Release the Kraken: Fox News’ Revolving Sidney Powell Conspiracy Theory Door

It does Dominion Systems no good, in their defamation lawsuit against Fox News and Fox Corporation, to prove that Sidney Powell was a long-time Fox News commentator. They are suing Fox for defamation based on Fox’ platforming of Sidney Powell after the time the Murdoch outlet had internally recognized her as a bullshit artist, not during the time when she routinely showed up to lie about another topic — Mike Flynn’s innocence.

That explains why that prehistory, the long period when Powell was just another personality on Fox News, doesn’t appear in Dominion’s motion for summary judgement or its response to Fox’s MSJ.

What appears, instead, are two inflammatory claims which — taken together — may be as important as the billion dollar lawsuit and the sordid truth about Fox that Dominion has aired as part of it.

First, as Dominion lays out in response to Fox’s attempt to blame Trump for all the outrageous false claims about Dominion, Fox started it,

Fox went beyond the claims that Rudy Giuliani made in court, and Fox aired Sidney Powell’s false claims before she made those claims in court (which is one reason why, Dominion argues, Fox can’t simply claim they were covering newsworthy lawsuits).

Dominion lays out a timeline showing that Powell didn’t make any of the allegedly defamatory claims again Dominion in court until November 25, after Fox had floated them in 12 of the claimed instances of defamation.

As Giuliani himself told the court in one Pennsylvania lawsuit brought by the campaign, the lawsuit is not a fraud case. See Donald J. Trump for President,Inc.v.Sec’y ofPennsylvania,830 Fed.Appx. 377,382 ( Cir. 2020). Or to quote the headline of a November 23,2020 Wall Street Journal article: “Trump Cries Voter Fraud. In Court, His Lawyers Don’t.” Ex.702. Only Powell’s lawsuits, the earliest of which was filed on November 25 (after she had been disavowed by the Trump campaign), made allegations along the lines of the defamatory statements accused in this case allegations that Fox had been broadcasting for weeks before Powell’slawsuits were filed.9

The facts about the cases Fox focuses on are as follows:

November 7: The Trump campaign files an Arizona election challenge alleging defects in the ballots and poll worker deviation from protocols, not a technological failure of vote tabulation machines. See generally Ex.C1. Dominion is not mentioned.

November 11: The Trump campaign files a challenge to results in Antrim County. The gravamen of the complaint is interference with Republican election observers, disputes about voter eligibility, and ballots being run through tabulating machines multiple times–not mechanical tabulation errors. See Ex.C227-60. The complaint concedes that the Secretary of State found that the Antrim error was a result of the failure of a county clerk to properly update media drives, and does not allege any intentional misconduct by Dominion. See id. 60-62.

November 13: Lin Wood files a Georgia election contest, challenging certain changes in Georgia’s election laws. See Ex.C425-50. The lawsuit was not filed on behalf of the President or his campaign, nor does it make any misconduct allegations against Dominion or even mention Dominion by name.

November 17: Lin Wood files an affidavit in his Georgia lawsuit alleging certain misconduct by Smartmatic (not Dominion). The affidavit was irrelevant to the subject matter of the underlying suit, and was never filed in any case brought by the Trump campaign. Ex.C5.

November 25: More than two weeks after Fox first gave her a platform to promote her conspiracy theories, and days after the campaign expressly disavowed her, Powell files lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan. These lawsuits parrot the lies amplified by Powell and others on Fox. Exs.C8-C9.

December 1& 2: Powell files two more lawsuits in Wisconsin and Arizona–repeating the false allegations against Dominion. Exs.C11-C12. [italics my emphasis]

More importantly, Dominion lays out that Fox had Powell on to float these allegedly defamatory claims before Trump embraced them. Dominion suggests that having Trump embrace them was part of luring Trump back to the network.

It is also belied by the record for at least four reasons :(1) President Trump followed lead, making the same allegations against Dominion only after Fox had made them; (2) Sidney Powell was not on the President’s legal team when she started making the Dominion allegations and was disavowed after being associated with that team for at most 8 days; (3)Powell received some of her information via Fox hosts,who then laundered the lies by hosting her on their shows; and (4) neither Trump nor his campaign ever filed a lawsuit alleging the at-issue statements.

First, Fox’s own recitation of the timeline of Trump tweets establishes that Fox went first, Trump went second. On November 7, 2020, President Trump retweeted a report of Georgia using the same machines as Antrim County. Ex.G6. Notably Trump did not name Dominion, and certainly did not accuse Dominion of participating in an election-rigging conspiracy. The Trump campaign then filed a lawsuit on November 11 regarding the events in Antrim County that merely asserted there had been a “glitch” in the Dominion software. Ex.C2 . It was not until November 12 that Trump first made any allegations about Dominion intentionally switching votes, which he did via a tweet crediting OAN’s reporting. See Ex.G6 p.3. Though this tweet refers to OAN, it demonstrated Trump could be pulled back to Fox–provided the network broadcast what he wanted to hear. Indeed, later that same day, Trump tweeted his approval of Fox hosts attacking Dominion, telling his followers that they “[m]ust see @seanhannity takedown of the horrible, inaccurate and anything but secure Dominion Voting System which is used in States where tens of thousands of votes were stolen from us and given to Biden. Likewise, the great @LouDobbs has a confirming and powerful piece!” Ex.683. From here on out, Trump had Dominion in his sights.

Dominion argues that what got Trump to start attacking Dominion was seeing Fox focus on the claims of fraud; it suggests Fox was airing those claims of fraud to appease Trump.

What changed between November 7 and November 12? Fox entered the fray. Specifically, on November 8 Maria Bartiromo brought Powell onto her show to air the false claim that Dominion machines used an algorithm to calculate the votes that they would need to flip. Ex.A2 p.15. The Fox platform gave Powell the stamp of credibility, and reach, needed to spread the lies about Dominion. And while Trump was widely known to be a voracious consumer of Fox, Bartiromo did not leave anything to chance. [three lines redacted]

These redacted lines suggest that Bartiromo spoke with the Trump campaign directly to highlight these false claims; in the earlier filing, Bartiromo told Powell, “I just spoke to Eric [Trump] & told him you have very imp[ortant] info.” In that same reference, the filing revealed that Bartiromo “also provided information directly to Powell,” suggested that Bartiromo was a go-between between Powell and the campaign.

But that’s not the craziest part.

The crazy part — which is only clear from reading both Dominion’s recent filings — is that Fox got Trump to disavow Sidney Powell.

Remember how this looked in real time. After the embarrassing Four Seasons Total Landscaping press conference, the campaign publicly distanced itself from Powell on November 22.

Here’s the explanation offered by Maggie Haberman at the time.

According to Dominion, however, after Powell came after Tucker Carlson, Raj Shah — who used to work as a spox in Trump’s White House — inquired about her status with Trump. He learned two days before Rudy made a show of publicly ousting her from the campaign that she never worked for the campaign.

Second, Fox ignores what it knew better than the public at the time: Powell was never officially on the Trump campaign’s legal team, having never signed an engagement agreement. Ex.605, Shah 246 :4-12; id. 273:11-20. When Fox was finally motivated to get to the bottom of the relationship between Powell and Trump (which only happened after Powell came after one of Fox’s own, Tucker Carlson), it took Fox but a day or so to get the truth. See, e.g.,infra pp.163-164.


Shah believed the Decision Desk got the Arizona call right (see,e.g.,Ex.725);that the November 19,2020,press conference featuring Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani was not credible ,including the claims about Dominion (see, e.g., Ex.605 , Shah 214 :21-215 :7); see also Ex.726 ( crazy fucking presser );and that Sidney Powell was generally nuts (Ex.727).

Yet Shah did nothing when on or around November 20,2020, he learned that Sidney Powell never had a retention agreement with Trump or his campaign. This was explosive news. For several weeks Shah’s network had been airing false allegations from Powell, in part, so they say now, because she was the President’s lawyer. But upon learning that she was not the President’s lawyer what did Shah do? Effectively nothing. See Ex.605, Shah 297:18-298:2. [italics my emphasis]

Fox learned that Sidney Powell never had a retention agreement with the Trump campaign, but still covered her, purportedly, based on the claim that what she did for the campaign was newsworthy.

It’s these two comments that are particularly interesting though: Fox brought her on and off the campaign, and had a role in her conspiracy theories.

And while Powell appeared on Fox only four times when she was even arguably part of the President’s team, and six times when Fox was clearly aware that she was not. As important, Fox was instrumental in maneuvering Powell both into the Trump campaign and then out of it.

Third, Fox ignores its own role in developing the conspiracy theories it then aired See Dom. MSJ pp.39-44

These two claims — that Fox “maneuvered Powell … out of” the Trump campaign and that they played a role in developing these conspiracy theories, are discussed in heavily redacted passages of the earlier filing (probably redacted because Fox has claimed it pertains to internal business deliberations).

The first — describing how Fox “maneuvered Powell … out of” the Trump campaign after Tucker came under fire for questioning Powell — consists of almost four full paragraphs introduced with a description that Fox, including Tucker and Raj Shah, “mobilized.”

“We won the battle with Powell. Thank god,” the passage quotes a Tucker text later. Dominion is now explaining that that “battle” pertained to getting Powell ousted from Trump’s orbit.

The second claim — that Fox was the source of some of these conspiracy theories — incorporates the description of how Fox got Powell ousted from the campaign, but also includes redacted passages describing Lou Dobbs’ role in “promoting the narrative,” another making a redacted reference to Hannity, as well as the unredacted reference to Bartiromo chasing an email from Sidney Powell that Powell herself said relied on a “wackadoodle” source. The later filing suggests the earlier filing goes as far as saying that Fox played part in developing the conspiracy theories.

To be sure: Fox’s real-time knowledge that Sidney Powell never had a formal relationship with Trump and Tucker’s [apparent] role in getting her ousted from Trump’s orbit are critically important for Dominion’s case that Fox properties continued to air her conspiracy theories, falsely claiming to do so because they reflected Trump’s strategy, are both crucial pieces of evidence in their case that Fox knew they were allowing Powell to make false claims on their shows.

But they are important for another reason: because Jack Smith is investigating at least one and possibly two (the Sidney Powell investigation that went overt in September 2021) prongs based on claims that the people raising money were knowingly lying.

Fox likely still has no criminal exposure for the campaign finance violations that Smith is investigating (though the report that Rupert gave Jared confidential information on Biden’s ads may give Smith reason to look more closely).

But, as I noted after the last filing, all this material about what Fox was being told by Trump’s team is directly relevant to those suspicions of fraud.

It’s not just that Dominion has laid out damning evidence that Fox knowingly and falsely accused it of fraud. But discovery in this suit appears to have produced abundant evidence that the campaign itself knew it was recycling fraudulent claims Fox was peddling to keep Trump loyal.

Fox may have no more than this civil exposure. But Dominion lays out plenty of evidence that Fox was part of Trump’s suspected fraud on his own voters.

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  1. klynn says:

    “Fox may have no more than this civil exposure. But Dominion lays out plenty of evidence that Fox was part of Trump’s suspected fraud on his own voters.”

    Does this evidence set up both Fox and Dominion to take legal action against Trump and Powell on top of the DOJ/Jack Smith investigation?

    • Rugger_9 says:

      IANAL, but it would seem to this layperson that Faux has unclean hands because it chose to do what it did knowingly. It would seem pretty hard to show harm to Rupert’s network aside from what Dominion (and Smartmatic etc.) will potentially extract from his company’s wallet.

      Dominion on the other hand could certainly expand the defendant list since they didn’t conspire / collude / connive by whatever legal term gets used and can show actual financial harm as they are in the present case.

      One of the reasons this has had as much traction as it does is because of all of the communications around that showed the network and hosts knew they were peddling lies. I’m not so sure there are going to be those communications available to Dominion for Individual-1 or Powell.

      • Silly but True says:

        Dominion assigning the responsibility of Trump jettisoning Powell to Fox could potentially work in Fox’s favor: “we had to responsibly give time to allegations as they were coming to light and being investigated, but we concluded she was a loon and made sure POTUS knew that before she could cause any real damage for them.”

        Nevermind they stumbled onto the right answer for the wrong reason, if they are presented as the Perseus who slew the Powell Kraken, they may exploit that narrative.

      • Ginevra diBenci says:

        One reason it *should* get more traction: How clear Dominion’s filings make it that Fox, and especially the executives, saw their mission as advancing GOP candidates. On pp. 148-149 of the new response, references are made to Lindsey Graham’s and Don Blankenship’s campaigns–this in addition to Rupert Murdoch in the earlier filing talking about helping Perdue and Loeffler in the Georgia special senate elections (they lost).

        This is the definition of a propaganda arm.

  2. Savage Librarian says:

    Murdochs in a Row

    Now it’s own sport a big affront,
    Murdochs in a row give a grunt,
    Where was the Fox in the hunt:
    Circling round to avoid the brunt.

    Dominion steady, and now blunt
    takes its stand against the stunt,
    Gathering hounds with their runt:
    Stay the course! Avoid the punt!

      • Norskieflamethrower says:

        Yes, that’s the only thing that can get you to listen to “this mess” with a smile.

        [FYI – For your personal security I have reverted your username on this comment to the one you’ve used most often; I have a sneaking suspicion you didn’t intend to use a RL name. Let me know if that’s not the case. /~Rayne]

  3. Ginevra diBenci says:

    It seems to me, after reading EW’s brilliant post, that when Fox hosts and executives expressed a mortal fear of losing their audience to Newmax and OANN, they meant their Audience of Individual One–the president they felt they had created and whose “policies” they certainly shaped. Luring Trump back with the Dominion libel must have felt, at least briefly, like a triumph. And with Trump back on board, his followers would return too.

    Rupert Murdoch seems too eager to reveal the money motive behind all this (it’s not about red or blue, but “green”). He was happy to throw Dobbs and Bartiromo under the bus under the guise of “business” judgment. But he and his son have plenty of money; what’s at stake now is power. Controlling reality without regard to truth represents Godlike power, and chalking up this gambit to business, however ruthless, is merely a legal gambit.

  4. Peterr says:

    Two phrases grabbed me and forced me to keep reading.

    Dominion lays out a timeline . . .

    As soon as I read this, I knew the rest of the post was going to be good.

    I was right.

    But that’s not the craziest part.

    Cue the old Ron Popiel infomercials. “How much would you pay? Don’t answer yet!”

    (Yes, I’m old. Don’t make me get out my slide rule and prove it.)

    But all this only leads me to say that the mostest whackiest craziest part of all is yet to be revealed. Just when you think you’ve hit bottom, you discover that there is always — ALWAYS! — more crazy to be found if you dig a little more.

  5. Konny_2022 says:

    I wonder how this quote from the more recent Dominion filing fits in:

    “As FC Executive Raj Shah told Lachlan Murdoch, Suzanne Scott, and Viet Dinh on November 23 when they successfully lobbied the White House to disavow Sidney Powell, these claims were “outlandish”. Ex.163 .” (p.7, pdf p.22).

  6. Chuck M. says:

    Some great comments here, apropos the bizarro, absurdist subject matter.
    Wish that Vonnegut were here to witness this.

  7. earlofhuntingdon says:

    In an interview on CNN, Baltimore Sun media critic, David Zurawik, apparently characterized Fox News as a “prisoner” of its own ever more extreme viewers, who generate its profits and political power. An improbable assessment, given that its owners seem to pursue the most profitable course, regardless of consequences.

    One might be a prisoner to the private equity investor you let in and gave a seat to on your board. But are BMW or Toyota “prisoners” of their customers? Is Len Leo a prisoner of the Supreme Court and the federal bench, even before he glommed onto a $1.6 billion charitable gift to pursue his hard right-wing politics? Is the NYT a prisoner of its progressive readership or its owners’ politics? Journalists can do better, even media critics.

    • was_Alan K says:

      As an employee of a very large global company, I can attest that customers do influence strategy in both positive and negative ways. It can be very difficult to make new investments when most of your funding is needed by the old business cases.

      “Pick-your-customers” is definitely a key element of business success. GOP and Fox made their choices (the Southern strategy). It’s been a good ride for a while. But you can’t govern a democracy if your base is the losing side of a civil war (or a religious war). You have to turn to authoritarianism.

      I had hoped that Trump would blowup the GOP/Fox business case, but I didn’t reckon on the strong desire for authoritarianism.

      • earlofhuntingdon says:

        When you sell, say, 10% of your sales to a single customer, sure. When it’s Walmart, even more so. It’s also true for many pig and chicken farmers, who are so wrapped around complex contract terms that they are fundamentally service providers rather than sellers of a product. But I don’t see that dynamic applying to Fox vs. its viewership.

    • Savage Librarian says:

      Thanks, harpie! I’ve been wondering if Sorelle would be joined with others. Now I know. I have no idea what it means, though. It probably doesn’t mean anything, but James Beeks wanted Armes (who gave war game plan and map to Eryka Gemma Flores) to room with him in DC. But Armes was not interested.

  8. harpie says:

    Oliver Darcy expects RUPERT will fire SCOTT “over Fox News’ election lies scandal“:
    11:40 PM · Mar 1, 2023

    Will Rupert Murdoch throw Suzanne Scott under the bus over Fox News’ election lies scandal? They’re setting her up “to take the fall for this,” @semaforben says.

    “They’re leaving a trail of crumbs that lead back to her office,” adds @davidfolkenflik

    As one source who once worked in Murdoch-world told me Wednesday about how the right-wing media mogul handles such problems, “His pattern has been to throw some money overboard and offer a head or two in the process to make it go away.” [LINK]

    […] We’ll see what Scott’s fate ultimately looks like. For now, Fox is not offering any public statement of support for her. When I reached out to spokespeople for the company on Wednesday asking whether Murdoch has faith in her, silence ensued.

  9. harpie says:

    [They dragged] KELLYANNE [out of mothballs] on FOX [HANNITY] last night [VIDEO here]:
    9:39 PM · Mar 1, 2023



    KELLYANNE: It’s relentless to the point where, I wanna challenge people watching tonight, who don’t wear red hats, don’t consider themselves MAGA, don’t consider themselves race drawn political people, I want you to ask yourself, how many times you’ve been lied to, not just by this government, but how many times you’ve been lied to by the people whose job it is to tell you the truth in the media, all in the service of getting the president. TRUMP derangement syndrome is real, we lived it. There’s no booster, there’s no vaccine. [applause, laughter] It’s just gonna go on and on. And, it’s a very serious thing. And if it’s not him, they’ll go after someone else.

    • harpie says:

      OK, KELLYANNE, I challenge you to tell us the TRUTH about this:

      9/21/17 Kellyanne CONWAY sells her polling company. She has been playing a key role in advocating for Leonard LEO’s handpicked list of Supreme Court candidates. Also, “a lawyer files liens with Virginia regulators listing collateral for two loans: one for the buyer of Conway’s company and the other for a dark money group controlled by LEO, BH Fund. The liens were filed within five minutes of each other.” [Politico]

      [See my comment, here]

      • harpie says:

        Intersecting articles from yesterday:

        Kellyanne Conway Meets With Prosecutors as Trump Inquiry Escalates The Manhattan district attorney’s office is scrutinizing the former president’s role in the hush money payment to a porn star. 3/1/23

        There’s more about LEONARD’s BH GROUP, here:

        Dark money and special deals: How Leonard Leo and his friends benefited from his judicial activism The Federalist Society co-chairman’s lifestyle took a lavish turn after he became Donald Trump’s adviser on judicial nominations. 3/1/23

        […] A POLITICO investigation based on dozens of financial, property and public records dating from 2000 to 2021 found that Leo’s lifestyle took a lavish turn beginning in 2016, the year he was tapped as an unpaid adviser to incoming President Donald Trump on Supreme Court justices. It’s the same period during which he erected a for-profit ecosystem around his longtime nonprofit empire that is shielded from taxes. Leo was executive vice president of The Federalist Society at the time. […]

        The payments to CRC over two years from Leo-aligned nonprofits represent an increase over the already significant $15 million a separate Leo for-profit entity, known as
        BH Group, took in over four years during Supreme court nomination public relations campaigns beginning in 2016.

        • harpie says:

          “Former THOMAS law clerk” sighting:

          […] A web of nonprofits
          The majority of CRC’s payments came through The 85 Fund, [link] a rebranded dark money group that Leo has said he plans to use to fund conservative causes nationwide. Corkery and his wife, Ann, founded and ran the nonprofit under a different name for more than a decade, during which time Leo directed funds toward it. Such nonprofits are exempt from taxes and not required to disclose donors. It is now run by Carrie Severino, a former law clerk to Justice Clarence Thomas. [….]

      • harpie says:

        LEO is also involved in this:

        Conservatives Have a New Rallying Cry: Down With ESG A Federalist Society veteran [LEONARD LEO] is heading up a multimillion-dollar effort to push anti-ESG messaging and legislation []

        Conservative activists are coordinating a multimillion-dollar national campaign to make ESG the next CRT.

        Their goal: Transform the acronym for environmental, social and corporate-governance investing into a rallying cry against “woke capitalism,” much the way critical race theory became shorthand for broader criticisms about how race is taught in schools. The same conservative money is behind both efforts, documents and interviews show. […]

        • earlofhuntingdon says:

          Unsurprising but shameful, as if the right any longer knew what that means. ESG was often corporate propaganda to cover corporations that continued to trash the environment. But at least it was a recognition they ought to do something – and some did.

          Now big money pays shits like Leo to say the quiet part out loud: “We no longer want to pay even lip service to anything that restrains our profit-taking. All else be damned.”

        • Ginevra diBenci says:

          Thanks, harpie! Leonard Leo is the hub of the dark money wheel (or the hubcap, since his role is concealment). You have been doing such a great job pulling thread together, which is exactly what they don’t want us rubes to do. Sheldon Whitehouse has given this confluence a higher profile lately too. I continue to wait for the phrase “donor class” to enter the lexicon–pejoratively, of course.

  10. harpie says:

    Media Matters filed a complaint with the FEC over Rupert Murdoch sharing confidential information with Jared Kushner 03/03/23

    […] The complaint alleges that Fox Corp. made an illegal corporate contribution to the committee when Fox Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch provided confidential information about then-candidate Joe Biden’s advertisements to Trump’s campaign.

    [From the MM complaint to FEC] […] Here, Fox Corporation was not acting as a press entity when Murdoch provided the Committee with the Biden advertisements. Murdoch’s actions fail both parts of the Commission’s two factor test for whether Fox Corporation was acting in its legitimate press function. […]

  11. harpie says:

    Via Anne Nelson’s twitter:
    Steve Bannon declares war on Fox News: ‘You’ve disrespected Donald J. Trump long enough’ The Trump ally ripped the Murdoch family as “foreigners” in a speech at CPAC. The broadsides came as Trump and his allies have soured on Fox News. March 3, 2023, 6:09 PM

    […] Bannon derisively labeled the Australian-born Murdoch and his family “a bunch of foreigners” and cast them along with hedge fund CEO Ken Griffin and Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell as enemies of Trump’s “Make America Great Again” movement. […]

    [BANNON is a sponsor of CPAC.] [I think TRUMP will be speaking there today]

      • harpie says:

        RUPAR’s THREAD at 6:01 PM · Mar 4, 2023

        Trump pushes the big lie while saying, “I hope Fox doesn’t turn off” (Fox indeed is carrying his speech live right now) [VIDEO]

      • harpie says:
        4:45 PM · Mar 3, 2023 [VIDEO] [Notice the “Chinese [] bioweapon”]

        BANNON: OK. MURDOCH, here’s the way it’s gonna be, brother. You’ve disrespected Donald J. TRUMP long enough, ok? He goes to East uh Palestine against the BIDEN administration. It’s a global news event, and you don’t cover it live?! Is there that much happening on FOX News at two in the afternoon that you can’t cover him live? He hasn’t been on FOX News since he announced for presidency.

        Le’me ask you, any guy that brought peace to the world for four years until the Chinese let off a bioweapon, right? Wouldn’t ya think, to have respect for the audience, you would have him back up here, to talk about the geo-political sit…what…if you had respect for people, wouldn’t you do that? [Audience: “Yes!”]

        They don’t respect you. Read the depositions. The deposition, they have a fear, a loathing and contempt for YOU. And you’re the ones that can make changes. The shareholders, if you want your share price to stay up, you need to take action.

        The first thing you need to do, is get rid of Paul Ryan as the independent director. [applause, cheering] If Paul Ryan’s saying if TRUMP wins, he’s not gonna go, then you gotta get rid of him.

        The MURDOCHs immediately have. to. start. covering President TRUMP! No, no, no special deals. Just cover the man. Ask him the tough questions. But, we need to hear the voice of Donald J. TRUMP. [cheering, applause]

        Hey, and old man MURDOCH, while you’re at it, why doncha, no more softball interviews to the guys runnin’ against him. And, no more infomercials. OK? Play it straight. You play it straight, Donald TRUMP’s gonna win the primary. And Donald TRUMP’s gonna win the presidency! [cheering, applause]

        “Brought peace to the world” – LOL!

      • harpie says:
        4:31 PM · Mar 3, 2023

        Bannon hits Fox News for accurately calling the 2020 election for Biden [VIDEO]

        BANNON: …interest rate, the interest rate, the ten year treasury at, in the evening of [11/3/20] three November when FOX News illegitimately called it [ARIZONA] for the opposition, and not Donald J. TRUMP! [cheering, applause]

        BANNON’s still upset about this, because
        he had plans for TRUMP to just declare victory on election night,
        and he’s keeping his RABBLE ROUSED.

      • harpie says:
        2:18 PM · Mar 3, 2023

        The New Federal State of China is funded by nonprofits set up by Guo and Bannon, the Rule of Law Foundation (501c3) & Rule of Law Society (c4). That’s probably how the NFSC paid CPAC. Though Guo controls these groups, as nonprofits they are not under the Ch. 11 court’s purview.

        The groups have their own issues. Guo has told donors, who are mostly Chinese people, many seeking residency in here, that they will there is a “100 percent” chance they’ll “get political asylum” in the US if they donate. That’s obviously not true. [link]

        Links to:

        6/4/20 BANNON and GUO create The New Federal State of China (NFSC) as a political movement or lobby group.

        [From Wikipedia] The New Federal State of China (NFSC) is a political movement or lobby group created by Guo Wengui and Steve Bannon, with the stated aim of overthrowing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as the Chinese government. Launched on June 4, 2020, [6/20/20] in New York City, the body has been referred to by its founders as a “government in exile” of China.]

  12. harpie says:

    OMG! I was fascinated that on NewsMax, [where RUPAR followed TRUMP’s speech to CPAC]
    hokey ads popped up regularly. This is about one of those,
    6:54 PM · Mar 4, 2023

    Trump claims “the wall was sitting there ready to be installed” when he left office. I guess our border issues should be easy to solve then! [VIDEO]

    At the beginning of that clip until about 0:25, there’s an AD:

    [visual of gold coins]
    TEXT “TRUMP” TO 65532

    • harpie says:

      So, I look up “American Hartford Gold”, and get:
      https[colon]//offers[dot]americanhartfordgold[dot]com/search-gold-industry-leader/ []

      The banner photo on that page: Bill O’REILLY and Rudy GIULIANI.

      After a little more googling, from Media Matters on 12/15/20:

      Newsmax has been sending sponsored messages stating that readers should invest in gold because Biden will be president

      […] Since Biden won last month’s election, Newsmax has been creating an alternative and false reality where President Donald Trump actually won but was thwarted by supposed election fraud. The company has been pushing the pro-Trump narrative — and the Trump team’s numerous attempts to overturn the election results — as a way to compete against fellow right-wing network Fox News. Trump himself has repeatedly promoted Newsmax over Fox News, and The Washington Post recently reported that “behind the scenes, Trump has told others that pitting Newsmax and OAN against Fox News puts pressure on the larger network to cover him more favorably.” […]

    • harpie says:

      12/3/20 NewsMax sends SPONSORED message to MediaMatters:

      American Hartford Gold Group: [https[:]//www[.]] “It is critical that you start planning to protect your wealth today, ahead of Biden’s inauguration.” [] “Biden’s new spending plan could be catastrophic for the US Dollar. And could eat away at the retirement incomes of everyday Americans like you. Which is why it is critical that you start planning to protect your wealth today, ahead of Biden’s inauguration.” [] [people should learn] “how to get started investing in physical gold and silver (even inside an IRA account).”

      12/7/20 NewsMax sends SPONSORED message to MediaMatters:

      Allegiance Gold: [https[:]//www[.]] “The election is over and the threat of losing 50% or more of your retirement savings just got critical.” [] [] [sends readers to: [https[:]//archive[.]is/07AXQ] which claims that] “Biden stole the election” [] [retirement accounts will be] “seized.”

      12/11/20 NewsMax sends SPONSORED message to MediaMatters:

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      12/13/20 NewsMax sends SPONSORED message to MediaMatters:

      Birch Gold Group [Same as 12/11/20 sponsored message]

      12/15/20 MediaMatters:
      Newsmax has been sending sponsored messages stating that readers should invest in gold because Biden will be president []

  13. flounder says:

    I really think Fox needs to apologize to all its fans who it tricked with it’s known election lies as part of a sleazy advertising campaign. This includes people like Ashli Babbitt, who might not have been brainwashed into attacking a police barricade if Fox had just played the news business straight. Or you might say fair and balanced. Justice for Ashli

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