to see from developments already in progress. Sort of like the valedictory lap of the last of a finally perfect GM model. 2022 may be a bit more of a free for all. But the cost and testing restrictions may not amount to much, functionally. More durable Pirellis, and no refueling make mid race a dull boy.

        • bmaz says:

          Agreed as to all. Though my promises not worth much in any currency. The Ferraris can’t suck as much as they did this past year, can they? Alonso returning to Renault is exciting, though have to see how their engine produces. McLaren had an unexpectedly good year in 2020, have a great chassis, and get Merc engines for 2021, so that too is exciting. I am hoping for a fun year.

  8. Peterr says:

    The Chefs and the Bills are pretty chippy out there – lots of anger flowing in both directions, starting with the very first play. Is there some grudge from a cheap shot in their earlier game this year, or something else like that?

  9. jo6pac says:

    I hope green bay trades A. Rogers to the 9ers and we trade or cut jimmy g.

    bmaz did you bid on anything at the Phil H. auction?

  10. Eureka says:

    The robust discussion of death practicalities on the other page recalls another complaint which must be lodged in the matter of Carson Wentz.

    After he fired up a bespoke coffin for the Doug Pederson Era (RIP) via “sources” to NFL that his relationship with Dougie P. was “fractured” — and they fired him — NOW (couple days ago) he (“sources”) comes out whining about his hurt feelings with the whole organization, how everything was “handled”. This is some participation trophy level BS. They should have benched him sooner. Que sera but he should have complained about the “everything” part from jump. [One *glimmer* of hope that the org isn’t committed to him is that the new pass game coordinator is an RPO guy which is … not for Wentz. But this per the opinion of a Never Wentzer reporter, so grain of salt.]

    Like I said, manbaby destroyer of football teamz (except for the one who takes him in a nice trade deal, please. The Texans are just the team to do it, too). (Were there an open trash receptacle at the time, I may have shared my prediction that the Texans would interview McCown. But I’ve since heard that he won’t take the job unless they keep Watson, so that kind of screws up any notion of Wentz’ camp pushing for a reunion deal with his former mentor in that direction.)

    There was a delightful human interest segment on the news — girl puts the soul on it towards the end (and it also works as an ode to Wentz from Philly, everybody sing it):


    (By clicking thru I also learn that major retailers have banned some brand of coconut milk due to forced monkey labor (that’s right). Also, the beer factory blew up. But the Fightin Phils signed JT Realmuto, hopefully Didi’s next. AND A BULLPEN WOULD BE NECESSARY.)

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