Vote NO on ‘Flaw and Disorder’ Republican Attorneys General

[NB: Check the byline, thanks. / ~Rayne]

Critical to the massing of insurrectionist rioters on January 6 is a group of elected Republicans, several of which are running for re-election.

Unfortunately, the media has forgotten their role and lost sight of them even though they’ve had a good news peg to use for investigation and reporting.

That group is the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA), which funded and produced a robocall to encourage insurrectionists to attend and participate in the attack on the U.S. Capitol building.

State Attorney General



Steve Marshall Alabama


Treg Taylor Alaska

Appointed, term ends 2022

Mark Brnovich Arizona

Lost primary

Leslie Rutledge Arkansas

Running for AR Lt. Gov.

Ashley Moody Florida


Chris Carr Georgia


Lawrence Wasden Idaho

Lost primary

Derek Schmidt Kansas

Running for KS Gov.

Todd Rokita Indiana

Term ends 2025

Daniel Cameron Kentucky

Term ends 2024

Jeff Landry Louisiana

Term ends 2024

Lynn Fitch Mississippi

Term ends 2024

Eric Schmitt

Immediate Past Chairman


Term ends 2025 | Running for U.S. Senate

Austin Knudsen

Policy Chairman


Term ends 2025

Doug Peterson Nebraska*

Not running

John Formella New Hampshire

Term ends 2025

Drew Wrigley North Dakota


Dave Yost Ohio


John O’Connor Oklahoma

Not running

Alan Wilson


South Carolina


Mark Vargo South Dakota

Not running

Jonathan Skrmetti Tennessee

Term ends 2030

Ken Paxton Texas


Sean Reyes Utah

Term ends 2025

Jason Miyares Virginia

Term ends 2026

Bridget Hill Wyoming

Not running

Patrick Morrisey West Virginia

Term ends 2025

Not on this list of current RAGA members is Chris Carr, an incumbent running for re-election in Georgia.

Carr resigned from RAGA five days after the attack on the Capitol.

Note that some of these RAGA members are seeking higher office.

Some of them were much more active in the January 6 conspiracy, like Ken Paxton who sued the states of Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania over the 2020 election results and spoke at the January 6 rally in Washington DC before the assault on the Capitol.

Paxton also has avoided accountability to his state for securities fraud charges; he was indicted in 2015 and has yet to stand trial. He’s pulled hijinks to avoid being served a subpoena related to a lawsuit by an abortion rights fund. He’s avoiding his responsibilities to the state of Texas.

Paxton has also refused to condemn the insurrectionists or the attack on the Capitol.

None of these RAGA incumbents should be re-elected because they supported the conspiracy to obstruct government proceedings on January 6, 2021. None of them made a public mea culpa about their role as financial supporters.

The RAGA members seeking higher office should be denied their quest; they have refused to support democracy though they swore oaths to do so.

Every RAGA member needs to answer for their contribution to January 6. The media needs to do a better job to this end. None of these folks should feel comfortable attempting to run for top law enforcement official in their state which is an indication media hasn’t done an effective job uncovering RAGA’s culpability on January 6.

Furthermore, corporations which donated to RAGA, suspended their donations, and then donated again to RAGA should be scrutinized.


(* There is no Democratic Party candidate running for this open seat. This is unacceptable.)

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  1. Peterr says:

    Missouri’s AG, Eric Schmitt, was a strong force for the filing of frivolous lawsuits in 2020. While his term as AG does not end for another two years, he is running right now to replace the retiring Roy Blunt in the US Senate, joining Josh “Insurrectionists Rock!” Hawley representing Missouri.

    Should he win, I think that would give Missouri the dishonor of having the worst pair of senators in the US Senate.

  2. Doctor My Eyes says:

    I was stunned by the behavior of the AG’s, what little I understood of it. It still stuns me to see that list. I’m not even sure what to make of it. Unprofessional is the least of it. Frightening.

    I hope you won’t mind if I post a poem here. My friend sang with the Pioneer Valley Symphony last Saturday. They raised up pieces by POC, excellent music that is largely unknown because of prejudice. Our choir is doing that as well. Beautiful stuff, and not all idiomatic. Some great baroque, for example. This poem was published in the program, and it seemed perfect for this election. Racism is certainly on the ballot, if only as a vital subset of human dignity.

    [I don’t know if this poem is under copyright.]

    Plain-Chant for America

    For the dream unfinished, out of which we came, we stand
    together while a hemisphere darkens and the nations flame!
    Our earth has been hallowed by death for freedom;
    One walls have been hallowed by freedom’s thought.
    Concord, Valley Forge, Harpers Ferry light up with their flares our
    sky of doubt.

    We fear tyranny as our hidden enemy;
    The black shirt cruelty, the goose-step mind.
    No dark signs close the doors of our speaking.
    No bayonets bar the doors to our prayers.
    No gun butts shadow our children’s eye.
    Our earth, our earth has been hallowed with death for freedom!
    Our walls have been hallowed with freedom’s thought.

    If we have failed. lynchings in Georgia, justice in Massachusetts
    undone, the bloody fields of South Chicago!
    Still a voice from the bruised and the battered speaks out in the
    light of a free sun, saying, “Tell them again, say it, America;
    Say it again, till it splits their ears;
    Freedom is salt in our blood and its bone shape;
    If freedom fails, we’ll fight for more freedom!”

    This is the land, and these are the years!
    When freedom’s a whisper above their ashes,
    An obsolete word, cut on their graves.
    When the mind has yielded its last resistance,
    and the last free flag is under the waves,
    Let them remember that here on the Western horizon
    a star once acclaimed has not set;
    And the strength of a hope, and the shape of a vision
    died for and sung for and fought for and worked for, is living yet.
    Our earth has been hallowed by death for freedom;
    Our walls have been hallowed by freedom’s thought.
    Tell them America! Say it again!
    Our star once acclaimed will not wane!

    -Katherine Garrison Chapin

  3. Alan Charbonneau says:

    Texas has Cornyn and Cruz.

    Some good news, Democrats have a “huge early lead” per political data analyst Simon Rosenberg. Young people are looking like they will be voting at 2018 levels or above and they are +25% for Dems.

    I think Abbott is still going to win re-election, but Beto cut his lead by a phenomenal amount in the last week. Early voting a week ago had him down 10 points and that was cut to 2 points by yesterday. He has 100,000 volunteers, the biggest field operation ever in the history of Texas and they are moving the needle. Young people are turning out! If they continue to turn out, it maybe that Paxton will be gone along with Abbott and Patrick. (dot).com/watch?v=KINtcmklA3Y

  4. e.a.f. says:

    Tomorrow Americans go to vote. It is truly hoped the Democrats win. If the republicans win, things might not turn out so well and if there is violence I for one am not looking forward to it. If one country has violence it frequently spills over to other countries sitting on the border and most of us in Canada just aren’t ready for it or the refugees.

    Having lived in Canada for over 70 years, I’ve watched American politics for some time. Never thought things would get this bad in the U.S.A. Of coursse we in Canada have a new premier in Alberta and many of us no longer laugh at american politicians. She’s bad shit crazy.

    good luck tomorrow. Not only do we need a democracy south of the Canadian border, Americans need it to, as does the rest of the world, and I still want to go to Vegas one more time

  5. bmaz says:

    Note that Brnovich in AZ lost to Blake Masters in the primary for Senate, he was term limited out as AG.

  6. Just Some Guy says:

    One correction: Daniel Cameron’s term as Kentucky’s Attorney General ends in 2023, not 2024. He was elected in 2019.

    However, he has already announced that he’s running for Governor in 2023, and has already been endorsed for that race by Donald Trump.

    Of course, after noting his role with the RAGA robocall, Kentucky’s news media has been remarkably silent since. The lack of investigation into this matter by both local and national news media is depressing as hell.

      • Just Some Guy says:

        You are correct! It’s weird though: Andy Beshear and Jacqueline Coleman, Kentucky’s Governor and Lieutenant Governor, were sworn in during December 2019, while the rest of Kentucky’s Constitutional officers including Cameron were sworn in on January 6th 2020.

  7. Ginevra diBenci says:

    Rayne, thank you for this. Just a note: Chris Carr *is* on the list; your note below says he’s not because he resigned. I’m not sure how you’d want to resolve this, but his resignation strikes me as the most significant thing about him.

  8. klynn says:

    Side note but related:
    My Ohio precinct is looking like breaking over 50% voter turn out.

    Record turnout.

    • Rayne says:

      :-) My turn to check.

      ADDER: I was the last voter – they couldn’t tell me anything but what number I was and that the turnout was very good, better than usual mid-terms. IIRC, it’s a little more than 2018 at my precinct, but the difference now is that a number of votes would have been recorded which were mail-in/dropbox/absentee/early which weren’t permitted in the same way for the last mid-term.

      I’m going to hazard a guess turnout here was close to a presidential election year and not a mid-term.

      And a hearty FUCK YOU to the anti-abortion freaks electioneering in the parking lot. Talk to the hand, old white dudes.

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