Two Months after Insinuating Ali Alexander Should Be Held Responsible for January 6, Jonathan Moseley Claims To Be His Lawyer

Like Mark Meadows and John Eastman before him, Ali Alexander has sued Verizon in an attempt to keep evidence about a coup out of the hands of Congress.

The lawsuit seems significantly intended to provide information to others involved in the coup, both by identifying which texts Alexander shared with Congress and which (by omission) he did not, but also by communicating that everything he did provide to Congress constituted telephony communication. That seems to suggest that Alexander did not share any communications involving Signal, Telegram, or other messaging apps.

On November 24, 2021, Mr. Alexander provided the Select Committee with over one thousand and five hundred (1,500) mobile messages sent and received by him and people he corresponded with. All of these were using his Verizon phone service. Mr. Alexander expressed his concerns to the Select Committee about compromising the privacy rights of uninterested parties, and members of political group(s), and productions that exceeded the scope of H. Res. 503.

More importantly, Alexander provided the Select Committee with a privilege log of his text messages noting where the subject matter of the text was not pertinent to the Committee’s scope of inquiry or otherwise privileged but did not identify the party or the phone number of the sender or recipient of the text unless it was Mr. Alexander.


At Alexander’s December 9, 2021 deposition, he testified that he had a few phone conversations with Representative Paul Gosar and no verbal phone conversations with Representatives Andy Biggs or Mo Brooks that he recalls. The Select Committee asked him about all three Members of Congress. Mr. Alexander testified that he had phone conversations with Rep. Brooks’ staff about a “Dear Colleague” letter and how his activists could be helpful. Mr. Alexander believes he exchanged a text message with Rep. Brooks, contents which he provided to the Committee. He also testified that he spoke to Rep. Biggs in person and never by phone, to the best of his recollection. In January, Mr. Alexander held an organizing call where Members of Congress might have been present and some were invited. He doesn’t recall who was in attendance because there was no roll call of attendees because the call was so large.

On January 6, 2021, it was reported that Mr. Alexander had a call with fundraiser Ms. Kimberly Guilfoyle. Mr. Alexander volunteered this information on a radio show that early morning. The Select Committee asked him about this call. He stated that it was a short and pleasant call. Ms. Guilfoyle thanked Mr. Alexander for being a leader on voting rights and creating the “Stop the Steal” movement. The two spoke about the ongoing Georgia election and the GOP primaries that would take place in 2022. The Select Committee seemed satisfied with Alexander’s explanation of that short call.

The more remarkable part of the lawsuit, however, is his legal team.

As I previously noted, Alexander is represented by Paul Kamenar, the lawyer who played a key role in attempting to cover-up Roger Stone’s role in coordinating with Russia in 2016 by delaying the testimony of Stone’s aide, Andrew Miller. Alexander had at least two other lawyers at his deposition last week, including Baron Coleman and Joseph McBride, who recently told Ryan Reilly (in regards to his representation of a different January 6 defendant) that he doesn’t give a shit about spreading bullshit conspiracy theories.

But as HuffPost went into more detail explaining why the idea that Rally Runner was some sort of undercover law enforcement agent was absurd, McBride shifted a bit. He said his job was to defend his client, and he didn’t “need to be right” in everything he claimed.

“If I’m wrong, so be it, bro. I don’t care,” McBride said. “I don’t give a shit about being wrong.”

McBride said he was simply “theorizing things” and “not publishing conclusive findings,” and he said his appearances on Carlson’s show were a part of his effort to combat the narrative being given about his Jan. 6 clients.

“If this guy turns out to be some, some guy who runs around the Cardinals’ stadium with his face painted, then that’s great,” he said. “If that’s the truth, then so be it, and God bless America.”

McBride is not on Alexander’s lawsuit, though Kamenar — Alexander’s Roger Stone cover-up specialist — is (Kamenar cc’ed Coleman on the letter he sent to Verizon alerting him to this suit).

The surprising appearance, however, is from Jonathon Moseley. Moseley currently represents Kelly Meggs — one of the Oath Keepers with ties to Roger Stone — and until Tuesday, also represented Zach Rehl, one of the Proud Boys accused of conspiring with Stone associate Joe Biggs to mastermind an attack that encircled the Capitol and involved Stone associate Alex Jones, using the excuse of permits obtained using covers by Alexander, luring unwitting Trump fans to the East doors just before they opened from inside.

Moseley’s legal promiscuity among these coup plotters is itself notable.

Crazier still is his claim to be representing Alexander just over two months after — back when he was ostensibly representing Rehl — filing a motion suggesting that Alexander (whom he repeatedly called “Ari”), not Rehl, should be the one held accountable for any crimes arising from the riot.

The one person who claims to have been the National Organizer of the “Stop the Steal movement” through events across the country and the “Stop the Steal rally” in Washington, D.C., is Ali Alexander, born Ali Abdul-Razaq Akbar. See Allam, Hannah; Nakhlawi, Razzan (May 16, 2021). “Black, Brown and extremist: Across the far-right spectrum, people of color play a more visible role”. The Washington Post, accessible at:

The mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 was overwhelmingly White,1 but the official speaker lineup for the rally that day was more diverse. Vernon Jones, a Black former Georgia state lawmaker, and Katrina Pierson, a Black adviser and former spokeswoman for the Trump campaign, were among the speakers parroting the baseless assertion that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump. Another familiar face was main rally organizer Ali Alexander, born in Texas as Ali Abdul-Razaq Akbar, of mixed Black American and Middle Eastern descent.

Id. (emphasis added).

Ari [sic] Alexander is – as far as Defendant Zachary Rehl knows – entirely innocent of the crimes committed on January 6, 2021. Surely, the FBI is busy identifying and charging those who actually attacked police officers. We are confident that the FBI will complete that important task of bringing to justice those who actually battled with police before silencing parents who are petitioning for the redress of grievances in school board meetings, thus alienating suburban mothers.

However, without undermining Alexander for exercising his rights as a citizen, the one person who CLAIMS credit for organizing the “Stop the Steal” rally and movement including in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021, 2 is being basically ignored while Zachary Rehl who DID NOT organize anyone or anything but himself, and tell his friends that he would be there, too, is sitting in a jail cell for things he did not do. Zachary Rehl did not get to see his child being born while being locked up since March. His wife with a newborn is struggling arrange a forbearance on the mortgage on their modest rowhouse.

See, video interview with Ali Alexander, with Jenny Chang, “Ali Alexander on What Will Happen on January 6,” NTD News, December 31, 202[sic], Ari [sic] Alexander is presented as the “National Organizer of ‘Stop the Steal.’

Without question, some idiots and brawlers also showed up who committed criminal acts of brawling with police, apparently initiated violent assaults on police, and reportedly (though counsel has not seen it directly) there were calls before the rally that were for a variety of violent acts that are not peacefully expressing a message under the First Amendment. [all emphasis Moseley’s]

Even ignoring the overt racism suggesting that one of the few brown people involved in the riot should be the one held accountable for it, Moseley as much as says that Alexander more responsible than Rehl for any violence that happened.

Now, Moseley claims it will badly harm Alexander if Congress learns even just the phone numbers of people Alexander engaged in telephony communications with.

It has long seemed as if there was a concerted effort to ensure certain January 6 defendants receive the kind of representation that might not protect their own interests, but would firewall those they had close ties to. But Moseley’s sudden conversion to representing Alexander strains credulity.

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  1. Quake says:

    “But Moseley’s sudden conversation to representing Alexander strains credulity.”

    Perhaps you meant “conversion” rather than “conversation.”

  2. joel fisher says:

    As much as I favor crooked lawyers stealing fees from scum, I have to draw the line when obvious incompetence enters the picture and creates a potential incompetence of counsel claim for these defendants post trial. The various state bar licensing entities should get up off their duffs and suspend some of these people; as far as I know, Rudy G is the only one of them who has been suspended.

  3. L. Eslinger says:

    Can attorneys for separate clients work together (actively or passively) to prevent officers of the court or an investigating congressional committee from becoming aware of relevant information?

    • Rugger9 says:

      I suspect bmaz will have a better answer, since IANAL, but it would seem to me that attempting to obstruct investigation into a crime is itself a crime, even if done by attorneys. The coordination is the part that would be a problem for these attorneys.

      However, the note about the creation of a firewall makes it clear to me that the J6 Select Committee is on the right track regarding where to dig. Ali Alexander may not realize (like Meadows apparently didn’t either) that his information is more useful than he thinks, and it will be interesting to see how the rest of the cabal deals with the squealers later.

      • L. Eslinger says:


        Given that the historical data that the government can obtain directly from Signal and Telegram is likely of little value (see: ), the Ali Alexander lawsuit might be used as a passive way to suggest to insurrectionists that they delete all records of their communications involving these applications.

        A third party (dog whisperer) – not the defense attorneys – could issue a statement to the effect of “the government can only get actual chat content as long as it remains on at least one device” (wink-wink).

        If it has not yet been done, a warning might be issued suggesting (is it legal and ethical to suggest?) that much of the chat data has been collected from one or more handsets, and that this data is being used to cross-check the activity and claims of a wide range of people, many of whom may not know that they are subjects of an investigation.

        • Alan Charbonneau says:

          But you also have idiots like Manafort who had encrypted apps but also had an iCloud backup:

          “Paul Manafort Learns That Encrypting Messages Doesn’t Matter If the Feds Have a Warrant to Search Your iCloud Account”

          These Jan 6 guys may also be idiots, military training notwithstanding.

  4. Michael P Scott says:

    Seems to me that would be an unwaivable conflict of interest, even in a written contract: “Lawyer will perform his best efforts to minimize Client’s criminal exposure, except in cases where Client’s interests clearly conflict with Unnamed Orange Shitstain Lord’s interests, in which case Lawyer will happily throw Client under the bus in favor of Unnamed Orange Shitstain Lord’s interests.”

    Seems to me the prosecutors need to file a motion to divorce Ali Alexander from his current mouthpiece.

    • FL Resister says:

      You are likely correct. Particularly when using a capo’s attorney.
      Might the defendants’ attorneys also conceivably drag out process for Unnamed Orange Shitstain Lord?

  5. Martin Lydick says:

    Why aren’t losing defendants required to file suit against state bar associations for “ineffective counsel” rather than being awarded a second bite at the apple? Seems as though state bar associations are required at the birthing, but can then wash their hands of any postpartum malfeasance.

    • bmaz says:

      Because State Bars are lame and have zero jurisdiction over criminal cases. If the original trial process was sufficiently bad, the defendant SHOULD get a new trial and/or new counsel. That is the remedy. State bars are irrelevant to individual cases, so that is kind of a false framing.

  6. BobCon says:

    “Now, Moseley claims it will badly harm Alexander if Congress learns even just the phone numbers of people Alexander engaged in telephony communications with.”

    I’d love to know what the real story of that is. I have to assume at this point investigators are not just looking for new people to talk to, and they’re doing things like looking to poke holes in sworn testimony.

    • Leoghann says:

      Among other things, the simple fact that calls were made between certain organizers and rioters at particular times, especially on the 5th and 6th of January, could open up cases. And the same goes with calls between organizers, including members of Congress.

    • emptywheel says:

      That plus the partial cooperation of people like Alexander and Meadows alerts DOJ to where they’re trying to hide.

    • harpie says:

      There are two references to communications with “clergy”:

      16. The data sought is not pertinent to the investigation and sweeps up privileged communications between Alexander and clergy, Alexander and people he spiritually counsels, and Alexander and his respective attorneys. […]

      79. Mr. Alexander used his personal mobile device to engage in protected advocacy and other speech, including privileged speech with his attorney(s) and clergy. Mr. Alexander, himself, is also a Christian minister and engaged in counseling, prayers, and ministerial duties using his mobile phone.

      I don’t think Alexander is a minister of any kind…why would Moseley tell this particular lie? [this came up in some other stuff I’ve been following along with, here:]

      • harpie says:

        That comment is at the end of a thread about Jericho Marches, Alexander’s rally Permits, surrounding the Capitol with groups of 50 “low threat” protesters, etc.

      • WilliamOckham says:

        It wouldn’t surprise me if he was clergy. There are certain branches of American fundamentalism that still install their clergy with a “laying on of hands” ceremony. That’s where a bunch of laymen (it’s always men) put their hand on a man’s shoulder, pray over him, and declare him a minister. Nothing is necessarily written down.
        As you might imagine, with a barrier that low, determining who’s clergy is problematic.

        • WilliamOckham says:

          In my nonlawyer experience, it usually boils down to a question of what the other person’s expectations were. Did they see the interaction as a counseling session, with an expectation of privacy?

        • Rayne says:

          Law firm Groelle & Salmon of West Palm Beach FL has a nice summary about the clergy-penitent privilege.


          I have a sneaky suspicion that Alexander wasn’t clergy before he acquired his most recent defense attorney. Needs to be asked what church he belongs to and whether he’s ordained. Also have a suspicion social media is how his “parishioners” will learn nearly a year after the fact they were penitents on January 5-6.

        • harpie says:

          Thank you, Rayne – -informative reading!

          [As I said on the Pied Piper post:]
          Maybe ALEXANDER had “privileged speech” with ROGER STONE’s Pastor…

          11:18 AM · Dec 17, 2021

          Roger Stone left his deposition in a hurry in a black SUV with close advisers by his side, but forgot his pastor, who is now attempting to find an uber! [PHOTO]

          Since when does STONE travel with a pastor?

        • Rayne says:

          You know, this is a strategy we should examine more closely. Perhaps we should consider enshrining our beliefs in civil liberties and socioeconomic justice in the Church of Emptywheel.

        • WilliamOckham says:

          The correct term here is jackleg preacher. Until someone used it on Twitter today, I hadn’t heard that term since my Dad died. He used it in reference to Jerry Falwell, Sr. who was a classmate of his at Bible college.

  7. Ed Walker says:

    Everyone has a right to a lawyer who will delay and obfuscate until democracy dies.

    And everyone has a right to a judiciary that reinforces both delay and obfuscation.

    • bmaz says:

      These lawyers may be shit, but exactly how far would you go to shit on criminal defense lawyers doing their daily job? Seriously, this constant everything in the legal system is crap rant is getting really tedious.

      • Ed Walker says:

        There’s nothing tedious in complaining about lawyers and judges doing fuck-all to stop delay and obfuscation. What’s tedious is your mindless defense of an obviously failed system.

        What’s scary is watching democracy wither because lawyers and judges do nothing.

        • bmaz says:

          I am so sick of this stupid shit I could puke. Spend some time in a real court and get back to me. Internet rants and SCOTUS decisions are not everything. Relentlessly shitting on courts in general is not just counterproductive and wrong but complete bullshit. YOU are part of the problem you continually complain about. Stop undermining it and start helping it all.

      • emptywheel says:


        These guys are not doing their jobs.

        Zach Rehl got charged in March, and just got his first defense attorney on Tuesday. That entire time he has never substantively reviewed his discovery.

        He’s a militia shithole, but he deserves better than that.

  8. Bay State Librul says:

    We need sunlight, not clouds, fogs or white outs,– see Judge Brandeis for more disinfectants.
    It is not that we love the law less, it is that we love democracy more?
    Eliminate Executive Privilege, Special Masters, redactions, and multiple appeals.
    Replace them with truth serums required for all defendants, lawyers, and politicians.
    Fast track, we need fast tracks to truth.

      • Bay State Librul says:

        The Constitution needs revision.

        See the Boston Globe’s Sunday Edition on changes that are necessary.

        • bmaz says:

          The BoGlo is full of shit. There is no path whatsoever to amendment, and if people are idiotic enough to seek a “Constitutional Convention”, they deserve the hell they will produce as a result. Seriously, you are off the rails.

          And I will add that ANY iteration of constitution will, unless the form of government is made an authoritarian dictatorship, is going to depend on good faith governance of those elected. Constantly screaming for change you want will not produce the change you want. It is just short sighted.

        • Bay State Librul says:

          Constitutional Crises.
          Could be violence in the streets
          “In this Case, BMAZ has not proved he is right beyond a reasonable doubt.”
          In fact, he might be the smartest lawyer in the world but is the dumbest kid on the streets of Republican politics

        • Rugger9 says:

          I had touched on this in an earlier thread, specifically that any hairball barfed out by a GQP led convention (let’s not kid ourselves) would not be ratified by a significant number of blue states (who I should point out, pay the bills for the red ones). It’s the Rake of Unintended Consequences the RWNJs keep stepping on in their theocratic social engineering (Thwack!).

    • harpie says:

      [So, continuing]

      Jan. 24, 2021 NYT story on Clark:

      Jeffrey Clark Was Considered Unassuming. Then He Plotted With Trump.
      Justice Department colleagues said they were shocked by Mr. Clark’s embrace of the president’s falsehoods and plan to oust the acting attorney general in an effort to overturn Georgia’s election results. Katie Benner Jan. 24, 2021

      This caught my eye:

      […] Mr. Clark had spent two years leading the Justice Department’s environmental division, where he was seen as a standard Republican lawyer political appointee — a member of the conservative Federalist Society with a skepticism of rules that cut into corporate profits.

      NYT Eric Lipton Retweeted this:
      11:05 PM · Jan 22, 2021

      Replying to @EricLiptonNYT and @ktbenner Profoundly shocking & disturbing. Not surprising. Jeff Clark has long corrupted environment law to prevent climate action and weaponized the Constitution to attack state leadership on climate. His dangerous views repudiated by Republican Judges and Justices on judicial review.

      AG Jeff SESSIONS welcomed CLARK to DOJ on 10/11/18

      • harpie says:

        TRUMP had first nominated CLARK “to be an Assistant Attorney General, vice John Charles Cruden” on 6/7/2017, but the nomination was returned on 1/3/18 “under the provisions of Senate Rule XXXI, paragraph 6 of the Standing Rules of the Senate.”

        TRUMP again submitted the nomination on 1/8/18.

        Latest Action: 10/11/2018 – Confirmed by the Senate by Yea-Nay Vote. 52 – 45. Record Vote Number: 228.
        PN584 and PN1407

  9. harpie says:


    12/14/20 BIDEN reaches 270 electoral votes needed to secure presidency
    12/14/20 TRUMP announces AG BARR’s resignation by tweet
    12/14/20 BARR resigns effective 12/23/21
    12/15/20 TRUMP summons soon-to-be acting AG Jeffrey ROSEN to the OVAL OFFICE
    12/21/20 Members of HOUSE FREEDOM CAUCUS meet with TRUMP at the WHITE HOUSE to strategize about 1/6/21 [attendees include BROOKS, HICE, JORDAN, BIGGS, PERRY and GREENE [who is not yet sworn in]]
    12/23/20 BARR’s last day as AG
    12/23/20 [On or about] CLARK accompanies PERRY to OVAL OFFICE meeting with TRUMP
    12/23/20 TRUMP pardons STONE and 25 others

    • harpie says:

      12/23/20 TRUMP arrives at M-L late in the evening [He returns to the WHITE HOUSE one day earlier than planned on 12/31/20]
      12/24/20 TRUMP calls ROSEN on his first day as acting Attorney General. TRUMP:“make sure the Department is really looking into these things that you may have missed.” TRUMP also asks ROSEN if he knows “a guy named Jeff CLARK.”
      12/26/20 ROSEN calls CLARK to learn why President TRUMP mentioned him by name on the 12/24/2. CLARK admits that he met with TRUMP in the Oval Office against DOJ policy, on [or about]12/23/20
      12/26/20 TRUMP tweets:

      The ‘Justice’ Department and the FBI have done nothing about the 2020 Presidential Election Voter Fraud, the biggest SCAM in our nation’s history, despite overwhelming evidence. They should be ashamed. History will remember. Never give up. See everyone in D.C. on January 6th.

      12/27/20 TRUMP calls ROSEN twice. During the second call, ROSEN conferences in DONOHUE, who takes extensive notes on Trump’s claims that the “election has been stolen out from under the American people” and that DOJ is failing to respond. Trump mentions efforts made by PERRY, JORDAN and [Pa state Senator Doug] MASTRIANO. TRUMP: “just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican Congressmen.”
      Trump also references Jeffrey CLARK and potentially replacing DOJ’s leadership.
      12/27/20 TRUMP asks DONOHUE for his cell phone number so he can direct people with information about election fraud claims to call him.
      12/27/20: TRUMP tweets: See you in Washington, DC, on January 6th. Don’t miss it. Information to follow!
      12/27/20 PERRY [as requested by TRUMP] calls DONOHUE about PA voter fraud adding “something to the effect of”:

      “I think Jeff CLARK is great. I like that guy a lot. He’s the kind of guy who could really get in there and do something about this.”

      12/27/20 STONE and TRUMP meet at M-L. STONE:

      I thanked President Trump in person tonight for pardoning me.

      I also told the president exactly how he can appoint a special counsel with full subpoena power to ensure that those who are attempting to steal the 2020 election through voter fraud are charged and convicted and to ensure that Donald Trump continues as our president #StopTheSteal #rogerstonedidnothingwrong

      12/28 20 CLARK draft “Proof of Concept” letter to Georgia election officials is rejected by ROSEN/DONOHUE
      DONOHUE: “there is no chance I would sign this letter or anything remotely like this”
      12/28/20 ROSEN and DONOGHUE meet with CLARK to discuss the “Proof of Concept Letter.” CLARK tells them he wants ROSEN to hold a press conference announcing that there was corruption and mentions that TRUMP was considering a leadership change at DOJ. [ie: Reiterating 2 pts from TRUMP’s 12/27 call]
      12/29/20 STONE [interview], referencing an alleged prophecy:

      In an earlier prophecy, [Kim] Clement sees a man named CLARK, who is also involved in this epic struggle to save America. CLARK and STONE are supposed to work together. I have now recently met a gentleman named CLARK. He’s as dedicated to saving this country as I am. We’re not claiming to be special. We’re open to whatever it is God wants us to do.”

      12/30/20 Steve BANNON convinces TRUMP to return to WH early to prepare for 1/6/21 BANNON: We’re going to bury Biden on January 6th, fucking bury him.

      • harpie says:

        wrt: STONE’s story about an alleged prophecy–of course, we have NO idea which “man named CLARK” STONE allegedly “now recently met”.

      • harpie says:

        Here’s some information from when we found out about the
        12/27/20 TRUMP call, and Donoghue’s notes:

        I just want to repeat something I wrote there:

        wow. I’m now rereading Marcy’s post:
        October 24, 2019

        The parallels between these TRUMP phone calls are astounding…and we can probably add that perfect call to Brad RAFFENSPERGER, too.

        • harpie says:

          At Marcy’s post, she quotes Taylor about what Sondland had told him:

          President Trump had told him that he wants President Zelenskyy to state publicly that Ukraine will investigate Burisma and alleged Ukrainian interference in the 2016 U.S. election. […]
          He said that President Trump wanted President Zelenskyy “in a public box” by making a public statement about ordering such investigations.

        • harpie says:

          Another comment in that thread:
          3] just say that the election was was corrupt
          4] tell people that this was an illegal, corrupt election

          On 1/11/21 When TRUMP gave JORDAN the Medal of Freedom [link above] in that private ceremony, he said Jordan was being honored because he had

          worked to unmask the Russia hoax and take on deep state corruption – confronting senior justice department officials for obstructing Congress and exposing the fraudulent origins of the Russia collusion lie […] led the effort to confront the impeachment witch hunt.

          From that impeachment “Witch Hunt”:

          7:31 AM – 20 Nov 2019

          Key point from Sondland: Zelensky “had to announce the investigations, he didn’t actually have to do them, as I understood it.”

          In other words, whether or not Ukraine actually investigated Biden/Burisma/2016 was less important to Trump than their *saying* they were being investigated. It wasn’t about rooting out corruption, it was about publicizing information helpful to Trump.
          [END BLOCKQUOTE]

        • harpie says:

          ^^^ This also applies to CLARK’s 12/28/20 demand [puppeting TRUMP, surely] of R and D to

          hold a press conference announcing that there was corruption

          while ALSO mentioning that

          TRUMP was considering a leadership change at DOJ.

          [ALSO…I can’t BELIEVE how many times I misspelled DONOGHUE! arrrrg]

      • harpie says:

        One more thing about
        12/27/20 PERRY [as requested by TRUMP] calls DONOHUE about PA voter fraud.

        PERRY [Scott[at] PATRIOTSforPerry] forwards to DONOGHUE alleged election fraud information that he received FROM a guy named
        Francis (Frank) X RYAN (ret) Colonel USMCR,
        who signs off at the end of his note to PERRY with Semper Fi.

        [see ]

        From the report:
        December 27, 2020 Donoghue forwards Representative Perry’s email to the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania Scott Brady “for whatever it may be worth.” Brady subsequently responds that the claims “were not well founded.”

    • harpie says:

      12/31/20 TRUMP returns to WHITE HOUSE [one day early] [He arrived at M-L late evening 12/23/20]
      12/31/20 TRUMP summons ROSEN and DONOGHUE to the OVAL OFFICE for a “contentious” meeting about why DOJ still had not “found the fraud.”
      TRUMP tells them that people say he should fire both of them and install CLARK. Trump further raises that the draft bill of complaint should be pursued.
      12/31/21 ROSEN speaks with CLARK again. CLARK reveals that he has spoken to TRUMP and tells ROSEN that TRUMP asked him whether he would be willing to take over as Acting Attorney General if TRUMP replaced ROSEN, but that CLARK wanted to do some “due diligence” on certain election fraud claims before deciding.
      1/1/21 MEADOWS emails ROSEN about disproven allegations of signature match anomalies in Fulton County, Georgia.
      MEADOWS: “[c]an you get Jeff CLARK to engage on this issue immediately…”
      1/1/21 Alex JONES, on his show, referring to STONE’s 12/27/20 conversation with TRUMP, says:

      Roger Stone spent some substantial time with Trump in Florida just a few days ago, and I’m told big things are afoot and Trump’s got major actions up his sleeve.

      1/2/21 CLARK meets with ROSEN and DONOGHUE and continues to press them to send his “Proof of Concept” letter.
      CLARK offers to turn down TRUMP’s offer to install CLARK to replace ROSEN.
      CLARK also confirms that he has not reached out to PAK [as ROSEN had suggested] to discuss why the Georgia election fraud claims he continues to press are false, and reveals that he has instead spoken to witnesses about those claims.
      1/3/21 CLARK asks his Chief of Staff, and the Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division’s Torts Branch, Doug Smith, to “please get back to DC immediately.”
      1/3/21 CLARK meets with ROSEN to tell him that he accepted TRUMP’s offer to become acting Attorney General, and that ROSEN would be replaced that day.
      1/3/21 [6-9PM] ROSEN, DONOGHUE and ENGEL [OLC] meet with TRUMP, CIPOLLONE, PHILBIN and CLARK in the OVAL OFFICE. TRUMP decides not to replace ROSEN.

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