September 14, 2023 / by emptywheel


Not Breaking News and Stop Lying to Your Followers It is: David Weiss Indicts Hunter Biden

As promised, David Weiss has indicted the President’s son. As I suspected, he added a False Statements charge, on top of the weapons charge, so even if SCOTUS rules 18 USC 922 to be unconstitutional, Weiss will still have a felony against Hunter.

He charged a total of three charges.

This is where things start to get interesting.

Remember: Abbe Lowell insists that Weiss can’t charge Hunter, because he Weiss signed a diversion agreement that — per AUSA Leo Wise — was a binding contract between DE USAO and Hunter. Over the weekend, I wrote about how even with this indictment, Weiss may have far less leverage over Hunter than he thinks.

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