Roger Stone Denies Palling Around with Alleged Terrorists [on January 6]

On Sunday, the NYT had a really good piece showing that six members of the Oath Keepers that “guarded” Roger Stone on January 5 and 6 went on to participate in the insurrection. Curiously, most don’t obviously show up in the FBI BOLO pictures and the face of at least one was cut off in a larger picture of Oath Keepers, which I suspect means the FBI doesn’t want to advertise any interest they have in them.

Even before the NYT report, in response to CNN and ABC reporting on his ties to the Oath Keepers, Stone wrote a rebuttal disclaiming any tie to their actions on January 6.

The rebuttal starts and ends with lies about the Mueller investigation, claiming they found no proven link with WikiLeaks when in fact the release he talks about showed multiple ongoing investigations (that is in March 2019) into his role in the Russian CFAA hack, and then claiming he was investigated for treason, and not conspiracy.

These are the very same news outlets who failed to report that their previous claims against me – that I was aiding the Russian state or a collaborator with Wikileaks proved to be completely false according to the US Justice Dept. Those who made those accusations failed to report the court-ordered disclosure by the DOJ, the last actions of Mueller’s report in which they admitted they had no such evidence whatsoever and even if they had proven a link between me and Wikileaks, which they found no evidence of, those activities would not have been illegal.


The very same fake news media outlets who defamed me and insisted falsely that I was guilty of treason and other high crimes and then failed to acknowledge that an unlimited $30 million-dollar investigation provided no such evidence now seek to use me a clickbait and an easy target with entirely false allegations that I had any role whatsoever in the politically stupid, destructive and illegal acts that took place at the US Capitol on January 6th.

So we should assume that in spite of Stone’s self-publicized recommitment to Catholicism, he continues to lie as blatantly as he always has.

Consider how he denies any involvement in events that have been charged — against the Oath Keepers as well as against Stone’s buddies in the Proud Boys — as a conspiracy to hinder the official proceeding of counting the certification of the Electoral College vote. One strand of his defense is that he didn’t leave the hotel on January 6 until he left for his plane (reportedly, because his speech at the rally had been cut).

These jackals in the media, who know better, again make baseless accusations against me using conjecture and “guilt by association” to imply that I was somehow involved in the illegal events of January 6th. I was not present, I knew nothing about them and denounced them on my now-defunct PARLER feed when I saw the images on TV.

The claims by these so-called journalists are categorically false as I was not present on the Ellipse, did not march to the Capitol, was not on the Hill and, like AOC was not at the Capitol that day.

In fact, other than the brief moments out in front of the Williard Hotel which CNN falsely reported I was departing from, I never left the Williard Hotel property because Hotel management prohibited congregating in the lobby due to the Mayor’s Covid 19 restrictions. Therefore I never left the hotel property on January 6th until leaving for Dulles Airport around 6:00 P.M.


In fact, I never left the grounds of the Willard Hotel.

I stepped outside briefly when the hotel objected to anyone congregating in the lobby due to Covid-19 declarations by the Mayor.

Of course, that’s only a denial about his actions on January 6. The conspiracies charged against the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys began weeks earlier, in preparation.

He spends a good deal of time denying he knew of any wrong-doing from the Oath Keepers and — thrown in once almost as an afterthought — the Proud Boys.

CNN rushes to characterize the Oath Keepers as criminals, which I have not seen any evidence of, and to my knowledge has never been proven in any court. I reserve the right to change my opinion if anything surfaces, which I am unaware of today. Based on what I have seen to date, ABC, CNN, and all of the low-rent left-wing advocacy news/smear sites are engaged in one vicious “guilt by association” campaign of distortion and baseless conjecture.


If the Oath Keepers are the terrorists as some in the media claim and were involved in the planning and execution, I was not aware of any such thing.


I know of no wrongdoing by the Oathkeepers or the Proud Boys.

But he’s talking about whether they are criminals, terrorists, or engaged in wrong-doing, not if they engaged in a concerted plan to disrupt the counting of the Electoral College vote.

He does, ultimately, say that if there’s credible evidence of a conspiracy against them, they should be charged for that (in statements on Parler that have since been deleted, he condemned the violence).

If there is evidence of that and if individual members of the organization committed unlawful acts, they should be prosecuted. If new credible information surfaces that reveals a conspiracy, everyone involved in such a conspiracy should be prosecuted.

It’s that line about a conspiracy I find most curious, given thats what has been charged. In the video from January 6, someone asks him if “we have this today.” He responds, seemingly acknowledging common understanding of what “this” is, “We shall see.” That’s the kind of intent that shows up in social media that DOJ has cited in charging documents.

More interestingly, Stone admits he raised money for security for January 6 (an observation MoJo’s Dan Friedman made), but says that the people guarding him were, instead, volunteers. The Oath Keepers’ recruiting post for the day actually invoked Stone’s name in talking about their “security” function.

Just as we have done at all the previous rallies in DC since the election, Oath Keepers volunteers will be conducting PSDs for multiple high profile speakers over both days, and our teams will be either directly responsible for event security or assisting event security on both days.   We will also have roving teams out that will be on the lookout for Antifa/communist terrorists who like to attack the weak and vulnerable.  We will be providing free security escorts to any patriot who needs one, into the night.   Just be on the lookout for men wearing our Oath Keepers hats, shirts, or patches, and ask them for help, and they will help you.    Our ethos is “first ones in, last one’s out” and we will stay out as late as we have to in order to keep the vulnerable safe from Antifa street thug terrorists.

As always, while conducting security operations, we will have some of our men out in “grey man” mode, without identifiable Oath Keepers gear on.   For every Oath Keeper you see, there are at least two you don’t see.   That keeps the bad guys uncertain of how many of us there are, or where we are.

Over the years, Oath Keepers has conducted hundreds of highly successful volunteer security operations all over the nation, protecting patriots from communist terrorist assault.  From the streets of Berkely, [sic] CA (two separate rallies), to Portland, Boston, Washington DC (six times and counting), Dallas, Austin, Sacramento, etc, including providing volunteer security escorts outside twelve Trump campaign rallies, and many PSD details for high profile VIPs, such as Roger Stone, as well as many elected officials and election fraud whistle-blowers and patriot office holders.   Our men are skilled “quiet professionals” who take pride in doing their work efficiently and effectively, without drama. [my emphasis]

Remember: way back during Stone’s Stop the Steal 2016 incarnation, there were questions about the propriety of his fundraising, and the government showed at Stone’s trial that Stone was asking Rick Gates for lists and asking Steve Bannon, while he was Campaign CEO, for help getting funding from Rebekah Mercer. This time around, he explicitly raised money, but says it didn’t get spent, on what would be funds for people who ended up having a key role in the attack.

For conspiracies that started months ago, the question is not whether Roger Stone was at the Capitol swinging a baseball bat on January 6. The question is whether he entered into an agreement to disrupt the constitutionally mandated official event of counting the votes and took overt acts — before January 6 or on that day — to advance that goal.

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  1. Anomalous Cowherd says:

    Roger Coprolite, just a fossilized bit of snake droppings. Belongs in a museum with the dodo birds, in a dusty room no one enters. Sad.

      • Fraud Guy says:

        “Your honor, how could my client know that having groups known to use violent rhetoric against the government, and participate in armed protest against the government, could use violence against the government during a protest against the government…?”

        • bmaz says:

          And your point is what? That goons were security for both? Which was Fraud Guy’s point, and, frankly, a very good one.

              • joel fisher says:

                Can’t say I know all that much; TBH, don’t know much about the Proud Boys either. The latter is in the news for trying to keep Trump in office; I haven’t heard the same about the Hell’s Angels. I think the Proud Boys are a bigger threat.

                • Judy says:

                  I don’t know about today, but in their time Hell’s Angel’s was one of THE motorcycle gangs. They were involved in drugs, prostitution, extortion, all kinds of violence. Do some online searches.

              • Ginevra diBenci says:

                For years I shared a tiny lot and driveway with a member of “The Red and White,” as he instructed me to call them. He and his compadres would drink beer and work on their Harleys outside my window. I decided to get to know him; we spent some nights at the Catholic War Vets drinking. What I will say about the Hell’s Angels I knew is that they had a code of honor that kept individuals in check, and a sense of group history that I don’t see in these paramilitary groups. The Red and White I knew did not see themselves as a militia. I have a hard time imagining them sacrificing their heritage on the altar of “some guy.” Maybe they’ve changed; this was decades ago. But that was my experience, FWIW.

              • Molly Pitcher says:

                The Altamont vintage Hell’s Angels would laugh their asses off over the Proud Bois and Oath Keepers, and then wipe up the floor with their Hawaiian shirts. And faces.

            • Norskeflamthrower says:

              The Proud Boys are small time, knuckle-dragging wannabees who will cry when the Feds knock on mama’s door and the Hell’s Angels: well, not so much.

              • elcajon64 says:

                Agreed. I’ve recently performed at Red and White event for the club in Northern California (one of our guitarists is affiliated). I’ve also played the main yard at San Quentin.

                The rally had a higher pucker factor.

        • elcajon64 says:

          The difference was that the Stones had no idea who they were getting when they hired the “81’s” as security. They were surprised to find their security detail weren’t just cosplay bikers like they were used to back home. Stone knows exactly who/what the Proud Boys are.

  2. BobCon says:

    The overall sense I get from this article is that the fundraising around Trump’s last gasp was incredibly sketchy.

    It sounds like they were saying anything they could think of to make the money flow, and I am guesssing a lot was transferred improperly into funding the Stone side. There is no way they needed $275 million for Four Seasons events and Lin Stone. I wouldn’t be surprised if part of the purpose of all of the noise on the legal front was just to build a Potemkin Village that would distract from where a lot of the money was really going.

    • Alan Charbonneau says:

      That’s an interesting hypothesis. If it’s correct, investigations will likely have little difficulty in showing the misappropriation of funds. These guys seem to have operated under the premise that they would prevail and Trump would remain president. They probably were not trying to make it impossible to hide the fund flows (not that they’d have the talent to do so).

      They were of the “Trump will win, we’ll get pardons, and investigations will not take place” mindset

  3. John Paul Jones says:

    The ABC news version of some of the Stone footage (they don’t say where they got it from) is three very odd minutes. Whoever was shooting captured Stone greeting supporters, but several times, instead of focussing on that, the camera pauses to take in Stone’s security, and right near the end, it actually pans away from Stone and takes a long look at a car drawn up at the curb and the security around that. Call me crazy, but I was reminded of the scene in Ronin where DeNiro and McElhone pretend to be a couple, while in reality shooting film of the bad guys’ security precautions. Definitely an odd vibe.

    ABC news report is here:

  4. P J Evans says:

    Stone was outside long enough on 1/6 to be photographed in a crowd of people, apparently on or near the sidewalk. Maybe he wasn’t *at* the rally, but he was probably wishing his boys well when they went to it.

    • subtropolis says:

      Stone was almost certainly in the rear echelon that day, monitoring events in the Willard war room. (Though, using someone else’s devices, no doubt.) Hard evidence may be difficult to come by, but the threat of decades in prison might loosen some tongues among the PBs and others.

    • harpie says:

      This is one of the reporters on the NYT story about Oath Keepers / Stone. Towards the end of that thread, he’s talking about that VIDEO outside the Willard:
      8:35 AM · Feb 14, 2021

      At least six people providing security for Roger Stone participated in the Capitol attack, our new Visual Investigation shows. […]

      This is the last time Mr. Stone is seen on Jan. 6 in any footage we reviewed. However, it’s worth pointing out that —on Gab, Telegram and Twitter— Mr. Stone continues promoting speeches and rallies that he says will happen near the Capitol that afternoon. But he never appears. [screenshots]

      From the screenshots:

      Defend America With
      Roger Stone
      Today on Capitol Hill
      Wednesday Jan 6
      3:30 PM
      More Info:
      Donate now:
      300 First St. NE Washington DC 20002 [<<< I guess that's the rally location?]

    • harpie says:

      Also in that video, Giuliani and [I think] John Eastman [and others] can be seen leaving the hotel about half an hour before they show up at the rally.

      • Chris.EL says:

        We’re all seeing a bunch of crooks, right?

        “Dear” Roger seems to *really* want to have either an alibi or a lot of distance.

        Roger doth protest too much.

  5. biff murphy says:

    Remember Stone saying he wasn’t worried about being charged,
    he had “insurance” on Trump?
    Turn up the heat on the Agent Provocateur and I’ll bet he has some very interesting story’s.

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