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Jeff Beck has passed away. He was not in the Beatles, not in the Stones, nor in The Who or Experience. But Jeff Beck could really play guitar.

RIP Mr. Beck.

There is professional football afoot too. Squawks are at the Niners. Brock Purdy may encounter midnight, but he is not that kind of kid. Pete Carroll can own any one game. Should be interesting.

Then there is the Bolts at the Jags. Also fascinating. Save for Mahomes, are there two better young QBs in the NFL? Okay, maybe Joe Burrow.

Hope I did not besmirch the blog or anything!

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    • person1597 says:

      “My Lords, we can’t keep dancing along, pretending everything is just fine
      The consequences are devastating
      We must strike out and rescue this fine earth upon which we live
      Mother Nature has suffered far too long and quite enough
      Much is being said, my Lords, nothing is being done”

  1. LadyHawke says:

    If you’re gotta to be smirching, where else?

    Perfect choice for showing off Jeff Beck’s musical genius – plus Bob Tench.

  2. Molly Pitcher says:

    The third team in the Niners/Seattle game today will be the weather. The rain has just stopped and the computer models on all of the news shows this morning show only occasional light rain squalls through most of the afternoon. The crew has been working diligently this week to minimize the damage to the field by the inundations we have had.

    However there are winds expected as the afternoon goes on and it is said that a major bout of rain could hit around 5pm.

    Bring it on. This will be an exciting game. You should never over look what a wily old fox like Pete Carroll will pull.

    GO Niners !!

    • Rugger_9 says:

      We all recall Minnesota and Cris Carter at the ‘Stick, and Pete Carroll is an absolute wizard at tweaking the playbook.

      As I write this 38-17 Niners in the 4th after the Niners gifted the Squawks a halftime lead.

  3. Thomas Paine says:

    Technically, Beck was the best of the whole bunch. If you want to hear his artistry at its best – pick up “Blow by Blow” and “Wired”. With the possible exception of Jimi Hendrix, there was no one who mastered the six string electric guitar like Jeff Beck. He was unique.

    • HardyWeinberg3 says:

      Beck converged on a lot of Roy Buchanan’s approach but without benefit of ever seeing Roy play live (before Beck had Arrived) afaik

      • ExRacerX says:

        Thanks for this thread—as I had posted in another one, Jeff Beck deserves his own thread. The saddest part is that he showed no signs of losing his touch. To watch and hear him play was to see man and instrument become one. RIP, Jeff.

        I never got to see Jeff Beck live, but I was lucky enough to see Roy Buchanan play at a small club—such a monster of a player, but unfortunately, one of many who passed way too soon.

      • Chirrut Imwe says:

        Roy was born 5 yrs before Jeff. Hard to believe it has been 35 yrs since he died. Both were giants.

  4. punaise says:

    Kind of a Jeff Beck tangent, but he did a great take on Mingus’ jazz classic Goodbye Pork Pie Hat. (Sweet live version here: Robert plant in the audience, and the young woman on bass).

    i would never mess with Joni’s awesome version (with incisive lyrics she wrote), but it’s not too farfetched to imagine a Joni / Beck mash-up.

    • biff murphy says:

      If you like Joni, she’s doing a series of concerts with Brandi Carlile this summer.
      My wifes been to a few great Carlile shows.

      • punaise says:

        Nice. I believe Brandi has been instrumental (no pun intended) in facilitating Joni’s reemergence after some harrowing health issues.

  5. punaise says:

    Kind of a Jeff Beck tangent, but he did a great take on Mingus’ jazz classic Goodbye Pork Pie Hat. (Sweet live version here: Robert plant in the audience, and the young woman on bass)

    I would never mess with Joni’s awesome version (with incisive lyrics she wrote), but it’s not too farfetched to imagine a Joni / Beck mash-up.

  6. Unabogie says:

    Big fan of Jeff Beck. One of my earliest guitar influences and definitely an unsung hero if you’re not into obscure virtuosos.

  7. punaise says:

    OK, so the Niners success story drags me kicking and screaming back into following football. Go team.

    The Warriors scuffled through a disappointing and extremely inconsistent first half; let’s see if they can right the ship and get deep into the playoffs.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      But did you see the game against San Antonio ? The Warriors were outstanding, and in front of a NBA record crowd of 68,000+ !!

      BTW, we are going to Freight and Salvage on the 21st for the Django Reinhardt celebration. Maybe we will see you ?

      • punaise says:

        Yes, that was quite something: great ball movement, limited turnovers. Eight players in double figures, something like 77 bench points. They needed that, after getting drubbed by the injury-depleted Phx Suns in their previous outing.

        We do make it to the Freight several times a yer, but I don’t know about next Saturday. If we do show up, you can spot me as the man in a gaberdine suit, wearing a bow-tie.

            • scribe says:

              Naming a dog McCaffrey Jr. or similar would besmirch the blog by putting attention on football. There is no football anymore, or at least any anyone is allowed to pay attention to.
              And it would surely make the dog feel bad for some undefined reason.

        • Nick Caraway says:

          And did you see Donte DiVincenzo celebrate the Poole-assisted dunk by Iguodala? Dancing around, slapping his own knees, and screaming, “The old guy’s knees still work!”

  8. SunZoomSpark says:

    Jeff Beck was inspired by Hendrix and went on to inspire generations of guitarists. His unique thumb picking fingers tyler, mastery of dynamics, and use of whammy bar, are unparalleled.

    Jeff always featured and nurtured his sidemen/women.
    The link is to live performance at Ronnie Scott’s including the incredible Tal Wilkenfeld on bass performing the Beatles’ “A Day in the Life”.

    (I hope the link works. If not youtube search for “Beck day in the life” will get you there)

  9. PeterLLL says:

    (Name updated to meet 8 characters) Just wanted to say to BMAZ, please besmirch away!

    [Thanks for updating your username to meet the 8 letter minimum. /~Rayne]

  10. Hug h roonman says:

    As Rick Beato recounted, Beck was aptly described as “One of One”.
    The performance below brings happy tears. The Joy and generosity in Jeff’s reaction to young Tal Wilkenfeld’s Bass playing shines a light on what a generous, giving soul he is.
    RIP Jeff Beck, thanks for sharing your gifts with the world.


    • MT Reedør says:

      The Beato/Wheeler diagram confirmed. I never bought any of Beck’s records, but someone made me a cassette of the Beck/Hammer group live record (that had a lot of his peak material and performances) that I played over and over for years.

  11. Nick Caraway says:

    Only Jeff Beck would have the courage (and the chops) to cover a Mahavishnu Orchestra classic like “You Know You Know.”

  12. scribe says:

    Brock Purdy is besmirching the Hell out of the Squawks, and making 31 other teams rue passing on him. 7 times over.

    • Baltimark says:

      The Ames of Education turns out some decent atheletes now and then too. And the Cyclone-Hawkeye QB-WR dynamic is decreasing polarization back home. Or so I choose to believe.

  13. Knowatall says:

    Saw Beck many times, the most recently with the execrable Johnny Depp (first sign of a rock poseur is playing the instrument below your genitalia). Beck was so masterful at accompanying others (Imelda May, Brian Wilson, Rod Stewart, and many others). As far as albums go, Live at Ronnie Scott’s with the equally transcendent ladies Tal Wilkenfeld, Imogen Heap, and Joss Stone is amazing and wide-ranging. As far as America’s crime-controlling/promoting favorite sport, y’all have at it!

  14. Molly Pitcher says:

    The Niners and the Warriors are spoiling NFL and NBA games for me. I just can’t watch the Chargers/Jaguars game, it is too painful.

    It is really nice to hear all the talking heads praising Purdy for his composure and judgement. It is also good to hear them noting that he has such an advantage because he played all 4 years and didn’t leave early for the draft.

    So cool to see Lebron tweet “PURDY GOT GAME !!!!!!!” and see how that surprised Purdy in the post game.

    Can’t wait for next week !!

    • Patrick Carty says:

      Please tell us you turned the channel back to the Jags game and witnessed the comeback. And it’s not like the Chargers fell apart (okay except for a few glaring personal fouls) but just wow, Trever got his groove back!

      • Molly Pitcher says:

        You can tell my comments were made in the first half of that game ! It was a remarkable comeback.

  15. Zinsky123 says:

    Late to comment, but Jeff Beck had one of the most unique guitar playing techniques ever – his use of pedals, feedback and whammy bar, sometimes all at once, was without peer. He also covered every genre – jazz, rock, pop, blues and even a little country. His lead playing on Rod Stewart’s Infatuation is biting, fluid and raw. He even uses feedback as a riff in the solo – pure genius! You will probably hate the video, but Beck appears at about 2:36 and even does an obligatory “behind the back” trick during the solo. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/2VaazQfxGso

    • David F. Snyder says:

      He could do things just with the guitar, amp, volume knob, and finger plucks that produced effects that seemed like magic. Innovative genius. He was a joy to watch as a performer and knew how to play in an ensemble (the music always came first).. Mad props to the man. May he rest in piece.

  16. Artzen Frankengueuze says:

    So very well said. I never really thought I was a big fan of his until sometime in the 1980’s I was slipping a new Beck LP into the record collection and realizing there were already 8 other releases there already.
    Truly a unique voice and a true master of his craft.

  17. Alan Charbonneau says:

    “He was not in the Beatles, not in the Stones, nor in The Who or Experience.“
    But he was in the Yardbirds! When Clapton left he recommended Jimmy Page as a replacement. Page, in turn, recommended Beck.

    The Beck lineup gave us “Heart Full of Soul”, “Evil Hearted You”/”Still I’m Sad”, “I’m a Man”, “Shapes of Things”, and “Over Under Sideways Down”.

    Heart Full of Soul was magnificent. I saw an old episode of “Shindig” where Bobby Sherman, of all people, covered that song. OMFG!

  18. scribe says:

    Well done, Giants.
    That was a fun game to watch. And the G-men showed the world Minny was … not as good as their record. Gotta wonder what Cousins was thinking with that 4th down pass – a 3 yard pattern against man-to-man when it was 4th and 8. Beyond “what am I going to take to ease this tightness in my throat”.

    • Marinela says:

      I could not watch the end of the Vikings game. Decided to listen to Stevie Ray and do some programming to take my mind off the game. And they lost, in the end.
      Every year the Minnesota fans here get worked up about the Vikings and in the end they disappoint in many new ways.
      They are cursed.

  19. TooLoose LeTruck says:

    I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere, and if you feel inclined to go find it, there’s a terrific clip of Beck on stage in a small club w/ the Yardbirds and Jimmy Page, from Antonioi’s 1966 classic, Blow Up…

    Beck gets upset when his amp starts giving out on him and ends up smashing his guitar into it as Page laughs in the background…

    Just google ‘Beck + Blow Up’ and you’ll find it on Youtube…

    I adored Beck’s playing… I always thought of him as the Road Runner of rock guitar…

    Just as the cartoon road runner would pop up right behind Wiley E. Coyote, startle him him w/ a MEEP-MEEP and be gone, Jeff could have the same effect with his guitar…

    He’d come swirling out of some gawd awful, howling windstorm of distortion, blow you away w/ some short, astonishing burst of notes, and be GOOOOONE…

    One of my favorite beck recordings was ‘Going’ Down’, from the album w/ the oranges on the cover… those long, slow bends he specialized in made it sound like a 747 was about to land inside your head…

    Just wonderful…

    Someone above said he thought the two best rock guitarists of that time were Beck and Hendrix… I would add one more name to those two… Duane Allman…

    • ExRacerX says:

      Thanks, Rayne—Couy Griffin and Yvette Herrell have already disgraced New Mexico enough; now we have this failed candidate shooting at elected officials’ homes? People are gonna start thinking we’re a Red State…

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