A White Board of the Sedition-Curious

Contrary to what a lot of people imagine, I don’t keep visual representations — like some cork board with a bunch of strings attached — of the investigations I follow, not even the sprawling January 6 investigation. Instead, I just try to capture important developments here, where I can refer back to them. There are several such relationships unpacked in recent weeks.

Roger Stone and Stewart Rhodes bug out at the same time after insurrection

For example, a bunch of people have asked me what I make of the WaPo report based on video taken by some Danish journalists who were filming a documentary of Roger Stone on January 6.

As you read it, keep in mind that the Get Me Roger Stone video team was following Roger Stone during key periods of 2016, including at the RNC.

Mueller at least attempted — as Stone feared Mueller would in real time — to mine the video for clues about Stone’s activities. For example, in one of the same email chains where Stone told Randy Credico to “do a [Frank] Panta[n]gel[i],” he and Credico were panicking about what Get Me Roger Stone writer Morgan Pehme was saying about 2016.

So even assuming Roger Stone wasn’t engaged in his everyday type of performance when being filmed for these film-makers, he would be acutely aware of the legal hazards of having a documentary team following around while crimes were being committed.

That’s why the report is most interesting for the times when Stone made sure to ditch the camera team: at precisely the time of a key Proud Boy planning meeting, during a meeting that Joshua James may have reported in on, and as the riot unfolded at the Capitol.

For example, the videographers did not track Stone when he left the hotel at 9PM on January 5 with Sal Greco.

At about 8:50 p.m. on Jan. 5, after the Danish filmmakers had left him, Stone exited the Willard again with his bodyguard, off-duty New York City police officer Sal Greco, a live-stream video shows. Their destination was unclear, though Stone had said he had a 9 p.m. appointment to have his hair dyed.

Just minutes after that — just before 9:17 PM — Joe Biggs and Ethan Nordean were meeting with as-yet unidentified people putting together their plan for the riot.

Then there was a meeting with Bernie Kerik at 10AM at the Willard; hotel staff prevented videographers from watching that meeting.

The filmmakers told The Post that Stone appeared to change his plans after an encounter in the Willard lobby around 10 a.m. with Bernard Kerik, a former New York City police commissioner working in Giuliani’s command center at the hotel. The filmmakers began recording their conversation but were forced to leave by hotel staff. It is unclear what was said.

There’s good evidence that Joshua James checked in with Michael Simmons before and after that meeting.

Finally, Stone blew off the videographers from just before the Proud Boys kicked off a riot until almost the moment both Stone-related militias stood down.

At about 12:40 p.m., some ofStone’s guests left his suite. Stone’s team and the filmmakers agreed to separate for lunch and then reconvene two hours later. Stone planned to speak at a smaller rally near the Capitol later that afternoon.

But as the filmmakers ate in their hotel room, they saw news footage of a riot escalating at the Capitol. Around 2:30 p.m., Guldbrandsen headed out to capture the scene while Frederik Marbell, the director of photography, rushed to Stone’s room.

“Kristin Davis opened the door and said that Roger was taking a nap, so I couldn’t film,” Marbelltold The Post.

Outside the room, Marbell attempted to reach Stone by text message starting at 3:03 p.m. The messages went unanswered for 24 minutes, when Stone responded and offered to go to Marbell’s room.

By about 4 p.m., with the Capitol in chaos, Stone had still not arrived at Marbell’s room. Marbell returned to Stone’s room and began knocking. About five minutes later, room service arrived and Marbell snuck inside, he said.

“Roger was not taking a nap. He was on the phone with someone,” Marbell said.

Stone condemned the riot to the filmmakers at 4:18 p.m., saying: “I think it’s really bad for the movement. It hurts, it doesn’t help. I’m not sure what they thought they were going to achieve.

These are like Stone’s July 2016 meeting with Nigel Farage at the RNC: The stuff he knew well to and did hide from the camera. That’s where the sweet spot of Stone’s interactions are.

All that said, the report shows that key Stone actions the camera team captured exactly map the known central events of the planning for the insurrection.

For example, Stone put together a Friends of Stone Signal list, including Enrique Tarrio, once it became clear Trump had lost. That fed Flynn’s efforts.

He told them to monitor a group chat on the app Signal titled “F.O.S.” — friends of Stone. Tarrio of the Proud Boys was among the group’s members, a later shot of Stone’s phone showed.


On Nov. 5, Stone drew up a Stop the Steal action plan that was visible on Alejandro’s laptop in footage captured by the filmmakers. As protesters were mobilized, the plan said, state lawmakers would be lobbied to reject official results. That tactic later proved central to Trump’s efforts.

Also that day, Stone had a 15-minute call with Flynn, the video shows. He told Flynn they could “document an overwhelming and compelling fraud” in each battleground state and urged him to spread the word on social media. That day, Flynn, Trump’s campaign and his sons Donald Jr. and Eric began using #StopTheSteal on Twitter.

Just after this mobilization, both Tarrio and Biggs started calling for civil war.

Later that month, Stone was coordinating with Mike Flynn and Ali Alexander.

Stone moved quickly after Trump’s defeat to help mobilize the protest movement that drew thousands to the nation’s capital on Jan. 6, 2021, The Post found. He privately strategized with former national security adviser Michael Flynn and rally organizer Ali Alexander, who visited Stone’s home in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., in late November 2020 for a dinner where Stone served pasta and martinis.

In the days and weeks leading up to Thanksgiving (when Flynn would be pardoned and Sidney Powell would, like Stone, start grifting off claims of a stolen election), Flynn and Powell were at Lin Wood’s properties in South Carolina, plotting away.

I was most struck, however, by the unsurprising news that in addition to Tarrio, Stone also used Signal messages with Stewart Rhodes.

Stone used an encrypted messaging app later in January to communicate with Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes, who is also charged with seditious conspiracy, and Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, the footage shows.

When I saw the description in James’ statement of offense of the way Rhodes bugged out of town immediately after the riot, I suspected that someone had instructed Rhodes that they were going to be hunted.

At Rhodes’s instruction, James, Vallejo, and others met Rhodes that evening at a restaurant in Vienna, Virginia. Rhodes discussed saving “the Republic” by stopping the transfer of presidential power and began to make plans to oppose the Inauguration on January 20, 2021, including by having people open-carry firearms at state capitols around the country.

While at the restaurant, Rhodes and James came to believe that law enforcement was searching for Rhodes and others after their attack on the Capitol. The group immediately returned to their hotel, collected their belongings, and met at a nearby gas station. There, James saw what he estimated to be thousands of dollars’ worth of firearms, ammunition, and related equipment in Rhodes’s vehicle. Rhodes divvied up various firearms and other gear among James and others who occupied a total of three cars. Rhodes left his mobile phone with one person and departed with another person in that person’s car so that law enforcement could not locate and arrest him. The three cars departed in separate directions.

James returned to Alabama with some of Rhodes’s gear, including firearms and other tactical equipment.

According to the videographers, Stone bugged out at about the same time and in the same frantic manner as Rhodes did.

As a mob ransacked the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, Roger Stone, Donald Trump’s longest-serving political adviser, hurried to pack a suitcase inside his elegant suite on the fifth floor of the Willard hotel. He wrapped his tailored suits in trash bags, reversed his black face mask so its “Free Roger Stone” logo was hidden, then slipped out of town for a hastily arranged private flight from Dulles International Airport.

“I really want to get out of here,” Stone told an aide, as they were filmed at the hotel by a Danish camera crew for a documentary on the veteran Republican operative. Stone said he feared prosecution by the incoming attorney general, Merrick Garland. “He is not a friend,” Stone said.

I would, at this point, be shocked if Rhodes and Stone hadn’t communally decided they needed to bolt. The remaining question I have, though, is whether someone in government — like Mark Meadows — alerted Stone or someone close to him that the FBI had switched immediately into investigative mode.

Sidney Powell springs for the sedition gaslight defense

In the same way that the Danish videographers confirm that Roger Stone and Mike Flynn were conspiring early in the post-election process, a recent BuzzFeed report reveals that Sidney Powell is now using her hard-won grift to pay for the defense of some Oath Keepers.

Since October, the organization, Defending the Republic, has been making monthly payments to the defense attorney for Kelly Meggs, a member of the militant group the Oath Keepers who is charged with seditious conspiracy for his role in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. In an interview, the attorney, Jonathon Moseley, said he was aware of “at least three or four other defendants who have that arrangement” as well. The Oath Keepers’ general counsel, Kellye SoRelle, said that one of those others is the group’s founder, Stewart Rhodes. Offered the chance to deny that, his lawyers said they don’t discuss funding.

The revelation, which has not been previously reported, sheds new light on the activities of Powell’s organization, which was incorporated in December 2020 “to defend the constitutional rights of all Americans.” By last August, the group had raised nearly $15 million, according to its audited financial statements, and since then has raked in untold cash in donations and sales of merchandise, including T-shirts, drink coasters, and highball glasses adorned with the organization’s logo. Yet despite mounting legal scrutiny from federal and state investigators, Defending the Republic has disclosed almost nothing about where that money has been going.


Powell’s involvement in the Oath Keepers case helps explain how some of the defendants, most of whom are far from wealthy, have been able to work with private attorneys who charge hundreds of dollars an hour rather than court-appointed lawyers. But it also raises questions as to who is dictating their defense strategy. In recent months, defense attorneys have raised many of the same far-flung conspiracies about COVID-19, antifa, and the deep state that appeared in lawsuits against the federal government filed by Powell herself.

As Ken Bensinger notes and I have traced, Jonathon Moseley has chosen to use court filings to engage in conspiracy theorizing rather than a more typical defense.

But on top of the futility of such an approach to actually obtain an optimal outcome, it serves to undermine rule of law more generally. Moseley’s approach is not all that different from the one that Powell herself used with Mike Flynn in attempting to blow up his prosecution by inventing false claims about the government. There was no evidence to support it, but it fed the frothers.

Tellingly, Powell’s efforts did nothing but make Flynn’s outcome worse. Thus, the defense plan, such as it existed, served to undermine rule of law and then make it all go away with a Presidential pardon. I’ve long assumed that that was the hope for Kelly Meggs and Kenneth Harrelson (who has adopted a similarly conspiratorial defense approach): that they could stall through 2025 in hopes a Republican would pardon them for their alleged sedition.

On March 4, Judge Amit Mehta appointed Andrew Wise of Miller Chevalier as conflict counsel to inquire into conflicts between Moseley’s representation of Meggs and (at least in the civil suit) Stewart Rhodes). That’s likely to bring a review of compensation arrangements, which may lead to inquiries about what Powell is paying Moseley to do.

Interestingly, BuzzFeed suggests that Juli Haller, who represents Meggs’ wife Connie, but also Ryan Samsel, may be on this dole. There was a time when Samsel looked like he might have considered flipping but that time is long gone.

Roger Stone’s pardon grift

And now, having covered Roger Stone’s Stop the Steal grift and Sidney Powell’s Defending the Republic grift, we come to Stone’s pardon-selling.

The Daily Beast adds to the earlier WaPo report (the first item here) that addressed all the pardons Roger Stone pitched Trump to make in the days between when he bolted from DC quickly and the day any such power expired. It notes that in mid-January 2021, Stone was playing all sides of the Florida scandal that engulfs Matt Gaetz.

It’s already known that Stone lobbied for pardons for both Gaetz and Greenberg in the waning days of the Trump administration. But it wasn’t known that Stone also advocated for a pardon for this third man connected to Gaetz and Greenberg: Stephen Alford, a serial fraudster from the Florida panhandle.

That development was first revealed by The Washington Post in a draft memo published earlier this month. But the Post report didn’t mention Alford—his name only appears in a document the Post obtained and uploaded online—and the link hasn’t been explored.

Two months after Stone advocated for Alford’s absolution, that allegiance dissolved when Alford became Gaetz’s scapegoat for the investigation. (Stone also eventually blasted Alford as part of the “deep state.”)

Just weeks before, however, Stone was in Alford’s corner, lobbying for a pardon.

Much of this is just scammy Florida politics. I’m interested in two details of this.

First, one of the ties TDB did find between Alford — the guy who attempted to extort Gaetz’s dad — and Stone goes through Oleg Deripaska.

According to a person with direct knowledge of the events, however, Alford had one powerful friend: A Republican lobbyist close to Stone.

Weeks after Alford’s pardon request was declined, that lobbyist shared some more information: Matt Gaetz was in trouble. And the lobbyist, this person said, had the details, including images of Gaetz with young women at a sex party.

While it’s unclear how the lobbyist—an associate of Oleg Deripaska—came into this information, Stone had by that time known about the Gaetz allegations for months; Greenberg had told Stone all about their involvement with a 17-year-old, both over text messages and in a confession he drafted at Stone’s request, as part of the pardon process.

It didn’t take long for Alford to cobble together a plan—and it was a doozy: He would secure Gaetz a presidential pardon in exchange for $25 million, which Alford would supposedly use to repatriate an FBI agent taken hostage in Iran who has long been considered dead.

TDB then describes how this plan, involving a lobbyist with ties to Deripaska, was behind the campaign against the NYT story on Gaetz’ legal woes.

When The New York Times broke the investigation in late March last year, Gaetz used Alford’s ploy as ammo. He fired off a tweetstorm, claiming the Times report was a “planted leak” designed to torpedo an investigation into “criminal extortion” plot “to smear my name.”

The central figure in Gaetz’s narrative, however, wasn’t Alford; it was Alford’s lawyer, whose role was limited to holding the money in an escrow account while Alford negotiated the release.

That lawyer had one special characteristic: Three decades ago, he served as a DOJ prosecutor. And that fact equipped the narrative with a “deep state” hook—a Roger Stone special.

Gaetz doubled down that night on Tucker Carlson’s late-night Fox News talk show, explaining the convoluted “leaking” and “smearing” plot to a befuddled Carlson, who remarked that it was “one of the weirdest interviews I’ve ever conducted.”

The next day, Stone piped up to defend Gaetz, using the same language.

And I’m interested in that because Glenn Greenwald was another key player in this anti-NYT campaign, including as recently as December.

Click through for the details on Gaetz paying Stone until he stopped paying Stone.

Update: One more note about Stone’s plan for pardons. Unsurprisingly he pushed for pardons for Assange and Stone, and unsurprisingly he did so in the same terms that Greenwald did — as the best way to get back at the Deep State.

Hell yes ,I would pardon Julian Assange and Edward Snowden- they are persecuted because they exposed the same people who attempted the Russia Collusion Hoax, the Ukraine hoax the last phony impeachment and are now pushing you’re their new phony impeachment.

The plan is a telling document of how Stone exploited Trump’s narcissism and grievances to get things done. The UK Supreme Court just rejected Assange’s bid to appeal, so the initial extradition request will go to Priti Patel for approval (though he still has several avenues of appeal).

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  1. Gee says:

    I’m glad you wrote this Marcy, because I think it is really important. As soon as I saw the the WP article headline, I immediately thought that this whole video is like an enormous limited hangout. You can just hear the ratforker saying, See, I’ve got nothing to hide! These guys have been tailing me for days….

    ….Except of course when it really matters, which is why it is critical to highlight those gaps. It’s the silence that speaks volumes. The rest if just performative crap from a loathsome [expletive]*.

    [* homophobic term removed; please use gender/sexuality neutral expletives. I’m absolutely certain you can come up with others; ‘asshole’, for example, is neutral because everyone has one. /~Rayne]

      • JVO says:

        I didn’t read/understand it that way at all. If I did, then I would have also asked the same about the bestiality reference.

        • RMD says:

          In your hypothetical, you would have asked about the ratfking reference?
          You didn’t.
          Rather you condescended to dismiss the homophobic slur…
          And it seems that was your intent, compounding the offense.

          [We got it. The homophobic slur is offensive and it will be redacted in a moment. Stop derailing the thread now — and Gee and JVO, stop as well. Stay on topic. /Rayne]

      • Gee says:

        Apologies, not meant to be homophobic. It was a reference to a movie (Johnny Dangerously) where a bunch of gangster criminal types use altered curse words to not curse, and fargin’ (expletive) is but one of them. It came to mind when I was typing ratforker, as I’m not a huge fan of the ratfucker term. I wasn’t thinking of this in the way you seem to think I was. I think your homophobia comment implies that Roger is gay, and this is, believe it or not, not something I knew. If that is the case, so be it, which would explain the reaction. Frankly, his sexuality does not concern me at all. His sexual preference has nothing to do with anything. Again, my apologies, nonetheless.

        • RMD says:

          Thanks for the clarification and considerate apology. ….don’t forget Johnny Dangerously’s “Icehole”… another fav.

          best regards

  2. rip says:

    “And I’m interested in that because Glenn Greenwald was another key player in this anti-NYT campaign, including as recently as December.”

    I know you covered a lot of ground and the calendar in this post. Somehow the Greenwald reference really sticks in my craw. How long have certain “journalists” and perhaps alternate “candidates” been placed in our media and politics? I know everyone does it, but this has been a particularly long-term campaign of disinformation and subversion.

  3. Atomic Shadow says:

    It’s just a big pile of coincidence!

    In The Devil’s Dictionary, Ambrose Bierce defined coincidence as, “You weren’t paying attention to the other half of what was going on”.

    Thank you for paying attention. I don’t know how you keep all of this straight without the cork-board wall and yarn.

    • TooLoose LeTruck says:

      What’s that Ian Fleming quote about coincidence?

      “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.”

      And continuing in a smilar vein…

      To quote Roy Scheider, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

  4. obsessed says:

    This provides a really interesting window into how you’re keeping all of this straight and collating all the different sources of information.

    One thing I can’t understand is the emerging portrait of Sidney Powell. From everything we’ve seen from Stone & Rudy, they seem to do the things they do for the thrill of feeling so notorious and important, but Powell doesn’t fit that personality type. She doesn’t seem to crave publicity, couldn’t actually believe any this nonsense, doesn’t seem clinically insane, and her grifting efforts seem to be–and so far have been–a predictably massive disaster on balance, given the triple threats of bankruptcy, prison and disbarment. What are her motivations?

    • Savage Librarian says:

      Here are two guesses:

      Bryan Lanza (Mercury Public Affairs)

      Adam Waldman (also represented Assange)

      • Ewan says:

        There are three firms mentioned with less than 10 individuals names in the 97 FARA entries.
        Mercury Public Affairs LLC
        Latham & Watkins LLP
        The Endeavor Firm LLC

          • Ewan says:

            L&W represents Lord Gregory Barker of Battle, who is involved in EN+ (Chairman and independent director) which is the company which owns Deripaska aluminium business (and hydropower). Lord Barker of Londongrad made Deripaska change the ownership structure so that Deripaska holds 44.5%, so not a majority stake, and got rid of the sanctions.

            Endeavor is Adam Waldman’s company, representing Deripaska, but there is nothing after 2018

            Mercury represents EN+ (and has moved to Tampa) and on occasion Barker from the House of Lords, It has indeed Bryan Lanza but also other people. Rodney Emory, Greg Howard, Morris Reid, Steven Hilton, Michael McKeon, Deirdre Stach, Christopher Murphy, David Vittet and Michael Crittenden.

            • P J Evans says:

              AFAIK, you’re tarring all of a very large legal firm with a very small brush, because of one client.

              • Ewan says:

                I answered below. I wrote : there are 97 entries related to Deripraska, corresponding to three firms. Then I clarified why L&W appeared. In this file, it says, “The registrant has continued to assist Lord Gregory Barker of Battle in select meetings and discussions with members of
                the United States government in connection with official agency proceedings relating to the lifting of US sanctions on EN
                +Group pic, a private company for which the foreign principal serves as Chairman and independent director”. And the Registrant is Latham & Watkins LLP. You consider this is tarring the reputation of that law firm to even mention it. Well.

              • Ewan says:

                What conspiracy? I am just stating what you can read in the FARA registration files. The initial question was : Does Deripraska have an American lobbyist these days (Okham). And various name appeared. Then Rayne answered: look in the FARA registrations. So, these are the names and statements you can read there.That’s all.

            • Ewan says:

              Barker is stepping down, will be replaced Christopher Bancroft Burnham. He submitted his vitae three years ago here when he joined the board of EN+. He lists in his highlights at the time:
              ” Mr. Burnham is a former Vice Chairman at Deutsche Bank Asset Management and co-founded and led Deutsche Bank’s direct private equity group, RREEF Capital Partners. Mr. Burnham is also a former Assistant Secretary of State for Resource Management and Chief Financial Officer of the U.S. Department of State.”

  5. viget says:

    Sure sounds like Deripaska was willing to trade Bob Levinson to try to tie up all the loose ends. I’m sure the FBI was tempted….

    • harpie says:

      There are a couple of entries there that are ADDED by me, [ie: NOT from WaPo] and the following SHOULD BE, but is NOT labeled as such:

      Between 10:06 AM and 11:41 AM Phone calls between OK “Operational Lead” SIMMONS, JAMES and [redacted]. […]

  6. BobCon says:

    Greenberg seems to have been collecting incriminating evidence for a while — earlier TDB reported that he kept screenshots of suposedly self-deleting messages between him and Stone involving crypto payoffs for a pardon, for example.

    It’s odd to me that the case against Gaetz hasn’t landed yet, since I think the underage sex angle would be sewed up by now with Greenberg’s cooperation. Maybe the evidence isn’t as clearcut as reported. But one possibility I’ve wondered about is whether it’s being tied to other Stone pardon investigations, or is waiting to be filed together with other charges involving Stone.

  7. Chirrut Imwe says:

    Typo? “Unsurprisingly he pushed for pardons for Assange and Stone” – should be Assange and Snowden(?)

  8. ernesto1581 says:

    There are a couple other things in the WaPo article (3/4/22) EW references about the Danish documentary crew following Stone around which jumped out at me — connections to organized crime figures and a career mob defender.
    From the article:
    “Stone’s pardon wish list also included Michael Sessa and Victor Orena, former members of the Colombo crime family serving life sentences for murder and racketeering convictions in the 1990s. Their attorney, David I. Schoen, has also represented Stone.”

    “Stone told the [Danish] filmmakers he hoped to persuade Trump to hire Schoen to represent him in his Senate impeachment trial on charges of inciting an insurrection. With Schoen advising Trump, ‘all that pardon stuff is easy,’ Stone said.”

    “Stone’s top priority was protection for himself and [Bernard] Kerik, who had been previously pardoned by Trump for felonies including tax fraud before he worked on the effort to overturn the election.
    He also lamented the president’s refusal to pardon the former Colombo crime family members, noting they had been ‘vocal supporters of Trump.'”

    David Schoen was handpicked picked in 2006 by the Rizzuto crime family to defend Vito Rizzuto, a very powerful Canadian mafioso, in SDNY a year later. Rissuto was fined $250,000 and given a 10-year sentence for his role in the murders of three Bonanno crime family captains in 1982.

    Schoen told the Atlanta Jewish Times (9/24/20), “I represented all sorts of reputed mobster figures: alleged head of Russian mafia in this country, Israeli mafia and two Italian bosses, as well a guy the government claimed was the biggest mafioso in the world.”

    None of the mob connections are mentioned in Schoen’s Wikipedia entry. But he, along with Bruce Castor, was ultimately involved in Trump’s second impeachment defense, and (seemingly) remains in Roger Stone’s corner as Jan 6 entertainments continue evolving.
    What the heck is Stone’s connection, if any, to the Colombo outfit? And keeping in mind that Trump hired yet another mob defender, Ronald Fischetti, last July to defend him the Vance/Bragg Manhattan DA civil investigation…may be far- fetched but something is bugging me about it that I can’t put a finger on.

  9. Tom R. says:

    Actually I did make a “board” a while back … not using post-its and red yarn, but using the GraphViz software package.

    It’s not terribly important, but I was struck by how easy it would be to partition the graph.
    — One subgraph contains the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys, with strong internal links and many links to Roger Stone. Roughly speaking, these guys planned to overthrow the government by force.
    — The other subgraph contains a huge number of people who spent weeks trying to overturn the election by deception and fraud.

    Because of this partition, a lot of people could claim they didn’t “know” there would be violence on Jan. 6th. Mostly they’re lying, and more importantly it hardly matters, because the scheme they did know about was illegal unto itself. It’s not the same crime, but it’s still a crime.

    In particular, lots of TV pundits wrongly assume that the “Willard War Room” was busy masterminding the violent attack on the capitol. In fact, there’s precious little public evidence of this as yet. Bannon and Giuliani do not have well-documented ties to the OKs and the PBs, nothing like what Stone has.

    It’s odd that they blackballed Stone from the Willard War Room. The question arises, if you didn’t know he was up to something naughty, why did you refuse to coordinate with him? Reportedly the PBs coordinated with the OKs; it’s odd that they wouldn’t or couldn’t coordinate with the fraudsters in the Willard War Room.

    Another possible bridge between the two subgraphs is Paul Gosar. He is tightly connected to the fraud squad, and he also has longstanding ties to the Oath Keepers. However, it’s not 100% obvious what role that played.

    It’s hard to figure Ali Alexander. He says he played a big role in organizing the rally at the ellipse, and he says he reached out to the 1st Amendment Praetorians as well as the OKs and the PBs, but it’s not clear how much of that is meaningful. He seems like a lightweight, not in the same league as Bannon or Stone.

    Last but not least, the two subgraphs are connected via the big node at the center. TFG spent years advocating political violence and praising it whenever it occurred. He told the PBs to “stand by”. He summoned them to DC saying “will be wild”. They knew exactly what he meant by that.

    • Rayne says:

      I think the word you really want instead of partition is compartmentalize.

      Like compartmentalizing intelligence operations.

    • BROUX says:

      I agree it’s odd that they blackballed Stone from the Willard War Room. Stone expressed his displeasure publicly, but what this an act? Was this done to intentionally compartmentalize, and provide useful plausible deniability? At some point, the two groups converge at Stone and TFG. There had to be communication between these two. Also, discovering the contacts between Stone and the people playing on legal and political field (the lawyers and the people in congress) is important.

  10. Dutch Louis says:

    Great again. Concerning “the remaining question” who alerted Stone about the activity of the FBI, my first thought was Kerik, his liaison to the War Room in the Willard. But then remains the question “Who informed the War Room?”

    • Greg Hunter says:

      If the DOJ and the J6 can link up all these characters and take them down then Trump will have fulfilled one of his campaign promises as he will have literally Drained the Swamp.

    • Rayne says:

      Does it seem like Ginni dear realized text messages out there necessitate her proactive damage control?

  11. Matt Corr says:

    I was just reading a report about Tarrio and Rhodes’ parking garage meeting and it casually mentioned that a documentary film crew was present. Was this the crew filming Stone?

  12. harpie says:

    Steve BANNON is in COURT this morning.
    Zoe TILLMAN is live tweeting:

    10:52 AM · Mar 16, 2022

    Hello from the DC federal courthouse, where Steve Bannon just arrived for the 11am motion hearing in his contempt of Congress case. [Link to previous story] [THREAD]

    10:53 AM · Mar 16, 2022

    This is likely to be VERY contentious.
    Bannon noted that some of the records collected hoping to get his lawyers’ toll records were for another Robert Costello.
    USG provided proof Bannon broke protective order.
    Bannon countered that this was not marked sensitive.

  13. harpie says:

    Trump White House aide was secret author of report used to push ‘big lie’ Report on Dominion voting machines produced after 2020 election was not the work of volunteer in Trump’s post-election legal team
    https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/mar/16/trump-white-house-aide-secret-author-dominion-report 3/17/22

    […] The original version of the Dominion report named [Trump White House policy aide Joanna] Miller – who worked for the senior Trump adviser Peter Navarro] – as the author on the cover page, until her name was abruptly replaced with that of [Katherine] Friess before the document was to be released publicly, the source said. […]

    Guardian provides LINK to data from the “publicly available version of the Dominion report, which first surfaced in early December 2020 on the conservative outlet the Gateway Pundit”:

    Addeddate 2020-12-03 17:32:42
    Identifier dominion-voting-systems-report-final-12-2-20.docx-1 […]

    • harpie says:

      More from the Guardian:

      The involvement of a number of other Trump White House aides who worked in Navarro’s office was also scrubbed around that time, the source said. Friess has told the Daily Beast that she had nothing to do with the report and did not know how her name came to be on the document.

      It was not clear why Miller’s name was removed from the report, which was sent to Trump’s former attorney Rudy Giuliani on 29 November 2020, or why the White House aide’s involvement was obfuscated in the final 2 December version. […]

    • harpie says:

      It was also a NAVARRO aide who let POWELL, FLYNN and BYRNE into the WH on 12/18/20 for the “craziest meeting.

      • harpie says:

        This NAVARRO aide’s name is Garrett Ziegler.

        […] Ziegler has also said on a rightwing podcast that he and others in Navarro’s office – seemingly referring to Trump White House aides Christopher Abbott and Hannah Robertson – started working on Navarro’s report about two weeks before the 2020 election [so approx. 10/20/20] took place.”

    • harpie says:


      12/19/20 TRUMP TWEETS Dec 19th 2020 – 1:42 AM

      Peter Navarro releases 36-page report alleging election fraud ‘more than sufficient’ to swing victory to Trump [link]
      A great report by Peter. Statistically impossible to have lost the 2020 Election.

      Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!

      ALSO written by someone named MILLER:
      Peter Navarro releases 36-page report alleging election fraud ‘more than sufficient’ to swing victory to Trump
      by Andrew Mark Miller, Deputy Social Media Editor
      December 17, 2020 01:40 PM

  14. harpie says:

    A timeline of information in the following two documents:

    [Nordean, Biggs, Rehl, Donohoe, Tarrio [counts 1-7], Pezzola [counts 1-8]]

    2] TARRIO Detention Memo:
    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’S NOTICE OF FILING OF MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT OF MOTION FOR DETENTION https://www.politico.com/f/?id=0000017f-8a21-d8dd-ab7f-be637e7a0000 / 3/14/22

    [pdf8/30] COUNT ONE
    (18 U.S.C. S1512(k)) (Conspiracy to Obstruct Official Proceeding)
    […] 25. […]
    The Conspiracy
    26. From in and around December 2020, through in and around January 2021, in the District of Columbia and elsewhere, the defendants, // ETHAN NORDEAN, // JOSEPH BIGGS, // ZACHARY REHL, // CHARLES DONOHOE, // ENRIQUE TARRIO, // and // DOMINIC PEZZOLA, // did knowingly combine, conspire, confederate, and agree with each other and other persons known and unknown to the Grand Jury, to corruptly obstruct, influence, and impede an official proceeding, that is, the Certification of the Electoral College vote, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1512(c)(2). […]

    • harpie says:

      12/19/20 – BIGGS to TARRIO [private message]: [Proud Boys] “recruit losers who wanna drink.” [] “Let’s get radical and get real men.”

      – TARRIO creates encrypted message group MOSD Leaders Group, as a “national rally planning committee” of the Proud Boys that would include “hand selected members.” It includes NORDEAN, BIGGS, REHL, DONOHOE, PERSON-2 [AARON WHALLON-WOLKIND], and PERSON-3 [JOHN CHARLES STEWART]. PERSON-1 [JEREMY BERTINO] was subsequently added to the message group for MOSD leaders (the “MOSD Leaders Group”) [MOSD-LG].
      – [STEWART] posts message to MOSD-LG: “I am assuming most of the protest will be at the capital building given what’s going on inside.” TARRIO proposes 12/21/20 video chat to discuss the MOSD and January 6.

      12/26/20 – TARRIO organizes MOSD leadership into two three-man councils:
      2] The OPERATIONS Council = REHL, [STEWART] and “one other person”
      3] DONOHOE, [BERTINO, WOLKIND], OTHERS designated as regional leaders.

      – TARRIO creates MOSD Prospect Group [MOSD-PG] encrypted messaging group to recruit potential members, who are told they will need to: “Fit in [] or fuck off.”
      – DONOHOE posts on MOSD-PG: “They [The DC government] want to limit the presence so that they can deny Trump has the People’s support. We can’t let the succeed. This government is run FOR the People, BY the People….Congress needs a reintroduction to that fact.”
      – NORDEAN creates an online crowdfunding campaign for “Protective gear and communications” for the Proud Boys use on 1/6/21
      12/28/20 – TARRIO posts on MOSD-PG that the “DC trip” would consist of “two groups” – – the MOSD and everyone else – – and that no one should be in colors.

      – TARRIO posts on social media: [Proud Boys plan to] “turn out in record numbers on January 6th but this time with a twist….We will not be wearing our traditional Black and Yellow. We will be incognito and we will be spread across downtown DC in smaller teams. And who knows … we might dress in all BLACK for the occasion.”
      – TARRIO posts on MOSD-PG notifying of a virtual meeting on 12/30/20 to explain “how this all works.” He explains that PB’s “will have a top down structure” [] “if that’s something you’re not comfortable with” [don’t bother to attend]. TARRIO advised that leadership would be 1] Marketing Council [TARRIO, BIGGS, and NORDEAN] and 2] Operations Council [REHL, [STEWART] and “one other person”] Second tier leadership would consist of eight regional members.
      – PEZZOLA dm’s TARRIO [encrypted]: “Hey boss, [I’m] one of the guys bringing the [decorative] shield down…I’ll be in dc w a few other brothers from NY.”

      – TARRIO leads video conference with MOSD-PG TARRIO and others in MOSD-LG: “fit in or fuck off.” REHL: [1/6 will be a] “completely different operation” and they would not be conducting a “night march and flexing our [arms] and shit.”
      – An individual whose identity is known to the grand jury sends to TARRIO a 9-pg document titled, “1776 Returns,” which sets forth a plan to have as “many people as possible” occupy a few “crucial buildings”, including House and Senate office buildings, on 1/6/21, to “show our politicians We the People are in charge.” This individual states: “The revolution is important than anything.” TARRIO responds: “That’s what every waking moment consists of…I’m not playing games.” [Conversation continues the next day, 12/31/20]
      – REHL posts a link to an on-line fundraiser called “Travel Expenses for upcoming Patriot Events”, which generates over $5,500 in donations from 12/30/20 to 1/4/21

      12/30 -12/31/20
      – PEZZOLA travels [with OTHERS] to North and South Carolina, to visit [BERTINO], bringing him a decorative shield
      – TARRIO continues conversation [with idividual known to grand jury] about 9-page document titled “1776 Returns”

      12/31/20 approximately 11:25 AM- TARRIO posts photo of PEZZOLA with OK Roberto MINUTA, from 12/12/20 MAGA Rally with the message: “Lords of War. #J6 #J20”

      • harpie says:

        I think PEZZOLA’s 12/30-31 trip to “North and South Carolina” as “one of the guys bringing the [decorative] shield down” to BERTINO was kind of a job interview to be admitted into the Proud Boys. [> 1/2 – [BERTINO] subsequently adds PEZZOLA to the MOSD-MG]

        Why North AND South Carolina?

        Then, at the end of that trip, this connection with OATH KEEPERS:

        12/31/20 approximately 11:25 AM- TARRIO posts photo of PEZZOLA with OK Roberto MINUTA, from 12/12/20 MAGA Rally with the message: “Lords of War. #J6 #J20” [Note BOTH hashtags]

        MINUTA responds that It’s an honor to stand TOGETHER.

        And, these are the same two days TARRIO is discussing “1776 Returns” plan with WHOMEVER first gave it to him.

        • harpie says:

          WRT BOTH hashtags:

          1/6/21 – 4:14 PM TARRIO posts a message in that same group chat [SEE 2:39 PM] that stated, “They’ll fear us doing it again…” A member of the group asks, “So what do we do now?” TARRIO responds at 4:14 PM: “Do it again.”

          • harpie says:

            YES, thank you!
            Also, that’s the day TRUMP is convinced to get back to DC from Mara Lago:
            12/30/20 – BANNON phones TRUMP from his Capitol Hill residence: “We’re going to bury Biden on January 6th, fucking bury him.” [] “We are going to kill the Biden Presidency in the crib.”

            • harpie says:

              12/27/20 is the day STONE met TRUMP and Mara Lago, thanked him for his 12/23/20 pardon, and told him “exactly how” he could remain president.

        • harpie says:

          About the 12/12/20
          [Proud Boy] PEZZOLA / [Oath Keeper] MINUTA photo, which TARRIO posted on 12/31/20 [Note: Triebert’s November date was later CORRECTED to 12/12]:

          9:09 PM · Feb 6, 2021

          MINUTA’s 12/31/20 [guessing] response:

          Bad ass! Thanks @NobleLead [TARRIO] for the picture! Honor to stand with you guys. See you Jan 6

    • harpie says:

      – 12:25 AM TARRIO, on sm: “Let’s bring this new year with one word in mind…Revolt”
      – 2:56 PM TARRIO, on sm: “New Years Revolution.”

      – TARRIO creates the encrypted message group “MOSD Members Group” [MOSD-MG] for those prospects who had been accepted. TARRIO: “Open for business.” The group includes at least 65 members, including TARRIO, NORDEAN, BIGGS, REHL, DONOHOE, and [BERTINO, WOLKIND, STEWART]. [BERTINO] subsequently adds PEZZOLA to the MOSD-MG
      – NORDEAN books his flight to DC using the debit card of a TARRIO family member, photos of which had been provided by TARRIO
      – MOSD-MG member in group chat: “so are the normies and other attendees going to push thru police lines and storm the capitol buildings? A few million vs A few hundred coptifa should be enough.” [On 1/3/21, the same MOSD member raised the prospect again, asking, “what would they do [if] 1 million patriots stormed and took the capital building. Shoot into the crowd? I think not.”]

      – MOSD-MG member in group chat: “what would they do [if] 1 million patriots stormed and took the capital building. Shoot into the crowd? I think not.” [STEWART] responds: “They would do nothing because they can do nothing.”
      – MOSD-MG member in group chat: “time to stack those bodies in front of Capitol Hill.”
      – TARRIO tells MOSD-LG that he wants to wait until January 4 to make final plans. [STEWART] voice note: “I mean the main operating theater should be out in front of the house of representatives. It should be out in front of the Capitol building. That’s where the vote is taking place and all of the objections. So, we can ignore the rest of these stages and all that shit and plan the operations based around the front entrance to the Capitol building. I strongly recommend you use the national mall and not Pennsylvania avenue though. It’s wide-open space, you can see everything from all angles.” REHL responds: [the Capitol is] “good start.”

      – TARRIO responds to [STEWART] 1/3/21 vn: “I didn’t hear this voice note until now, you want to storm the Capitol.”
      – [Late afternoon] TARRIO is arrested as he arrives in DC. Within one hour, DONOHOE creates “New MOSD Leaders Group” [NMOSD-LG], which initially does NOT include TARRIO. DONOHOE [on new group]: “Each one of us should personally clear our history of that MOSD chat.” REHL: “you gotta manually delete each message from each chat” [] “since [TARRIO] knew the cops were for him, hopefully he logged outta” [the encrypted messaging service] DONOHOE: “Well at least they won’t get our boots on ground plans because we are one step ahead of them.”
      – DONOHOE creates “New MOSD Members Group” [NMOSD-MG], and informs members to leave the earlier groups because “we are nuking that one.” STEWART says that he had “removed everyone from the other group” and that it had been “nuked.” NMOSD-MG has 90 participants, including NORDEAN, BIGGS, REHL, DONOHOE, PEZZOLA, [BERTINO, WOLKIND, STEWART]
      – 7:15 PM DONOHOE, on NMOSD-MG: “Hey have been instructed and listen to me real good! There is no planning of any sorts. I need to be put into whatever new thing is created. Everything is compromised and we can be looking at Gang charges.” DONOHOE then wrote, “Stop everything immediately” and then “This comes from the top.” DONOHOE’s messages in the New MOSD Members Group repeated those posted by a participant in the MOSD Members Group.
      – 8:20 PM [WOLKIND], on NMOSD-LG: “We had originally planned on breaking the guys into teams. Let’s start divying them up and getting baofeng channels picked out.”

    • harpie says:

      – 1:23 PM BERTINO creates “Boots on Ground” [BOG] group, to be used by Proud Boys members in DC. The group has over sixty users, including NORDEAN, BIGGS, REHL, DONOHOE, PEZZOLA, [BERTINO, WOLKIND, STEWART]

      – Approx. 5:00 PM TARRIO is released from jail, after having been ordered to leave the DC. TARRIO does not immediately comply with the order.

      – [? Approx. 5:15 – 5:45 PM?] MEETING in DC parking garage: TARRIO, RHODES, SORELLE, GRACIA [Latinos for Trump], MACIAS [Vets for Trump] A documentary film crew was present in the garage and, at one point, picked up audio of a person referencing the Capitol. TARRIO said he had cleared all of the messages on his phone before he was arrested; no one would be able to get into his phone because there were “two steps” to get into it.

      – 5:25 PM BIGGS posts on BOG: “Just trying to get our numbers. So we can plan accordingly for tonight and go over tomorrow’s plan.”

      – [Approx 5:45 PM] TARRIO leaves DC and travels to Baltimore

      – 5:52 PM BIGGS, on BOG: “We are trying to avoid getting into any shit tonight. Tomorrow’s the day” [] “I’m here with rufio [NORDEAN] and a good group[.]”

      – [TIME??] REHL on NMOSD-LG [while traveling to DC], states that he is bringing multiple radios with him, and that there is a person who is planning to program the radios later that evening.

      – 8:00 PM PEZZOLA, on BOG: “Anybody need coms programmed hit me up.”

      – 8:27 PM MOSD member [who was in DC with NORDEAN and BIGGS], on NMOSD-MG: “Everyone needs to meet at the Washington Monument at 10am tomorrow morning! Do not be late! Do not wear colors! Details will be laid out at the pre meeting! Come out as patriot!”

      – 8:28 PM [BERTINO] in BOG: “Everyone needs to meet at the Washington Monument at 10am tomorrow morning! Do not be late! Do not wear colors! Details will be laid out at the pre meeting! Come out as patriot!”

      – [TIME?] In Baltimore, TARRIO uses the phones of associates to make a number of phone calls, and to log back into his encrypted messaging accounts. After having regained access to his accounts, TARRIO assures his men that his phone had not been compromised.

      – 9:03 PM REHL notifies NORDEAN, BIGGS, DONOHOE and others of his arrival in DC. DONOHOE responds by requesting one of the radios that REHL had brought.

      – 9:09 PM [WOLKIND] message to NMOSD-LG: “Stand by for the shared baofeng channel and shared zello channel, no Colors, be decentralized and use good judgement until further orders.” [] “Rufio [NORDEAN] is in charge, cops are the primary threat, don’t get caught by them or BLM, don’t get drunk until off the street.” He then provided a specific radio frequency of 477.985.

      – 9:11 PM DONOHOE posts on NMOSD-MG: “Stand by for the shared baofeng channel and shared zello channel, no Colors, be decentralized and use good judgement until further orders.” [] “Rufio [NORDEAN] is in charge, cops are the primary threat, don’t get caught by them or BLM, don’t get drunk until off the street.” He then provided a specific radio frequency of 477.985.

      – 9:17 PM BIGGS posts a message on the New MOSD Leaders Group that read, “We just had a meeting woth a lot of guys. Info should be coming out” and then posted “Just spoke with Enrique.”

      – 9:20 PM [BERTINO] adds TARRIO to NMOSD-LG

      – 9:20 PM BIGGS on NMOSD-LG: “We have a plan. I’m with rufio [NORDEAN].” DONOHOE responds: “What’s the plan so I can pass it to the MOSD guys.” BIGGS responds: “I gave Enrique a plan. The one I told the guys and he said he had one.”

      – 9:36 PM DONOHOE adds TARRIO to NMOSD-MG

      – 12:01 AM 1/6/21 TARRIO posts on NMOSD-LG
      – [12:03 AM] DONOHOE posts: “Standby”, and then reposts [8:27 and 8:28 PM messages]: “Everyone needs to meet at the Washington Monument at 10am tomorrow morning! Do not be late! Do not wear colors! Details will be laid out at the pre meeting! Come out as patriot!”

      • Eureka says:

        The Philadelphia DAO has moved (again) to revoke Macias’ bail on the local case. This time they might succeed as he has allegedly violated multiple specified conditions barring social media posts and attending rallies (in a two-fer he allegedly streamed from a “trucker’s protest” event) — escalated conditions which arose following the first revocation request after 1/6.

    • harpie says:

      – 6:37 AM DONOHOE on NMOSD-LG:
      “Are we gonna do a commanders briefing before the 10 a.m.?”

      – after 6:37 AM DONOHOE on NMOSD-MG and BOG: [that he was on his way to the Washington Monument and] “I have the keys until Rufio [NORDEAN] and Zach [REHL] show up.”

      – 10:00 AM Approximately 100 Proud Boys members gather near the Washington Monument, including NORDEAN, BIGGS, REHL, DONOHOE, and PEZZOLA

      – Shortly after 10:00 AM NORDEAN and BIGGS lead PB’s march to Capitol [description of route]

      – Around 12:00 PM DONOHOE posts a message on a separate encrypted group chat with Proud Boys, in which he reports that the group was at the Capitol and then later, “WE ARE WITH 200-300 PBS.”

      – Shortly before 12:53 PM NORDEAN, BIGGS, and REHL lead the group back to the First Street pedestrian entrance near the Peace Monument, and BIGGS leads the crowd in a series of chants using a megaphone. NORDEAN, REHL, DONOHOE, and PEZZOLA stand nearby

      – Seconds before 12:53 PM BIGGS is approached by [Ryan SAMSEL] who puts one arm around BIGGS’s shoulder and speaks to him.

      – 12:54 PM [SAMSEL] crosses the barrier that restricted access to the Capitol grounds. This is the first barrier protecting the Capitol grounds to be breached on January 6, 2021, and the point of entry for NORDEAN, BIGGS, REHL, DONOHOE, and PEZZOLA. NORDEAN, BIGGS, REHL, DONOHOE, and PEZZOLA and assembled members of the crowd move toward the Capitol.

      – 12:55 PM BIGGS [as he advances on the West Plaza], in a selfie video: “Dude, we’re right in front of the Capitol right now. American citizens are storming the Capitol – taking it back right now. There’s millions of people out here; this is fucking crazy. Oh my God! This is such history! This is insane. We’ve gone through every barricade thus far. Fuck you!”

      – approx. 1:00 PM While standing at the front of the crowd in the West Plaza, opposite law enforcement in riot gear, NORDEAN and BIGGS exchange a hug and handshake, and BIGGS takes another video, in which he announces: “we’ve just taken the Capitol.”

      – Shortly after 1:00 PM [BERTINO and WOLKIND], on NMOSD-LG: “Push inside! Find some eggs and rotten tomatoes!” [] “They deploy the mace yet.” DONOHOE responds: “We are trying.”

      – 1:27 PM NORDEAN, BIGGS, and others then move further away onto the Capitol lawn. BIGGS films a selfie video with NORDEAN and others who had marched with them to the Capitol in which BIGGS declares, “So we just stormed the fucking Capitol. Took the motherfucking place back. That was so much fun.” [] “January 6 will be a day in infamy.”

      – X:XX PM PEZZOLA takes riot shield. DONOHOE throws 2 bottles of water at police. DONOHOE and PEZZOLA carry riot shield through the west plaza, reaching the rear of the concrete area of the west plaza by 1:37 PM.

      – 1:37 PM DONOHOE posts a message “Got a riot shield.” While standing at the rear of the plaza, DONOHOE takes a picture of PEZZOLA holding the riot shield and making a hand gesture associated with the Proud Boys

      – Shortly before 2:00 PM NORDEAN, BIGGS, DONOHOE and PEZZOLA congregate near a set of concrete stairs that led to the Upper West Terrace of the Capitol. BIGGS and PEZZOLA traveled up the stairway with the crowd.

      – 2:13 PM PEZZOLA uses the riot shield he had taken from a Capitol Police officer to break a window of the Capitol. The first members of the mob enter the Capitol through this broken window, and PEZZOLA does as well. Other members of the mob ente the building and forced open an adjacent door from the inside.

      – 2:14 PM BIGGS enters the Capitol through the adjacent door with other MOSD members. Within minutes, the Senate suspends the Certification of the Electoral College Vote.

      – [??] 2:17 PM approx.[??] BIGGS exits the Capitol on the EAST side of the building

      – [TIME?] BIGGS and several other Proud Boys members pose for a picture at the top of the steps on the east side of the Capitol. BIGGS also took a video in which he surveyed the crowd and then stated, “We’ve taken the Capitol.”

      – 2:36 PM TARRIO posts on public meda: “After I finish watching this I’ll make a statement about my arrest…But for now I’m enjoying the show…Do what must be done. #WeThePeople.”

      – 2:37 PM NORDEAN enters the Capitol where he reunites with other Proud Boys members, who had entered the building with BIGGS.

      – 2:38 PM TARRIO writes on social media: “Don’t fucking leave.”

      – 2:39 PM PB member: “Are we militia yet?” // TARRIO [voice notes]: “Yep.” [] “Make no mistake…” [] “We did this…” [SEE later dialogue in this same group chat at 4:14 PM]

      – 2:40 PM BIGGS [and others] re-enters the Capitol through the Columbus Doors on the east side, thirty minutes after first entering the Capitol on the west side. BIGGS and other Proud Boys he entered with travel to the Senate where the Certification of the Electoral College Vote had been suspended due to the ongoing attack

      – 2:41 PM TARRIO on public social media: “Proud Of My Boys and my country.”

      – 2:53 PM REHL enters the Capitol through the same door first entered by BIGGS on the west side of the building

      – 2:53 PM TARRIO phones NORDEAN [TARRIO had been attempting to phone NORDEAN and BIGGS as they were moving in and out of the Capitol]

      – 2:54 PM TARRIO phones BIGGS and they speak for 42 seconds. Minutes before this call, BIGGS had exited the Senate chamber and made his way outside the Capitol. […]

      – 2:57 PM TARRIO posts on social media: “1776” [] “Revolutionaries are now at the Rayburn building.” which is one of the “critical buildings” referred to in the “1776 Returns” plan received by TARRIO on 12/30/20.

      – 4:14 PM TARRIO posts a message in that same group chat [SEE 2:39 PM] that stated, “They’ll fear us doing it again…” A member of the group asked, “So what do we do now?” Tarrio responds at 4:14 PM: “Do it again.”

      – 11:16 PM TARRIO posts on social media: a VIDEO of a masked man resembling TARRIO, wearing a flowing black cape, standing in front of a deserted Capitol. The video was captioned, “Premonition.”

  15. harpie says:

    re: EUREKA’s information about MACIAS at TL above:

    1] Prosecutors Try to Jail MAGA Fanatic After Daily Beast Report Joshua Macias has been in the thick of Stop the Steal chaos since November 2020. Now prosecutors say he is violating his bail conditions. https://www.thedailybeast.com/joshua-macias-faces-jail-after-daily-beast-report-on-social-media-activity Updated Mar. 17, 2022 3:57PM / Published Mar. 17, 2022 1:42PM

    […] Prosecutors say MACIAS was arrested [at the Phila. Convention Center on 11/5/20] by Philadelphia Police while carrying a .40 caliber handgun along with Anthony LAMOTTA, a fellow member of Vets 4 Trump [aka Vets for Trump, which was founded by MACIAS], who had been carrying a 9mm handgun openly […]

    2] https://twitter.com/capitolhunters/status/1504552892182810624
    4:18 PM · Mar 17, 2022

    #SeditionHunters – FINALLY, Philadelphia prosecutors have moved to rescind bail for Vets for Trump leader Joshua Macias, who urged the crowd on at the Capitol. We owe thanks to @KrisGoldsmith85’s reporting for this. But, still one huge omission… 1/ The Daily Beast article by @stevanzetti says about Macias and his sidekick Antonio Lamotta, “There is no evidence either of them entered the Capitol building.” But there IS evidence. For 7 months there has been evidence. What can we do to convince you? [PHOTOS of LAMOTTA at the CAPITOL on J6] 2/ [THREAD]

    • harpie says:

      More from the CH THREAD:

      […] For those who haven’t heard it, here is Macias’ [J6] “The Insurrection Act is Now” speech outside the Capitol. Lamotta is just at his side. 3/ [LINK > https://twitter.com/capitolhunters/status/1458964978560606209
      [I will TRANSCRIBE this when I get a chance]

      Macias is highly connected in the web of J6 ‘influencers’: a founder of Vets for Trump, tied to Latinos for Trump, & part of the infamous Jan 4th [1/5/21] pre-insurrection parking garage meeting between leaders of Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, Latinos for Trump… [Tarrio, Rhodes, Gracia, Sorelle, Macias] 4/ […]

    • harpie says:

      EVEN more from the CH THREAD:

      […] On Jan 6 morning, Macias was at the anti-vaxx Freedom Rally at Lot 6, along with others from 1] Vets For Trump, 2] Bikers for Trump, 3] Latinos for Trump. Here he is with Miami Proud Boys #RabbiPB (Asher Meza) and #TheGreekPB, who were acting as security for LFT leader Bianca Gracia. [PHOTOS] 5/

      Late in the day, Macias regrouped with #RabbiPB and #TheGreekPB (Meza & Bouzakis) in a kind of #SeditionVIP gathering at the Columbus Doors, along with the founders of the anti-vaxx Freedom Angels Foundation. Groups with seemingly different interests all worked together on J6. 6/

      Here’s the Capitol Demonstration Areas map:

      AREA 6 is very close to Union Station.

      • Eureka says:

        re Macias’ affiliation with Asher Meza:

        Another place Asher Meza shows up recently is in Carter Walker’s LNP |Lancaster Online article ID-ing Person 3 in the PB Leadership S2 as Johnny Blackbeard / John Charles Stewart:

        Asher Meza, an associate of Tarrio’s and a member of the Miami Proud Boys chapter, said he participated in the “Ministry of Self Defense” chat referenced in the Department of Justice’s indictment; he described Blackbeard as an admin of the chat.

        Meza said Blackbeard wasn’t in Washington, D.C., on January 6 because he was in the hospital dealing with a medical problem. [[F]ormer Lehigh Valley Proud Boys Vice President Richard / Dick] Schwetz said the same.


        Meza also said that Blackbeard removed him from the “Ministry” chat,” which is consistent with federal investigator’s allegation that Person 3, fearing the encrypted chat was compromised, “removed everyone from (the first Ministry of Self Defense) group.”


        Meza said that on January 6 he was providing security for a group called Latinos for Trump. He said that he has been subpoenaed by the House Select Committee investigating January 6 and is scheduled to testify next week.

        3/12/2022 Lancaster Online link & more info here:


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