Hunter Biden Sues Garrett Ziegler for Hacking His iPhone

Back in July, as part of an effort to understand whence the IRS obtained WhatsApp texts that weren’t on the “Hunter Biden” “laptop” made available by Rudy Giuliani, I noted that those WhatsApp texts appear to have come from an iPhone backed up to a different iCloud account than the one the laptop was synched to.

On the laptop itself, the iPhone content was encrypted.

That meant anyone without a warrant accessing that content was likely violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

In part four of Dimitrelos’ report, he describes that there were, indeed, WhatsApp messages on the iPhone, registered to that entirely different iCloud account, seemingly backed up to iTunes on the [email protected] account.

I can’t be sure about this, because I’m not a forensics expert, both Shapley and Dimitrelos are deliberately unreliable narrators, and even they don’t have all the data to understand what went on here. But it appears that the reason why there were no WhatsApp texts on the laptop itself, which had all the content in the [email protected] iCloud account, is that they weren’t used by a device registered to the [email protected] iCloud account. They were used by a device registered to the [email protected] account, which was (as Shapley’s notes reflect) stored in encrypted fashion on the laptop.

There’s one more very important point about this.

The government had a warrant. If they really did find a business card (one not described anywhere I’ve seen in Dimitrelos’ report) with a password, they were able to get the encrypted content (though oftentimes prosecutors will recommend you go back and get a second warrant for that). From there, it seems, the IRS got another warrant for the other iCloud account, the [email protected] one. That’s how they got a legally sound copy of the WhatsApp texts in August 2020.

But for people like Rudy Giuliani or Garrett Ziegler or John Paul Mac Isaac, taking a laptop they purport to have been abandoned, and then using a password found on that laptop to access an encrypted container — especially one of a different iCloud account — is legally another level of conduct.

Hunter Biden’s newly aggressive legal team appears to agree. They’ve just sued Garrett Ziegler. One of the key claims is that he hacked the “laptop” to access encrypted data.

28. Plaintiff further is informed and believes and thereon alleges that at least some of the data that Defendants have accessed, tampered with, manipulated, damaged and copied without Plaintiff’s authorization or consent originally was stored on Plaintiff’s iPhone and backed-up to Plaintiff’s iCloud storage. On information and belief, Defendants gained their unlawful access to Plaintiff’s iPhone data by circumventing technical or code-based barriers that were specifically designed and intended to prevent such access.

29. In an interview that occurred in or around December 2022, Defendant Ziegler bragged that Defendants had hacked their way into data purportedly stored on or originating from Plaintiff’s iPhone: “And we actually got into [Plaintiff’s] iPhone backup, we were the first group to do it in June of 2022, we cracked the encrypted code that was stored on his laptop.” After “cracking the encrypted code that was stored on [Plaintiff’s] laptop,” Defendants illegally accessed the data from the iPhone backup, and then uploaded Plaintiff’s encrypted iPhone data to their website, where it remains accessible to this day. It appears that data that Defendants have uploaded to their website from Plaintiff’s encrypted “iPhone backup,” like data that Defendants have uploaded from their copy of the hard drive of the “Biden laptop,” has been manipulated, tampered with, altered and/or damaged by Defendants. The precise nature and extent of Defendants’ manipulation, tampering, alteration, damage and copying of Plaintiff’s data, either from their copy of the hard drive of the claimed “Biden laptop” or from Plaintiff’s encrypted “iPhone backup” (or from some other source), is unknown to Plaintiff due to Defendants’ continuing refusal to return the data to Plaintiff so that it can be analyzed or inspected.

Of course, this means that DOJ should have been investigating Ziegler for hacking the President’s son rather than spending five years pursuing misdemeanor tax charges.

Perhaps that will become more clear going forward.

Update: These kinds of videos will be of interest to Hunter’s team.

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  1. BRUCE F COLE says:

    DOJ reading EW?

    Probably not; probably they just have competent investigators…although I expect that competent investigators read EW, lol.

    [Fixed. Please don’t fucking waste our time with this. /~Rayne]

  2. CoffaeBreak says:

    A couple of questions. In a lost and found situation, isn’t Hunter as the original property owner, allowed to claim his material whole, including his dick pics? Also, do these actions, especially as Hunter as a private citizen possibly fall under data breach laws when sensitive digital material is broadcast pubically?

    • CoffaeBreak says:

      I talked with my husband who was a information database manager (retired), and he said that if a laptop or phone was “abandoned” the physical property (phone or laptop) can be disposed of or sold by the person it was abandoned with after a designlated period. However, if there is a password for the laptop of phone, the data does not belong to anyone but the original owner, unless the original owner signs an agreement that the repair shop or other entity he leaves it with can access the data within — even if he left the password with the repair personnel for the purpose of fixing the device. The only data that they can access is exclusively to repair the device.

      • RegCliff says:

        Hunter Biden is suing the computer store owner saying their 90 day abandonment clause, did not conform to Delaware’s 1 year abandonment law. Also interestingly, the FBI apparently subpoenaed the computer store owner to hand over the laptop after he contacted them. But if he didn’t have the right to hand it over, then I don’t see how anything derived from it is admissible in court. The FBI apparently should have used a warrant for the laptop. I was hoping more info regarding this would have come out in the Brady disclosure after Hunter pleaded not-guilty. If I’m wrong about any of this please feel free to set me straight.

        • zscoreUSA says:

          The FBI’s subpoena of a laptop and hard drive purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden came in connection with a money laundering investigation in late 2019, according to documents obtained by Fox News and verified by multiple federal law enforcement officials who reviewed them.

          I don’t know what this means legally, but it was weird to see Fox News break news. And Mac Isaac and other conservatives have presented this as evidence that the FBI subpoenad the laptop from Mac Isaac in a money laundering investigation, in order to cover up for the Bidens. The money laundering investigation was likely Ihor Kolomoisky who was raided by US authorities.

        • Ginevra diBenci says:

          Fox does break news on their website. They also do more than competent reporting on a range of stories. I wish more people knew this–the organization employs quite a few excellent journalists.

        • zscoreUSA says:

          Are there competent journalists and breaking news items at Fox News? I am more familiar with the political propaganda coming from them.

          Breaking something like this, tied to a major political weaponization effort, makes me suspicious of what is going on.

      • xyxyxyxy says:

        Attorneys for Hunter Biden challenged Mac Isaac’s claim that the laptop and an external hard drive became his property when Hunter Biden failed to retrieve them within 90 days of leaving them at the repairman’s Wilmington, Delaware, shop for servicing, citing the fine print of a repair order allegedly signed by Hunter Biden at the time.
        “Contrary to Mac Isaac’s Repair Authorization form, Delaware law provides that tangible personal property is deemed abandoned” when the rightful owner has failed to “assert or declare property rights to the property for a period of 1 year,” lawyers for Biden wrote in legal documents.
        The counterclaim adds that “other obligations must then also be satisfied before obtaining lawful title, such as the court sending notice to the owner and the petitioner posting notice in five or more public places, and advertising the petition in a newspaper.”

        • jdmckay8 says:

          This is a little confusing. I read entire filing Marcy linked several times: did not see anything about Isaacs.

          Even following Marcy’s posts on this for about 10 months, I was not familiar with ZIEGLER. From the document:

          (page 2)
          1. Garrett Ziegler is a zealot who has waged a sustained, unhinged and obsessed campaign against Plaintiff and the entire Biden family for more than two years. While Defendant Ziegler is entitled to his extremist and counterfactual opinions, he has no right to engage in illegal activities to advance his right-wing agenda. Yet that is precisely what Defendant Ziegler and his so-called “nonprofit research group,” Defendant ICU, d/b/a/ Marco Polo, have done and have asserted they will continue to do in the future.

          2. Since approximately December 2020, Defendant Ziegler, Defendant ICU
          and their “team” of volunteers and independent contractors have spent countless hours accessing, tampering with, manipulating, altering, copying and damaging computer data that they do not own and that they claim to have obtained from hacking into Plaintiff’s iPhone data and from scouring a copy of the hard drive of what they claim to be Plaintiff’s “laptop” computer.


          (pgs: 5-6)

          15. Defendant Ziegler is a former Trump White House aide who worked, from
          February 2019 until January 2021, as a Policy Analyst and, later, as an Associate
          Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy under the supervision of Dr. Peter Navarro.

          16. Plaintiff is informed and believes and thereon alleges that, since having
          his White House credentials revoked by former White House Chief of Staff Mark
          Meadows in or around January 2021, Defendant Ziegler has devoted most of his waking time and energy to accessing, tampering with, manipulating, altering, copying and otherwise using data contained on a copy of a hard drive that Defendants claim to be of Plaintiff’s “laptop” computer and data that Defendants admit to have obtained by hacking into Plaintiff’s data, specifically an encrypted iPhone backup.
          17. Although the precise manner by which Defendant Ziegler obtained
          Plaintiff’s data remains unclear, there is no dispute that Defendants have, to at least some extent, accessed, tampered with, manipulated, altered, copied and damaged Plaintiff’s data, and that their actions are illegal, unauthorized, and without Plaintiff’s consent.

          (page 9)

          31. Within the last two weeks, Defendant Ziegler went so far as to declare on
          social media that efforts by Plaintiff to serve him with legal process in the future would met with violence: “If the US pResident’s son sends a proxy [i.e., a process server] to illegally trespass on my property I will blow their f—ing brains out.”

          I don’t see any reference in entire document to Isaac. There is reference to 10 defendants, the others remaining unnamed until they are identified.

          Hard to believe ABC would publish something so erroneous, so I want to be cautious. But I don’t see how Isaac ended up in their article.

          Was there another filing elsewhere?

          And for those unfamiliar, Marco Polo is site that (apparently) Ziegler loaded Hunter’s emails.

        • jdmckay8 says:

          Was there another filing elsewhere?

          ABC was about HB’s counter claim to Isaac defamation suit. My bad. Apologies.

        • John Paul Jones says:

          The suit against MacIsaac is from earlier this year. It’s a doozy. So the ABC story reflecting on that is from March. The Zeigler filing is from today. The two suits cover similar conduct (illegally accessing data) from two different persons. That’s why there’s no mention of MacIsaac in today’s filing: because his conduct is already the subject of a separate suit.

        • Troutwaxer says:

          So Ziegler was illegally accessing Hunter Biden’s data/laptop while he was an employee of the US government run by Trump? And the government is still prosecuting Biden? The mind boggles. In what court does a prosecutor involved with this shit get anything from a judge but “dismissed with prejudice” and “please fuck off.” Could one of our experienced lawyers address this please?

        • Ginevra diBenci says:

          Ziegler is the John Jay Foundation product whom Navarro scooped up; he’s best known for letting the howler monkeys (Flynn, Powell, “the Overstock guy”) into the White House for that notorious meeting on December 18, 2020. Surely you’ve heard of it?

        • Estragon says:

          In the landlord-tenant context, at least in my jurisdiction, there are stringent rules (with penalties) regarding abandoned property, including multiple rounds of notice and publication, as mentioned above. I am not familiar with a state that would accept “90 days and then it’s mine” no matter what the legal context, and no matter what any contract says.

      • Rick Ledbetter says:

        While I am not an expert, but a person who once worked in a computer shop, a few things stand out:
        1 – When a device comes in for repair, there is always a signed repair invoice. So where is that invoice with Hunter’s signature on it?
        2 – Is the laptop registered with Apple, with Hunter as the owner?
        3 – what is file file creation dates for the data? IOW if they all all have the same date then they were all loaded in at one time, instead of being created as various times.
        4 – How did this guy hack the laptop? I doubt he has the skills to do that.
        5 – Did the shop make effort to contact Hunter if indeed the laptop was “abandoned”? They seem to have no record of doing that.
        what this looks like is this: Someone got into Hunter’s iCloud back up and down loaded the data, then loaded that into a laptop, which then was allegedly abandoned at the shop. In between, various GOPers added documents they created to the laptop, to create a false case. So, outside of the data, there is no proof that was actually Hunter’s laptop, and the GOP is working hard to hide that fact, and the fact they added false documents to the computer.

        • MarkH says:

          The hacking was probably done by Trump guys in the government, who can hack anything. But, to hide that they had to “find” the laptop (and now that’s a sticky issue too) and have some repair shop somehow hack it. Nah, none of this should pass the laugh test in a Court.

    • fatvegan000 says:

      I of course take all this seriously, but this comment still cracked me up:

      “sensitive digital material is broadcast pubically”

      (part of me never got past 12, apparently. lol)

  3. Upisdown says:

    Ziegler was hired by Lunden Roberts’ legal team for her child support lawsuit against Biden. It was getting very ugly but then the parties announced a surprise settlement had been worked out. The settlement leaned to Hunter’s advantage.

    I would almost bet that Hunter’s lawyers warned Roberts that she could be included in this phone hacking suit.

  4. howerdgadswrothe says:

    An interesting development to be sure.

    I’m not sure if this has been mentioned by anyone in your previous threads about the laptop, but I wanted to mention an observation of the WhatsApp Desktop app (and Discord desktop also, for that matter).

    Once initially set up, WhatsApp desktop is then dependent on the user actively logging in every so often – and more importantly the desktop app will automatically kick the account back to login prompt if it is not used for some (unknown duration of) time, and then unless you have phone where the account originated and create a new Linked Device on the phone itself, you’re unable to login to the account.

    I can’t help but wonder if, and how long, the desktop app was laying dormant on the laptop before being hacked.

    • howerdgadswrothe says:

      Replying to add that you have to take a photo of a QR code to link a new device within WhatsApp, so unless they were lucky and the desktop app was logged in, the phone would have had to be present with the laptop together.

      • howerdgadswrothe says:

        This fact makes me wonder if there was a spoofed or cloned variant of his phone somewhere. I can’t think of any other method to login remotely to WhatsApp.

        As an basic at-home experiment, I downloaded WhatsApp desktop and created a fresh install. My theory was to take a screenshot of the QR code, print this document, and attempted to scan with my phone. It did not work and I was unable to login in this way, however upon using the phone directly scanning to the computer screen the login was immediate. So their malicious login was definitely not low-tech, as my attempt above. Very sneaky!

        • vicks says:

          If Hunter keeps his ICloud password on his Apple Keychain all anyone would need is a few minutes of access to his phone to intercept authentication texts/emails and they could sync a new device with all the data on his iCloud account, including apps and stored passwords.
          The one thing those god awful dick pics do show is how easy it would have been for anyone including a pretty girl w/drugs to take advantage of the party boy being off his game.

          [MODERATOR’S NOTE: Please check the URL field before publishing comments. You have yet another identity created because you’ve used a different URL in that field (you used your email address and not your business URL), requiring correction by a moderator again. Get used to this because the comment system update will reject your comments altogether if your Name/Email/URL fields do not match every time. /~Rayne]

        • Troutwaxer says:

          Investigating the political affiliations of his hookups could get very interesting. It does point out the pathetic nature of everyone involved. Since when does the son of an experienced politician – at the VP level no less – fall into a classic honeytrap? It’s a pity Le Carre isn’t still alive. If he was at the height of his powers he’d be all over this!

  5. scroogemcduck says:

    That’s former Trump WH Aide Garrett Ziegler, admitting to committing crimes, and using the word “we” and “group”. I wonder who he was working with? Or should I say conspiring with?

    • John Paul Jones says:

      My sense of it was that by “group” and “us” he was referring to whoever he hired to actually do the computer work, extract the data, then set it up on the Marco Polo website so that it was viewable and searchable.

      • scroogemcduck says:

        Presumably an IT professional would know that getting involved in this would be very dicey. Ziegler is a 27 year old who got himself a job in the Trump WH. I expect he was working closely with some experienced dirty-tricksters.

        • FL Resister says:

          Mike Flynn, for example. Roger Stone, Erik Prince, Steve Brannon, Rudy Giuliani satellites and one wobbly sphere of Trump influencers after another, rotating around a disintegrating planet.

        • CPtight617 says:

          If anyone watched that video Marcy linked at the very end, it’s clear that this whole thing is a Bannon/Rudy black op.

          The assclown talking on Dinesh D’Souza’s YT channel in the video said after Bannon was arrested on Guo Wengui’s yacht for the ‘We Build the Wall’ scam, he took him to NYC in August 2020 and they stayed at “a hotel next to St. Patrick’s cathedral.” Saks flagship is next door, but the 5-star, formerly-Leona-Helmsley-owned New York Palace hotel is across the street from St. Pats. They lived there for 2 MONTHS while they worked on cracking “Hunter’s laptop.” The guy said Bannon was huddling with Rudy Giuliani every day.

          He said they called the effort the Manhattan Project bc they were “creating a nuclear bomb, an October surprise” that would go off right before the election. Oh, and I am sure *coincidentally* that St. Pat’s happens to be 5 blocks straight down Fifth Ave from Trump Tower.

        • Rayne says:

          Guess how far the Lotte New York Palace hotel is from the “temporarily closed” Grand Havana Room New York, 666 5th Ave #39, New York, NY 10103 which was one of Rudy’s favorite hangouts? The same place at which Paul Manafort and Rick Gates met with Russian operative Konstantin Kilimnik in August 2016? In the same building owned by the Kushners?

          These people have zero imagination.

        • zscoreUSA says:

          An interesting tidbit about Grand Havana encounter between Manafort & Kilimnik that I stumbled across recently:

          AWESOME detail: Immediately before the Kilimnik meeting in the cigar bar, Manafort met with Trump and ***Rudy***.

          Source: (quoting a Mueller Report footnote)

          Also, Rudy is (was?) on the Board of the Grand Havana

        • zscoreUSA says:

          hmmmm. The guy in the video, Burra, mentions working with Kerik. Where has that name come up before wrt Hunter and the laptop?

          Once we got to the point where we had the stories ready… working with Steve [Bannon], working with Rudy [Giuliani], working with Bernie Kerik. That’s when we had to figure out how to deploy this information into the actual ether… I had met [Emma Jo-Harris] previously about a couple years before that… posting memes on Facebook… she was working on Hannity’s show at the time… that’s when you know Steve basically calls her [to publish at NY Post]…

    • Shadowalker says:

      The complaint includes “10 DOES” as defendants, short for 10 John/Jane Does. The identities which will be included in future filings should they be discovered.

    • Bugboy321 says:

      The phrasing he uses sounds very similar to the hacking collectives that used to pirate video games, and later on movies as the bandwidth grew. It was/is a competition between hacker “groups” to see who would hack anti-pirating code first.

  6. jdmckay8 says:

    I’ve been expecting legal action from Hunter’s team since you first made a good case HB’s icloud had been hacked. Had no idea what first filing may be, but this will do just fine for starters. I expect there’s more to come.

    I don’t normally allow myself to take any glee out of something like this, but this one I’m glad to see HB & team fight back. Will be really, really interesting to see what fruit falls from the tree when they start kicking it in earnest.

    Thx for all you’ve done on this.

  7. Mike Stone says:

    I am glad that Hunter is fighting back. These suits will likely expose a lot of very nefarious activity by a combination of right-wing zealots and foreign bad actors.

    The only thing I feat is that these characters know what they did and will want to cover it up as fast as possible and may try to settle. I hope that does not happen since the public needs to know what went on here.

  8. Rugger_9 says:

    This kind of stuff also makes it much harder for Weiss to go after Hunter Biden with any hope of success regarding the laptop. Lowell has a plausible alternate story he can use to create reasonable doubt.

    • Shadowalker says:

      The laptop has had problems from the beginning. If anything, Weiss is trying to keep the copies (3 that I know of) the DOJ has out of team Hunter’s hands.

        • Shadowalker says:

          It never crossed my mind, since we were discussing the laptop that was used as evidence by the DOJ/IRS in their investigation(s). To be clear, the “laptop” may or may not be the same downloadable image someone created using Hunter’s iCloud account, that would be known by the creator and most likely Apple.

  9. Rugger_9 says:

    OT, Scott Perry’s phone is off limits to the DoJ according to a 3-judge panel including Neomi Rao. SC Smith needs to go en banc IMHO.

    • earlofhuntingdon says:

      The execrable former Clarence Thomas clerk Neomi Rao. Yes, I would ask for a decision from the full DC Circuit. Speech & Debate protections are not unlimited, like, say, the Holy Second Amendment.

      • P’villain says:

        And face it, how much of what Scott Perry and the like do is actual Speech and Debate? They are Pro Wrestling politicians.

  10. ThomasJ7777 says:

    Garrett Ziegler is the person who doxxed nine FBI agents and a federal judge after MAL was searched.

    He could ONLY have gotten that information from Christina Bobb or from any person that she gave the information because it was not divulged to the public at the times of the doxxing. Only Christina Bobb is known to have had that information immediately after the search.

    I have to assume that Jack Smith has not yet finished disposing of all of the fuckery that Trump perpetrated after late June/early July of last year, since we are still seeing the fallout of his “musical boxes” crimes.
    After those crimes, he loaded up a plane with classified documents and took them to Bedminster. There is video. So far, no indictment in NJ.

    Then he hopped over to NY where his ex wife “fell down the stairs” while he was there, and then he hauled her corpse to Bedminster to have a wake in a golf course lounge and then he buried her on the golf course, and then suddenly he took some boxes with him to Chicago to “visit his tower” there.

    After all that, he went back to NY and tried to get video of the “musical boxes” deleted.

    And THEN the government searched MAL. Trump’s first public statement “they got into my safe,” was obviously some kind of message to someone, and we still don’t know who or what that was supposed to mean. But I guess the government knows.

    But after all that, nine FBI agents, a federal judge and his synagogue were all being threatened by right wing goons and Trump had a message to the Attorney General: “What can I do to lower the temperature?” Implying that he can turn the heat up or down. Your choice.

    These crimes: 10 counts of endangering federal officials and threatening the Attorney General, seem to have simply been forgotten. That was so many crimes ago.

    But that vicious little punk Ziegler ought not get away with it. And not Christina Bobb either (one of the war room seditionists).

    And not Trump either.

    • Troutwaxer says:

      It’s like there’s a major-level battle going on, such as the Battle of the Bulge, and the DOJ is only defending one little town, while thousands of German tanks drive by on the roads heading west. Sorry if that metaphor is a little strained, but the level of crimes not being prosecuted is amazing!

      • Steve_R_ says:

        Perhaps I’m only wishcasting, but I have confidence in Jack Smith’s/Merrick Garland’s competence and tenacity (and resources). I don’t know if we’ll hear more from DOJ, but I doubt it will be for lack of diligence.

      • Cheez Whiz says:

        DOJ is finding on the ground they hold with the weapons they have, to torture the metaphore a bit more. Trump and the movement he leads is ultimately a political problem, not a legal one. Expecting DOJ to win this war on its own is like expecting the Army to win a War on Terror.

  11. Savage Librarian says:

    The only names of individuals that I think I saw in this lawsuit are Garrett Ziegler and, incidentally, Jack Maxey. The LLC seems to have begun in December 2020 as ICU. Then on 7/8/21, Ziegler seemed to rename it Marco Polo. This makes me wonder whether the renaming had anything to do with Guo Wengui (aka Guo Haoyun, Miles Guo, and Miles Kwok.)

    It’s hard keeping track of the “laptop” and drives, not to mention the phones and cloud info. And I’m still wondering about that 12/14/19 text that Will Levi sent to Bill Barr, “Laptop on way to you” with Barr replying, “Super.”

    Just as a reminder of some names that have been tangled up in this GOP dinged wing wing-ding (Keith Ablow, Yaacov Apelbaum, Stephen K. Bannon, Tucker Carlson, Robert Costello, Fox News, Rudy Giuliani, Guo Wengui, Sean Hannity, John Paul Mac Isaac, Jack Maxey, Roger Stone, Garrett M. Ziegler,) I’ve cited two articles below that may (or may not) be helpful.

    • Shadowalker says:

      “ And I’m still wondering about that 12/14/19 text that Will Levi sent to Bill Barr, “Laptop on way to you” with Barr replying, “Super.””

      I wonder why they sat on it? Either it was so poorly done and they couldn’t risk it getting to the courts and risk in depth questions as to the origins, or Barr was still pissed at Giuliani for getting Trump impeached the first time.

    • Savage Librarian says:

      I keep getting a 403 error from WordPress when I try to post a comment about a March 30, 2022 Washington Post article about Jack Maxey and the laptop. It’s an informative article by Craig Timberg, Matt Viser, and Tom Hamburger about a forensic analysis. So, if you want to read it, just do a search for Jack Maxey.

      [FYI – try clearing your browser cache. :-) /~Rayne]

      • Savage Librarian says:

        Thanks, Rayne. I already tried that multiple times. No go. But since I’m here, I also want to mention that Jack Massey is considered by himself and some MAGAs as a whistleblower. He is said to have fled to Switzerland but also lived in West Palm Beach or Palm Beach, FL.

  12. dark winter says:

    I feel like I live in a real live human pinball machine. Like, Marcy does a report. There’s always homework to get the fullness, right? Then that leads to another event in the ’rounding up the criminals/cleaning up the mess/’

    and then I get aggressive in my feelings about fuckers like Bannon, Stone…Flynn, Rudy and him leaving the memorial of 911 because our VP got a better seat. totally creepy people

    I learn so much here. I’m really grateful for all the tweets you put out Marcy. You’ve been getting rather pissed off lately AND I LOVE IT! Yelling at the lazy, stupid journalists that just are STILL just repeating the script, ie: the Impeachment Inquiry and THERE’S NO PROOF.

    you all make me want to be a ‘more informed’ person.

    pinball machine. it’s exhausting and thrilling at the same time and in real time. thank you.

  13. greengiant says:

    The very interesting update link above of the Vish Burra interview where he describes working on the lap top data in August/September/Oct 2020 and mentions Bannon, Guiliani and Kerik is probably already familiar to Hunter’s lawyers. H/T to twitter messengers and

    On Feb 1, 2023 the lawyers asked the DOJ to investigate those who handled and disseminated the “laptop”.
    About a week later they issued a letter of preservation to 11 individuals. Hmmm who are the rest of the 11?

  14. Old Rapier says:

    I’m not familiar with such filings but it sounds more like a criminal indictment than a civil lawsuit. Is that unusual? In any case I suppose that’s the point. I am pretty sure the NY Times will get on it now that they have the world of competitive boat docking covered.

    • emptywheel says:

      To make it a federal lawsuit, they charged a federal crime, CFAA.

      Which mean this may also serve as a demonstrative of the crimes DOJ has been ignoring while they’ve been chasing Hunter Biden.

  15. The Old Redneck says:

    One of the first questions which will come up is whether you can vary Delaware’s one-year law on abandonment via contract. It may depend on how strong a court considers the law to be as an expression of the “public policy” of Delaware. A lot rides on that, needless to say!

    • emptywheel says:

      Nothing rides on that.

      This is a lawsuit for the ALTERATION of the data, and for the hacking of the phone backup that was stored in encrypted condition on the laptop itself. Breaking that encryption is the alleged crime.

      • The Old Redneck says:

        No, look at Count I of the complaint. That count is based on accessing a computer, not manipulation or alteration. Also, throughout the complaint, accessing is alleged, along with manipulation, alteration, etc. Counts II and III deal with hacking and the phone data.

        • earlofhuntingdon says:

          In count one, unauthorized access to a computer is a predicate act to illegally accessing credit information originally from a “protected computer,” which means one used by a financial institution or the USG, and, therefore, used in interstate commerce.

  16. iamevets says:

    Maybe we need a special counsel for the “laptop” alone? I jest, but if Weiss has the “laptop”, or if folks like Shapley and other politicized “whistleblowers” might still have access, i don’t have confidence that the authorities are truly looking at the true violations of law regarding the “laptop”.

    • iamevets says:

      Garland would be like Oprah. “you get a special counsel, and you get a special counsel, and you get a special counsel”.

  17. zscoreUSA says:

    A huge concur from me on this point. Having read and re-read and re-read again and again your articles and the Dimitrelos reports, and getting more familiar with details of the devices and Apple ID’s. Some obfuscation that has to be deliberate. Even seemingly random and minor grammar errors, suggests that Dimitrelos produced what he knew wanted to be heard, and is hiding information that would destroy the rw narrative.

    both Shapley and Dimitrelos are deliberately unreliable narrators

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