Special Master in Project Veritas Investigation Reviewed Crime-Fraud Submissions in December

Back in December, Paul Calli and his firm withdrew from the Project Veritas Special Master docket, and was replaced by Edward Greim, a partner in Matt “Big Dick Toilet Salesman” Whitaker’s firm. He also represents a number of Trumpsters before the January 6 Committee.

That’s interesting timing because, according to the invoice that Special Master Barbara Jones just submitted, she spent two hours that week reviewing Crime-Fraud submissions in the case.


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    • John Paul Jones says:

      Just speculation, but it might mean that the original lawyers withdrew because they had somehow been implicated in the crime ostensibly committed by their clients? Meaning email communications between them and clients were no longer privileged? Just a WAG on my part.

      • Gibby says:

        Could be, but it’s not a good sign that you and I both read this piece and have no idea what it’s trying to say.

    • Dayvid Blerkman says:

      I _think_ it means that one or more attorneys for Project Veritas had something(s) of theirs seized last year.

    • flounder says:

      Judge spent time in December reviewing documents involving lawyers that may not be considered privileged attorney-client materials because of the crime-fraud exception. Some of Project Veritas’s lawyers resigned at nearly the exact same time.

      • Rayne says:

        Any chance you have a reference for dates and names of those lawyers who resigned? I’m getting mixed up trying to sort out the folks who quit because of other toxic dynamics at PV, need to flesh this out:

        05-NOV-2021 — Search warrant date

        – – –

        22-DEC-2022 — Special Master Barbara Jones reviewed parties’ emails

        22-DEC-2022 — Special Master Jones gave “attention to various re: CF briefing” (CF=Crime Fraud exception); “conference with Judge Jones; email correspondence with parties”

        23-DEC-2022 — Paul Calli, Charles Short, Calli Law LLC moved to withdraw as counsel for Petitioners James O’Keefe, Project Veritas, and Project Veritas Action Fund

        23-DEC-2022 — Edward Greim replaced the previous counsel

        28-DEC-2022 — Special Master Barbara Jones reviewed and approbed letter to counsel

        28-DEC-2022 — Special Master Barbara Jones reviewed crime fraud submissions and researched same.

    • emptywheel says:

      I’m being deliberately vague.

      But a crime-fraud review, generally, SUGGESTS that 1) a crime happened and 2) lawyers, not just their client, were involved.

      • John Paul Jones says:

        Yeah, sorry I messed up by being intentionally coy, that is, I was about 110% certain that’s exactly what you meant, but I didn’t want to openly say a crime was committed when none of us knows that is the case. And there are libel laws out there somewhere stalking their game.

  1. Kristabel says:

    Crime-fraud means something has happened so that there is no longer privilege between attorney & their client.

  2. mickquinas says:

    My understanding is that the Special Master, i.e. Jones, was reviewing materials (including phone/text and email records?) seized from the Project Veritas (PV) people (I think this is in regards to the theft of Biden’s daughter’s diary). What it sounds like to me (IANAL) is that some of those materials include communications between the PV folks and their lawyers that Jones suspects (or has determined) are not privileged because of the Crime-Fraud exception, perhaps implicating the lawyers? Is this correct?

  3. Silly but True says:

    I don’t normally like to make light of mental illness, but I’ll make exception here: What’s the most reasonable guess for why James O’Keefe balls up like a baby at company barbecues?

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