Roger Stone’s Stop the Steal Effort Included as Proof of Milkshake’s Obstruction

Dan “Milkshake” Scott pled guilty to obstruction and assault yesterday. He faces 41 to 63 months of prison.

His plea does not include a cooperation agreement, so unless DOJ has kept that hidden in some way (everything about the Proud Boy cases is weird, so I don’t rule it out, and his plea also does not include the standard cooperation paragraph, which often means someone has already been interviewed), Scott will not be called as a witness in the Proud Boy leader trial to explain why he yelled, “Let’s take the fucking Capitol” two hours before the Proud Boys did just that.

Indeed, his statement of offense is interesting for the abundant evidence that Scott knew his objective for the day was to stop the vote certification, but did not know Joe Biggs and Ethan Nordean’s plans for doing so. In addition to his “take the fucking Capitol” comment, for example, Scott is quoted as gleefully saying, “Oh god, we’re going to the Capitol, guys.” And he admitted that,

Scott’s purpose in being in this restricted area was to influence or impede Congress’s certification of the results of the 2020 presidential election, which was occurring inside the U.S. Capitol Building.

But the statement of offense also repeatedly describes that he was not aware of the alleged conspiracy to obstruct the vote or engage in sedition that Biggs and Nordean are being tried for.

  • Scott did not attend any meetings with Ethan Nordean, Joseph Biggs, or Zachary Rehl on January 5, 2021
  • Scott also was not a member of the Proud Boys’ coordination chats on Telegram, “Ministry of Self-Defense” (or “MOSD”) or “Boots on the Ground,” and did not know the content of the messages in those chats
  • Prior to his entry onto Capitol grounds, Scott had not been told the details of any plans made by Proud Boy leaders, such as Nordean, Biggs, and Rehl, for January 6

This statement of offense, even without a cooperation component, is written just as prosecutors on the Leader prosecution team would need it to support their argument that the Leaders used people like Scott as “tools,” not co-conspirators, to achieve their alleged goal of stopping the vote certification. The statement describes how the Leaders moved behind him, and then after he assaulted two cops, they went up the stairs towards the Capitol.

Scott did not go up the stairs after the assault. Once he saw them going up the stairs, Scott believed that that [sic] the group of Proud Boys led by Nordean, Biggs, and Rehl would attempt to enter the building to obstruct Congress’s certification of the vote including through the use of force if necessary.

Milkshake’s complete dissociation from the even the Telegram chats used to plan the attack and his acute awareness that the goal was to storm the Capitol is interesting for the one other detail used to substantiate his obstruction: Roger Stone.

It turns out, Milkshake was helping Roger Stone intimidate Rick Scott on January 3.

On January 3, 2021, Daniel Scott, Worrell, and other members of their local Proud Boy chapter attended a “Stop the Steal” rally in Naples, Florida. The headline speaker at this event was Roger Stone. Daniel Scott helped Stone up a ladder that Stone used to talk to the crowd. During this speech, Stone asserted that the 2020 presidential election was rigged due to voting fraud, and urged Florida’s U.S. Senators to vote against the certification of the Electoral College vote. Stone stated: “Rick Scott has a fundamental choice. He will either stand up for the constitution…” At that point, Daniel Scott yelled “Or give him the rope!” At another point in the rally, Daniel Scott chanted “Stop the Steal!” into a megaphone, along with the crowd at the rally.

I can’t recall another statement of offense that mentions that earlier Stop the Steal efforts — not even Brandon Straka or Baked Alaska, who were key players in the movement (though both, inexplicably, got off without pleading to obstruction). Even Jacob Chansley, who played a key role in storming the AZ Capitol prior to January 6 and who did plead to obstruction, does not include that earlier action.

Again, unless I’m mistaken, this is also the first mention of Roger Stone in a statement of offense, even among the cooperating Oath Keepers who had interaction with Stone in the weeks before the attack on the Capitol.

Milkshake, in this statement of offense, is described as a tool used by Nordean and Biggs.

But, by description, Roger Stone is what made him one.

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  1. Tom-1812 says:

    “Daniel Scott helped Stone up a ladder that Stone used to talk to the crowd.”

    So tough guy Roger Stone–“Fuck the voting, let’s get right to the violence!”–needs help getting up a ladder!? Stone is only 70 but I wonder what else he needs help doing. Not a good look for a white supremacist exhorting others to use violence and put themselves and others at risk while he remains safely in the rear like a chateau general from the First World War.

    • Ginevra diBenci says:

      Just wanted to thank you for the phrase “only 70”–not there yet, but close enough for it to matter!

      • ducktree says:

        Ditto here – “only” 68 but just recently suffered a fractured acetabulum. And I was sitting still!!

        Spent four weeks in the local hospital. Old age is not for those with a faint pelvis…

  2. Vinnie Gambone says:

    Perhaps it is time for discussions on what it would take to amend the president’s pardon powers.

    I pray dis-ease, health related pain, financial loss, confusion, betrayal greet Rodger Stone every day the devil lets him stay. His soul is surely made from the same stuff as Pol Pot, Hitler, and Charlie Manson, to whom Stone bears remarkable resemblance, although Charlie was a better dresser.

    • matt fischer says:

      A constitutional amendment that diminishes the POTUS’ pardon power is not likely to happen any time soon.

      • joel fisher says:

        One wonders if Congress couldn’t pass some legislation regarding the formalities of a pardon? In writing? Published? I haven’t had my single malt anti-paranoia meds yet today, but what’s to prevent tfg from showing up at a criminal trial and saying, “I pardoned that guy”?

      • gmoke says:

        Only 6 more states have to ask officially for an Article V convention for a new Constitutional convention to happen Common Cause keeps reminding me. I doubt that it will happen but wouldn’t count it out (and suggest contributions to Common Cause to make sure it doesn’t happen).

  3. harpie says:

    Marcy: Milkshake, in this statement of offense, is described as a tool used by Nordean and Biggs.
    But, by description, Roger Stone is what made him one.

    I just wanted to savor that ending again. Thanks for that, Marcy!

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