Follow the Money: Merrick Garland Told You So

My favorite thing about this CNN story providing new details on the Trump investigations that Jack Smith will oversee is the quote from TV lawyer Elie Honing, commenting about how much evidence Smith already had.

“Mueller was starting virtually from scratch, whereas Jack Smith is seemingly integrating on the fly into an active, fast-moving investigation,” said Elie Honig, a former federal prosecutor and senior CNN legal analyst.

Honig, of course, was long one of the worst kind of TV lawyers, who kept insisting there was no investigation into Trump because he hadn’t seen evidence of it (and he also because he hadn’t looked).

Effectively, this CNN article amounts to Honig admitting that he was wrong.

Among the details CNN provides are that there’s not just one prosecutor — Thomas Windom — on the Trump team, there are twenty.

A team of 20 prosecutors investigating January 6 and the effort to overturn the 2020 election are in the process of moving to work under Smith, according to multiple people familiar with the team.

Prosecutors on the Trump side of the January 6 investigation have had the green light to go after Trump for a year, not after Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony as some liked to suggest.

[T]he other investigative team, looking at efforts to block the transfer of power from Trump to President Joe Biden after the 2020 election, had even a year ago been given the greenlight by the Justice Department to take a case all the way up to Trump, if the evidence leads them there, according to the sources.

CNN reveals an investigation into the finances of the attack, led by JP Cooney, that has also been going on at least a year.

Another top prosecutor, JP Cooney, the former head of public corruption in the DC US Attorney’s Office, is overseeing a significant financial probe that Smith will take on. The probe includes examining the possible misuse of political contributions, according to some of the sources. The DC US Attorney’s Office, before the special counsel’s arrival, had examined potential financial crimes related to the January 6 riot, including possible money laundering and the support of rioters’ hotel stays and bus trips to Washington ahead of January 6.

In recent months, however, the financial investigation has sought information about Trump’s post-election Save America PAC and other funding of people who assisted Trump, according to subpoenas viewed by CNN. The financial investigation picked up steam as DOJ investigators enlisted cooperators months after the 2021 riot, one of the sources said.

The thing is, we long had reason to know that there was a financial component to the investigation. Merrick Garland implied to Sheldon Whitehouse as much on October 28, 2021.

Garland: Senator, I’m very limited as to what I can say–

Whitehouse: I understand that.

Garland: –Because I have a criminal investigation going forward.

Whitehouse: Please tell me it has not been constrained only to be people in the Capitol.

Garland: The investigation is being conducted by the prosecutors in the US Attorney’s Office and by the FBI field office. We have not constrained them in any way.

Whitehouse: Great. And the old doctrine of “follow the money,” which is a well-established principle of prosecution, is alive and well?

Garland: It’s fair to say that all investigative techniques of which you’re familiar and some, maybe, that you’re not familiar with because they post-date your time are all being pursued in this matter.

He said so even more explicitly on January 5.

In circumstances like those of January 6th, a full accounting does not suddenly materialize. To ensure that all those criminally responsible are held accountable, we must collect the evidence.

We follow the physical evidence. We follow the digital evidence. We follow the money.

And now CNN reveals something else that TV lawyers were sure they’d know if it happened: “DOJ investigators enlisted cooperators months after the 2021 riot.”

Update: I’ve started to have some discussion about financial questions of interest, so thought I’d lay out some that likely have come up:

  • Nick Fuentes got a huge cryptocurrency donation just before the attack; did the donor (who killed himself) know that it’d be used to bring Nazis to the Capitol?
  • Patrick Byrne paid to fly some of the participants in the Big Lie and the December 12 rally from place to place; how closely was this tied to the overall plan to steal the election?
  • Alex Jones had a role in arranging Publix heir Julie Jenkins Fancelli’s funding for much of the rally. Did he do this with knowledge of plans to assault the Capitol?
  • A financial investigation into Sidney Powell has long been public. Even after that, she funded the defense of key witnesses. What were the legal circumstances of this money flow?
  • As the January 6 Committee made clear, Trump was raising money on promises of voting integrity long after he knew he had lost the election. Was that fraud, and did any money raised fraudulently go to pay for the attack on the Capitol?
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    A picture of a wide ranging, in depth investigation, involving multiple prosecutors and jurisdictions. How quickly can it be brought to trial(s)? What if all these impending charges aren’t brought to closure before January 20th, 2025 and a Republican wins the Presidency? It seems to me the DOJ has no more than two years to get everything done, counting on more time than that is a risk. Certainly a GOP President is shutting it all down, or just issuing a slew of pardons and rendering it all moot.

    • davely says:

      Revenge of the State, the only thing ‘deep’ is the BS spewed by criminals as they try to explain their seditious actions as recorded digitally for all time no matter how many times they delete em.

  2. bgThenNow says:

    If charges are brought, will these all have to be separate trials or is there any likelihood some of these will be joined?

    • EricofMariposa says:

      DOJ would likely join defendants so as to taint each with association to others. Some defendants would likely argue for separate trials.

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  3. harpie says:

    re: Fancelli / Jones – Roger STONE calls her “one of my biggest donors”

    1/6/21 12:00 PM TRUMP begins speech.
    STONE is at the WILLARD with OTHERS [incl Pastor Mark BURNS, a faith adviser to Trump, DAVIS]
    STONE to DAVIS: “I just caused a little problem for them with Julie Fancelli” [] “I just told her, ‘You spent 300 grand and neither JONES nor I are speaking.’ ” []
    STONE to SOMEONE Else “One of my biggest donors financed this whole thing” [] “They conned her.”

    The Roger Stone Tapes Previously unseen documentary footage shows the long time Trump advisor working to overturn the 2020 election, and after the Jan. 6 riot, secure pardons for the former president’s supporters (“A Storm Foretold”) Bennett/Swain March 4, 2022

    • harpie says:

      Both Kimberly GUILFOYLE and [her deputy fund raiser on the campaign], Caroline WREN bragged that they had raised 3 MILLION dollars for J6. GUILFOYLE attributed that ENTIRE amount to FANCELLI: “Literally one of my donors Julie at 3 million”

      1] Top Trump Fundraiser Boasted of Raising $3 Million to Support Jan. 6 “Save America” Rally Oct. 18, 2021

      2] Texts Show Kimberly Guilfoyle Bragged About Raising Millions for Rally That Fueled Capitol Riot Nov. 18, 2021

      • harpie says:

        From 1]:

        At that [1/5/21 evening, at the WILLARD] meeting, [Dustin] Stockton said, [Caroline] Wren boasted of having raised $3 million to support the rally. She also described how she had “parked” unspecified amounts of money for Jan. 6 at [Rule of Law Defense Fund] an [dark money] arm of the Republican Attorneys General Association [RAGA] [$150,000 from FANCELLI], at the Tea Party Express and at Turning Point [Charlie KIRK], a collection of affiliated nonprofits that serve young Republicans.

        • harpie says:

          More from that source [HOTELS]:

          Rally planning documents obtained by ProPublica also show that Wren listed RAGA as the payer for five hotel rooms in Washington the week of Jan. 6, including a $1,029-a-night suite for Fancelli. The documents suggest Wren expected the group to pay for several other attendees’ hotel rooms, including those of Trump campaign surrogate Gina Loudon and Bikers for Trump founder Chris Cox.

          • Ginevra diBenci says:

            Wow, harpie, this detail is fantastic. EW’s post made me happy–I’ve long wondered if Rod Rosenstein prevented Mueller from pursuing Trump’s finances, and it’s past time DOJ went after these vast amounts of money.

            Am I the only one wondering why Roger Stone would need a donor–at least a mega-donor? I thought he recruited donors for other people.

            • Ravenclaw says:

              I think that’s basically how he “earns” his living. Aside from whatever direct consulting fees he picks up for his schemes, he’s helping to funnel money into dark places on behalf of people who prefer not to be known to be involved, and presumably taking a cut along the way. Not as lucrative as his old chum Manafort’s work on behalf of oppressive dictators, but Stone seems to be financially comfortable.

              And yes – thanks Harpie for the detailed rundown!

              • Ginevra diBenci says:

                Ravenclaw, Yes, I assumed Stone has always taken a cut. I was just a bit surprised at direct donors, since he does seem to get paid for “consulting” by many.

  4. Rugger_9 says:

    Honig made it clear in his whine that the lack of leaks coming out of Garland’s DoJ is what made Elie sad. One of the reasons the TV lawyers loved the previous DoJ was that salacious leaks were always coming out (selectively edited, of course) and we saw more of it with Durham’s snipe hunt. We’ll see more of it from the House investigations to come. It all comes back to access and scoops for these bottom feeders.

    As for following the money, crypto use will make that more difficult unless the blockchains are made visible. As noted in the post, it can be done as it was for Fuentes’ infusion of cash. However, it’s harder for a contributor to claim ignorance when charged when a financial connection is proven.

    • earlofhuntingdon says:

      The lack of leaks made Honig’s and every other reporter and tv star’s job harder to do. That’s what made him sad. Harder to call yourself an expert when you’ve got nothing to sell.

      • kb says:

        I would have expected him to celebrate the lack of leaks. The more I learn about how law works (from the Empty Wheel contributors and multiple other writers and podcasters with different points of view) the more spoiled I am!

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  5. John Paul Jones says:

    My favourite bit:

    “Those lawyers maintain the former president is unlikely to be indicted, according to two sources familiar. They also believe Smith’s appointment is a good thing because he is “not emotionally attached” to the original case and can look at it “dispassionately and factually,” one of the sources said. “The fact that they found a guy who has been Europe for the past several years, without his brain marinating in the soup of January 6th coverage, that’s a good thing,” the source said. But others on Trump’s team are concerned that Smith’s appointment signals a more aggressive stance from Attorney General Merrick Garland, characterizing him as a “hit man” who is likely to bring a prosecution, people familiar with their thinking said (emphasis added).

    In other words, two kinds of spin, to cover all future bases. Best to read this with the strains of “When You Wish Upon a Star” running through your head. And do any of those “sources” citing Lawyer Group #1 really believe that the facts are on Trump’s side?

    • Marinela says:

      The thing is, nobody should be giving platforms to people speculating this non-sense.
      This is not news, is just propaganda.

      reading the paragraph and it is obvious to me that there is nothing to report just word salad.

      It is subtle misinformation, just the king of reporting that I don’t mind evaporating.

      Media should not act as Trump personal defense lawyers.

    • kb says:

      Speculation is a double edged sword.

      I’ve never been worried about Garland as an action guy because I was a baby fed when McVeigh blew up OK City Federal building, and I saw what he did about it. Stayed the course, didn’t Guiliani, just got things done. (Good quote from a janitor back in the day that the most dangerous place in NYC was between Rudy and a microphone.)

      • John B. says:

        yep…you can always tell an almost complete idiot by their lack of knowledge and spelling of “Marshall Law”. “Hey Marshall Dillon; there’s been a killin’.”

      • Alan Charbonneau says:

        Ralph Norman, apparently, takes spelling lessons from MTG.

        “In our private chat with only Members, several are saying the only way to save our Republic is for Trump to call for Marshall law,” Greene text to Meadows, on Jan. 17, 2021.

      • Tom-1812 says:

        You don’t understand! Marshall Law is declared when you have to call in the Gazpacho Police, as in Hitler’s Burrito Bar Putsch of Two-for-One Taco Friday November 9,1923.

        How did these guys reach their mature adult years without apparently ever seeing or hearing of a martial arts movie, or martial arts in general?

        • P J Evans says:

          They do everything by ear – they don’t read books or much else, and they’re clueless about dictionaries. (The other week there was a guy, who prides himself on being a pro genealogist, who didn’t know about the early use of constable as an officer in courts and castles. I handed him the dictionary definitions.)

          • Tom-1812 says:

            Yes! In Shakespeare’s “Henry V” the Dramatis Personae includes a role for “The Constable of France”.

    • obsessed says:

      >It’s worth noting that the MSM hasn’t touched this yet

      They’re not completely ignoring it – it was mentioned on several MSNBC shows and in the opening of Stephanie Ruhle. They haven’t put on any of the TPM people yet though. A Google News search of “Meadows texts” produces a pretty good yield, including CNN, but no WaPo or NYT and most of them focus on the misspelling of “martial law”.

    • viget says:

      I get the sense that the J6 committee staffers have some really damning info on GOP members of Congress that said members would prefer not come out.

      I wonder if holding gov’t funding and the debt ceiling hostage is their negotiating ploy….

  6. Jim Luther says:

    The inclusion of the statement ” including possible money laundering and the support of rioters’ hotel stays and bus trips to Washington ahead of January 6″ points a finger at the Republican Attorney Generals Association’s organization of bus trips. This could get messy.

      • Just Some Guy says:

        “…the Republican Attorney Generals Association’s organization of bus trips.”

        Do you have any news articles you could point to re: organization of bus trips? My understanding was RAGA’s involvement was just the robocall, but that’s because there has been little-to-no good news coverage of RAGA’s role in January 6th in my estimation. Thanks!

        • Just Some Guy says:

          Thanks to harpie for answering this question upthread:

          December 13, 2022 at 12:29 pm
          From 1]:

          At that [1/5/21 evening, at the WILLARD] meeting, [Dustin] Stockton said, [Caroline] Wren boasted of having raised $3 million to support the rally. She also described how she had “parked” unspecified amounts of money for Jan. 6 at [Rule of Law Defense Fund] an [dark money] arm of the Republican Attorneys General Association [RAGA] [$150,000 from FANCELLI], at the Tea Party Express and at Turning Point [Charlie KIRK], a collection of affiliated nonprofits that serve young Republicans.

          December 13, 2022 at 12:41 pm
          More from that source [HOTELS]:

          Rally planning documents obtained by ProPublica also show that Wren listed RAGA as the payer for five hotel rooms in Washington the week of Jan. 6, including a $1,029-a-night suite for Fancelli. The documents suggest Wren expected the group to pay for several other attendees’ hotel rooms, including those of Trump campaign surrogate Gina Loudon and Bikers for Trump founder Chris Cox.

          • Retired guy says:

            Regarding busses, last year, I did a search on the bus charters of J6. Apart from a few hyperbolic claims before the breach, I found over 100 busses in dozens of local TV news reports where reporters videoed and interviewed leaders and participants being loaded on the bus (a few after the breach, being unloaded). The most common thread was a county-level Republican committee official who organized the charter, sometimes up to 10 busses. Some mention of other charter groups in nearby towns. Most people had to buy a ticket, but some long distance rides looked like they may have been subsidized. A few rich people paid for some bus charters.

            While they all appeared to be locally organized, it left an impression that this was organized by what was left of the campaign organization, though I never saw explicit evidence of such coordination. This happened across the East, the Midwest and the Deep South, as far away as Florida.

            One of the 2021 arrests was a father/daughter pair who rode a bus. Dad reported in the SOF that the coordinator mentioned to him that some people were bringing bulletproof vests and goggles on the busses.

            Suzanne Ianni, recently sentenced, claimed to have chartered 11 busses from Boston, as a venture of her organization “Super Happy Fun America” .

            If someone needed a large number of angry supporters on the mall that day, to cover a planned breach, this could have been mobilized by a few requests across the still functioning campaign organization, once the former president president sent his “come to DC J6, will be wild” tweet. A straightforward “get busses of people to the rally” message could have been quietly accompanied by a message in select forums “hey fellow insurrectionists, if you can’t drive or fly, look for a local charter bus. You can bring your gear, just don’t be too obvious. We need you all on the field.” – speculation.

  7. Sanjeevs says:

    The DoJ is only now issuing subpoenas for this stuff. The phone call details were on the front page of the NYT on January 4 2001.

    If Garland was serious he would have done this 2 years ago.

    I don’t know why you have any faith in him. After two years he has got a lot of trespass convictions for nobodies and few serious convictions for the Oathkeepers and Proud Boys.

    Anyone seriously connected in the GOP hasn’t been so much as charged.

    Not Trump, Stone, Flynn, Gosar, Biggs, Bannon, Graham etc etc

    No one at the DHS, Capitol Police, DoD has been held accountable for the obvious set up on Jan 6.

    We still don’t know who set up a full size gallows in front of the Capitol.

    We still don’t know who planted pipe bombs in the Capitol.

    Just pathetic really.

    • P J Evans says:

      Because you’re not getting what you want, when you want it, doesn’t mean that nothing is happening in the investigations.

    • Robot17 says:

      My guess is the subpoena for Brad is to provide political cover for what he’s already shared. They don’t have to be in a hurry – it’s like giving them more rope to hang themselves. They don’t have a daddy to pardon them anymore…

    • viget says:

      Perhaps “we” don’t know these things, but that doesn’t mean the FBI and DOJ don’t. Absence of evidence doesn’t imply evidence of absence.

      To build the case the FBI needs evidence they can use in court. The best way to find that evidence is to have co-conspirators (or increasingly their consumer electronics) tell them where to look. That takes meticulous planning, rounds of interviews, subpoenas, warrants, litigation, etc…

      Which is to say it all takes a lot of time if you want to catch the big fish.

      • Sanjeevs says:

        Here’s what we do know

        1. No one of any importance in the GOP has been charged with anything

        2. In a very straightforward case of stealing classified documents no charges brought. Nearly two years after the offence now. And the new SC just got rebuffed in Court for yet another action that would never have been taken if any other government employee had stolen classified documents.

        3. Schiff has publicly called out Garland for his inaction on J6

        4. No stories of the FBI collecting any important new evidence. As we know from the last few years it’s an organization that leaks like a sieve

        5 Garland can move fast when he wants to. FTX bankruptcy to charges for the CEO took 32 days. Funnily enough he didn’t flip the janitor and begin working his way up.

        • Scott_in_MI says:

          The “very straightforward case of stealing classified documents” wasn’t even referred to DOJ until the beginning of 2022, after NARA discovered classified docs in the first tranche of returned materials from MAL. If you’re gonna complain about the speed of the investigation, it helps to have the timeline correct.

            • iamevets says:

              Wah Wah Wah! You must be new here. Your sloppy recitation of facts is not accurate (2 years ago trump was still president and Barr was still there). You have provided nothing of interest or any analysis. You have whinged. Feel better? Please contribute something or simply read and learn why things take time.

            • Scott_in_MI says:

              “I said nearly two years after the offence.”

              By which you are clearly suggesting that we should judge DOJ’s action or lack thereof from that point, instead of from the point in time at which they received actionable information that a potentially illegal action had occurred. IANAL, but even I know better than to swallow that. Do better.

        • P J Evans says:

          You don’t seem to understand that Merrick Garland’s DOJ is working overtime on this stuff. They just aren’t doing it in public, because they want solid cases, not clickbait headlines.

    • gulageten says:

      “Two years ago” AG Barr was probably too busy and otherwise disinclined to investigate this stuff, particularly the things that hadn’t yet happened. But you’re right that Merrick Garland was probably just sitting on his ass.

        • earlofhuntingdon says:

          Chief judge of the DC Circuit, the second most powerful court in the US. But, yea, sitting on his ass. Read up a little more before commenting, Sanjeevs, or stay in troll school.

          • sanjeevs says:

            It’s amazing how so many here address trivialities (hah he said two years when ah actually its been 327 days or whatever.)

            Refuse to engage on the substance. Smith is only now issuing subpoenas related to election interference in Georgia. A story that was front page on the NYT on January 4 2021.

            We’re already halfway through this Presidential term. Or .49212 if it makes you feel better.

              • Rayne says:

                Let’s cut Sanjeevs some slack. He’s not in the US, appears not to be American, and he’s likely working off a script.


                  • punaise says:

                    Funny skit by francophone Gad Elmaleh (decent comic actor, brilliant stand-up comedian): recounting experiences in the U.S., he responded to a question about where he is from:
                    “I’m a Moroccan”, which was heard as “I’m American”, hilarity ensues.

                    BTW: Allez les Bleus! (vs. Morocco) in the World Cup semi-final tomorrow. I’m temporarily rescinding my boycott of the event (corruption, etc.) to root for my team.

  8. Randy Baker says:

    Following the money is great. Of course, it is not the most obvious link between Trump and criminally overthrowing the government/election resutls. On the other hand, “just give me 11,780 votes” — on tape — is already about 90% of the way to such a link. That Smith just subpoened Georgia’s Raffensberger for evidence on that likely crime strongly indicates Garland was holding back– So does the 6 month lapse from his knowledge Trump wasn’t returning documents to the search warrant at Mara Lago. So does the fact it was only in the last month that personnel sitting in the oval office, like the counsel to the president, were subpoened.
    Showing that Garland was doing something is a long way from showing he was doing enough. C- might be passing in general, but C- work on this matter doesn’t cut it.

    • bmaz says:

      It was a subpoena duces tecum, not for testimony. The only thing, for now at least, is that Smith is fortifying his evidence base.

      • punaise says:

        Little duces coup
        You don’t know what I got (you don’t know what I got)
        Little duces coup
        You don’t know what I got

        Well, I’m not bragging babe, so don’t put me down (duces coup)
        But I’ve got the fastest set of subpoenas in town (duces coup)
        When something comes up to me, he don’t even try (duces coup)
        ‘Cause if I can make them sing, man you know I will try

    • Peterr says:

      According to the subpoena, here’s what the DOJ is asking for. It is addressed to the “Custodian of Records, Georgia Secretary of State”, with Raffensberger as the Secretary of State charged with seeing that this is done:

      For the period June 1, 2020, through January 20, 2021, produce any and all communications in any form to, from, or involving Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. (hereinafter, “the Trump Campaign”), Donald J. Trump, or any employee or agent of, or attorney for, the Trump Campaign, or any records or documents that record, summarize, transcribe, annotate, or reflect any such communications. Records produced shall include, but shall not be limited to, any and all communication to, from, or involving any of the following persons or entities, or any records or documents that record, summarize, transcribe, annotate, or reflect any such communications:
      1. Kenneth Chesebro
      2. Justin Clark
      3. Joe DiGenova
      4. John Eastman
      5. Jenna Ellis
      6. Boris Epshteyn
      7. Rudolph Giuliani
      8. Bernard Kerik
      9. Bruce Marks
      10. Cleta Mitchell
      11. Matthew Morgan
      12. Kurt Olsen
      13. William Olson
      14. Stefan Passantino
      15. Sidney Powell
      16. William “Bill” Stepien
      17. Victoria Toensing
      18. James Troupis
      19. L. Lin Wood, Jr.

      In lieu of formal appearance before the grand jury, subpoenaed materials may be produced to [FBI Special Agent in Charge]

      For every name on that list, DOJ had to demonstrate to a judge that there was reason to believe that the communications with each one of these individuals was likely to contain evidence related to a crime. Yes, DOJ knew and we’ve all heard Trump asking for votes on the tapes. But to tie the whole thing together in a broader conspiracy, you need broader evidence that the Trump call was not just Trump being Trump.

      This isn’t simply about “getting Trump.” DOJ is going after the whole criminal conspiracy, and if I’ve learned one thing from listening to investigators, lawyers, and judges talk about conspiracies, you *have* to be methodical in approaching them, making sure you’re rolling up the whole group.

      [Aside: It is amusing to note that the end of the DOJ’s letter to the Custodian of Records, it says “Although you are not required to do so, you are requested not to disclose the existence of this subpoena. Any such disclosure could impede the investigation being conducted and thereby interfere with the enforcement of the law.” Yes, that’s boilerplate, but to see it appear via CNBC is pretty amusing.]

      • Alan Charbonneau says:

        I like seeing that DiGenova & Toensing, Giuliani, and Sidney Powell haven’t been forgotten. Dunno why, but these guys annoy me more than the others on the list.

        But I have to say that after Jenna Ellis opined that the gay people murdered in Colorado were now burning in hell, I can move her into first place on my “I hope they go to jail” list.

  9. harpie says:

    Kyle Cheney:
    12:11 PM · Nov 10, 2022

    WOW: Judge Hogan just ordered the release of Jan. 6 defendant Ryan NICHOLS from custody […]

    4:29 PM · Dec 13, 2022

    UPDATE: Judge Hogan is demanding answers after Ryan NICHOLS’ attorney — Joseph McBride — posted this video of Nichols (who was just released from pretrial detention) pitching McBride’s legal services. / Here’s Hogan’s order. [screenshot]

    Then Cheney retweets Jordan Fischer:
    4:41 PM · Dec 13, 2022

    That’s Jan. 6 defense attorney Joseph McBride in the first picture sitting next to Donald Trump Jr. on Saturday. [12/10/22]

    He was supposed to begin a trial Monday for Richard Barnett, but asked for a continuance because he had an unspecified “necessary medical procedure” on Dec. 9. [link]

    Links to a THREAD about the 12/10/22 NY Young Republicans Club gala in Manhattan, which “featured a global gang of extremists in black tie, including American white nationalists,” according to Michael Edison Hayden, Senior Investigative Reporter and Spokesperson, @splcenter

    • harpie says:

      huh! Marcy just linked to a post of hers [in relation to Mary Dohrman shedding “non-TRUMP” cases], which mentions MCBRIDE’s medical procedure:


      As a third reason, Barrnett’s team noted that one of his lawyers, Joseph McBride (who famously said he didn’t “give a shit about being wrong” when floating conspiracy theories about January 6) had to reschedule a medical procedure for the day of the pretrial conference.

    • harpie says:

      I realized overnight [uggg] that
      I posted the words “young Republican” twice in this comment section:

      1] just above about the MAGA GALA
      2] earlier, re: Publix heiress FANCELLI, GUILFOYLE and WREN:

      [ProPublica:] At that [1/5/21 evening, at the WILLARD] meeting, [Dustin] Stockton said, [Caroline] Wren boasted of having raised $3 million to support the rally. She also described how she had “parked” unspecified amounts of money for Jan. 6 at [Rule of Law Defense Fund] an [dark money] arm of the Republican Attorneys General Association [RAGA] [$150,000 from FANCELLI], at the Tea Party Express and at Turning Point [Charlie KIRK], a collection of affiliated nonprofits that serve young Republicans.

    • harpie says:



      $1 million to the conservative Partnership Institute
      $1 million to the America First Policy Institute
      $204, 857 to the Trump Hotel Collection
      $5 million to Event Strategies Inc. [Manafort]]

      2] Bianca GRACIA, who heads a pro-Trump coalition called Latinos for Trump and an affiliated Political Action Committee named Latinos For America First, was at the garage meeting as well

      3] Cindy CHAFIAN was subpoenaed by the committee last September after helping the pro-Trump group “Women for America First” secure a permit for the main Jan. 6 Ellipse rally. Women for America First is headed by Amy and Kylie KREMER, a mother-and-daughter team who also were leaders of the nationwide March for Trump protests against the former president’s election loss.


      Nicholas J. Fuentes and Patrick Casey [Identity Evropa] are leaders of the “America First” or “Groyper” movement […] they called for the destruction of the Republican Party for failing to overturn the election. According to public reports, both Fuentes and Casey received tens of thousands of dollars in Bitcoin from a French computer programmer, funds the FBI has scrutinized to assess whether funds from this donor were linked to the Capitol attack or otherwise used to fund illegal activity.

      5] 2016 7/18/16 STONE appears at Citizens for Trump “America First” Unity Rally “apologizing for his late arrival due to what he said was a meeting with Trump’s staff.”

      • harpie says:


        9:42 AM PIERSON at Rally:

        For many years, Americans have taken the back seat to politicians, to special interests, and then came Donald J. Trump. And they couldn’t believe it, because we finally had someone that was gonna put America first. […] Amy KREMER is a woman who has this amazing organization called Women for America First, but she was also the 2016 leader of Women for Trump.

        9:45 AM MEADOWS [at WH] to PIERSON [at Rally] [text]:

        If you see a dead spot. Vern Jones wants to announce he is changing to Republican. If that works for you and schedule. I am fine with it. No pressure from me. Trust your judgement totally

        10:16 AM PIERSON to MEADOWS: Thank you. I almost had Caroline Wren escorted off the property. [] I would have said no, and Don Jr agrees but someone from the WH approved it directly.

        10:15 AM ERIC Second Son speaks at rally: “Fight for TRUMP!”
        [I did not listen to the whole thing]
        10:19 AM GUILFOYLE speaks at Rally: “The best is yet to come!”
        10:22 AM JUNIOR DON speaks at Rally:

        […] And it should be a message to all the Republicans who have not been willing to actually fight. (cheering) The people who did nothing to stop the steal. This gathering should send a message to them. This isn’t their Republican Party anymore. (cheering) This is Donald Trump’s Republican Party. (cheering) This is the Republican Party that will put America first. […]

        10:57 AM FASCIST TRUMP film shown at Rally
        11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Approx. 1 hour LULL before TRUMP begins speaking.
        [TRUMP planned to leave WH at 10:50 AM, but did not leave until 11:39 AM]
        11:10 AM Oval Office meeting. In attendance: TRUMP, MEADOWS, Discount Goebbels MILLER, IVANKA, JUNIOR DON, ERIC Second Son, GUILFOYLE, Eric HERSCHMANN, Keith KELLOGG

        Trump is […] monitoring the crowd size and reviewing the speech with Stephen MILLER
        GUILFOYLE: [The growing crowd is] “just reflecting the will of the people. This is the will of the people.”

        11:20 AM Final TRUMP/PENCE call

        TRUMP: “Mike, this is not right! Mike, you can do this. I’m counting on you to do it. If you don’t do it, I picked the wrong man four years ago. You’re going to wimp out.” []“You don’t have the courage to make a hard decision.” [] “You’ll go down as a wimp” [] “You can either go down in history as a patriot, or you can go down in history as a pussy.”

        11:39 AM TRUMP leaves WH for Rally
        12:00 PM TRUMP begins speech at Rally [one hour late]
        TRUMP at Rally:

        […] Did you see the other day where Joe Biden said, I want to get rid of the America First policy? What’s that all about? Get rid of. How do you say I want to get rid of America First? Even if you’re going to do it, don’t talk about it, right? Unbelievable what we have to go through. What we have to go through.

        And you have to get your people to fight. And if they don’t fight, we have to primary the hell out of the ones that don’t fight. (cheering) You primary them. We’re going to. We’re going to let you know who they are. I can already tell you, frankly. […]

        • harpie says:

          From Influence Watch:

          America First Legal Foundation
          Website: [link]
          Location: Washington, DC
          Tax-Exempt Status: 501(c)(3)
          Formation: 2021

          The America First Legal Foundation was launched by Stephen Miller, a White House senior advisor to President Donald Trump. Trump endorsed the organization upon its launch in April 2021. [3]

          The America First Legal Foundation has the goal of challenging Biden administration policies in court. [4] The foundation announced plans to work with state attorneys general to litigate cases against the Biden administration’s policies. [5] […]

          The America First Legal Foundation joined the state of Texas in suing the Biden administration over its border enforcement policies and is paying the legal cost for the case. [6]

        • harpie says:

          1] Stephen Miller, the founder and president of the America First Legal Foundation, was a senior adviser to President Donald Trump and his director of White House speechwriting. [9] [10]
          2] Gene Hamilton, a board member, was the counselor to the Attorneys General at the Justice Department from 2017 through 2021. He was also formerly a senior counselor to the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. [11] [12]
          3] Mark Meadows, a board member, was Trump’s White House Chief of Staff. He was previously a congressman from North Carolina. [13]
          4] Matthew Whitaker, a board member, was the Acting U.S. Attorney General under Trump. He previously served as the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa. [14]
          5] Russ Vought, a board member, was Trump’s director of the Office of Management and Budget. [15]
          6] Ed Corrigan is a board member and the CEO and president of the Conservative Partnership Institute. [16]
          7] Wesley Denton is a board member, and the chief operating officer of the Conservative Partnership Institute. [17]
          [end blockquote]

          • theartistvvv says:

            I hadda larf to see # 4 and recall his nick names round these, eh, parts – BDTS for, eh, short.

            Don’t recall who came up with that but it’s an absolute classic.

        • harpie says:

          Capitol Hunters THREAD continued:

          As a reminder, Stephen Miller was pals in college with neo-Nazi Richard Spencer; they organized a visit by white supremacist Peter Brimelow. Spencer went on to marry a Russia influencer & co-organize the Unite the Right march in Charlottesville, VA. 5/ […]

          We need Meadows’ missing texts. [he did not give up anything from Dec. 9-20.]

          Brimelow was in attendance at the Young Republican Gala shown in the Michael E Hayden THREAD linked above.

  10. Zinsky123 says:

    Great thread! In the interest of helping to “crowd source” this discussion of January 6th funding sources, I offer the following links:

    Open Secrets has a great summary here:

    Some of the groups they identify are:
    Rule of Law Defense Fund — a 501(c)(4) nonprofit affiliated with the 527 group Republican Attorneys General Association
    Black Conservatives Fund — a hybrid PAC
    Moms for America — a 501(c)(3) nonprofit
    Peaceably Gather — a 501(c)(3) nonprofit
    Phyllis Schlafly Eagles — a 501(c)(3) nonprofit

    Seems like a 501(c)(3) that funds an insurrection, should lose its not-for-profit status, but that’s just me.

    There was also a letter from the J6 Committee to Andy Surabian, who is extremely wealthy, asking for documentation of any funding he provided for appearance fees:

    Finally, don’t forget about Ladder Capital, a real estate funding company, that made loans to Paul Manafort to keep the Russian oligarchs from cutting his throat. This company may have ties to illegal funding of various Trump criminal enterprises:

    • earthworm says:

      How many bank robbers grin and posture while they commit a robbery?
      It’s pure speculation, but it has long been my hunch that the extensive selfies the J6 mob took of themselves were to be used as documentation and proof of attendance for future pay-outs.

        • posaune says:

          Thanks, Rayne. whew!

          OT somewhat:
          When I was a 10-yo, my dad’s oral surgery practice was located in the Washington U faculty medical practice building, close to Barnes, Jewish and Children’s Hospitals. The building was privately owned, and each specialty and its related sub-specialties were were located on its own floor. My dad’s was on the 5th floor.

          One year, the pediatricians on the 3rd floor decamped for Clayton, an historical, but rising affluent suburb with a SFA, Peck and Peck, Jacquards, etc. The 3rd floor remained vacant for some time. The landlord was getting anxious to gain a tenant and even began to consider tenants from outside the medical school. Finally, a local non-profit for maternal health appeared: however, they needed only a small portion of the 3rd floor. The landlord said ok, but explained that they would have to share the waiting room, conference rooms, kitchen, etc with a future (shared) tenant. All seemed ok.

          The non-profit moved in. Soon, literature espousing women’s given roles as homemakers & mothers appeared in every suite throughout the building. Priests, monsignors, nuns and even a bishop came and went. It didn’t take long for the physicians annoyance to rise, finally to a fever pitch.

          The neurology practice on the 8th floor came up with a prospective tenant– and although not a solely clinical practice, the group was engaged in extensive research and publishing and agreed to share the suite. The physician tenants were moderately relieved, eager to meet the new 3rd floor tenant.

          The next Saturday, after my trombone lesson, my dad arranged to see an emergency patient, left me in his waiting room. He finished up, we took the elevator, headed for the garage. Suddenly, he said, “Let’s see if the new tenant is moving in.” We got off on the 3rd floor, just as the facilities guys were installing the name sign on the door of the shared suite: Masters and Johnson.

          It didn’t take long for Schlafly’s bunch to leave, once the new tenant shared their literature. Their book came out the next year.

      • harpie says:

        SCHLAFLY may be dead, but her EAGLES are not.
        re: 1/5/21 Rabble Rousing:

        […] 2] Save the Republic Rally; Area 9 [Northeast Capitol grounds]; Moms for America 1-3 PM

        Among the confirmed speakers [are there others?]:
        Rep. Marjorie Taylor GREENE // Rep. Mary MILLER // Mike LINDELL // Ed MARTIN [Schlafly Eagles] // Ali ALEXANDER […]

        Information about MTG and MILLER speaking at this rally:

        MILLER [Illinois] praised HITLER during her 1/5/21 speech.

        […] You know, if we win a few elections we’re still gonna be losing unless we win the hearts and minds of our children. THIS is the battle. Hitler was right on one thing. He said whoever has the youth, has the future. Our children are being propagandized. […]

        Miller’s husband Chris, who is a state rep in Illinois, illegally parked his pick-up truck, which had a large Three Percenter sticker on the rear window, on Capitol grounds on 1/6/21. […]

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