Hunter Biden Twice Alleges that “Laptop” Data was “Stolen” from Him

Amid the shoddy coverage of Hunter Biden’s press conference and the impeachment vote yesterday, a detail got missed.

In both his press conference and in a motion to dismiss submitted Monday, Hunter alleged that “personal information … was stolen from me.”

James Comer, Jim Jordan, Jason Smith, and their colleagues have distorted the facts by cherry picking lines from a bank statement, manipulating texts I sent, editing the testimony of my friends and former business partners, and misstating personal information that was stolen from me. [my emphasis]

Some of the other false statements he accuses the GOP Chairmen of making are readily identifiable. For example, Abbe Lowell has scolded Smith for altering some WhatsApp texts several times. In the same Lowell letter, he complains about a misrepresentation Smith made from Rob Walker’s 302.

But it’s unclear what personal information Hunter is referencing.

In the motion to dismiss for selective and vindictive prosecution, Abbe Lowell is more clear about who — if not what — he’s discussing: It’s Rudy.

And just weeks before the 2020 presidential election, Mr. Giuliani obtained stolen electronic data from Mr. Biden and disseminated its purported contents (as well as manipulating some of it) in an attempt to create a media spectacle and undermine his President Biden’s political campaign. [my emphasis]

This is consistent with — though far stronger than — the allegation made in the lawsuit against Rudy and Robert Costello, that the men hacked his data. Rudy claims to be broke (and could be far broker once the Ruby Freeman jury, which is about to start deliberating, comes back), and is struggling to keep lawyers. Costello is not; I can’t assume Hunter would make this claim if he’s not prepared to back it up.

But if Lowell is alleging that Congress — which, best as I understand it, got a hard drive from “the laptop” from John Paul Mac Isaac — was “misstating personal information that was stolen from me,” it would not implicate Rudy. That version of the hard drive wouldn’t have gone through Rudy. It might implicate the blind computer repairman, though that claim is not part of Hunter’s countersuit of JPMI.

It could implicate the way in which the laptop was packaged up. The latter is where I’ve always suspected the potentially worst theft may have happened, but Hunter’s team has never alleged that publicly.

Whichever it is, Hunter’s evil Doppelganger Rudy has been wailing about “the laptop” at Ruby Freeman’s defamation trial. If Hunter’s team has more certainty about the way in which his data was stolen, that would be significant news.

Update: In the selective and vindictive prosecution motion, Hunter also said the dick pics were unlawfully obtained.

Setting a new low for the standards of decency in Congress, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene used an official Oversight Committee proceeding to gratuitously display blown-up sexually explicit and lewd photos—albeit unlawfully obtained—of Mr. Biden under a guise that fooled no one that her actions had something to do with “legislating.” 14

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  2. Rugger_9 says:

    I’m not so sure Rudy did not backchannel dirt to the committee, if for no other reason than to get allies for his current troubles. Rudy’s hoping it’s enough to get the foes to back off for ‘services rendered’.

    With that said, Hunter’s presser was a thing of beauty to highlight just how biased the sham investigation is. I’m also sure the presser was sold to the GOP holdouts as proof of HB’s lack of remorse as well as a challenge to subpoenas, thus the inquiry vote. The only beef I have is that HB didn’t point out what the Trump kids got for nepotistic gains. Those have never been investigated either.

    • Bears7485 says:

      Eh, I’m fine with Hunter sticking to his case and not succumbing to whataboutisms. The cable news talking dopes don’t need help on that front anyway.

      • lastoneawake says:

        This shows the sullen, crabby way to respond, and the helpful one. Thank you for your helpful response, ‘earl.

        • bmaz says:

          I am not sure of your problem with my response. It was not “sullen, crabby”. You have no clue what shit we deal with hourly 24 hours a day. If you don’t understand, feel free to bitch at someone else in another spot.

          • lastoneawake says:

            I was thanking earlofhuntington. But I come here for the hard work of Marcy. Not so much for the frustrations of her admin, which rarely adds to the discourse.

            As admin, you can always get the last word. So have at it, if you think it’s important.

            • bmaz says:

              We all work here, not just Marcy. If you want to be an intentional jerk to us, you can get lost. How much of your money and life have YOU paid to support the work here, and it is not only by Marcy. Cheap seat comments by low volume and new commenters has been a problem for a while now. Take yourself out of that category, we do not need your assistance.

            • Pat Neomi says:

              To echo Bruce: bmaz can obviously hold his own without my input. But lastoneawake, you’re being disingenuous by claiming to be only “thanking” earl. You DID do that. But you were clearly taking potshots at bmaz, too. As much as I’d rather not have to wade through ad hominem, BS comments here, I’m sure the “admins” REALLY don’t want to have to deal with shit like this. Let’s keep the discourse smart and focused. That’s why we (or most of us, in any case) come here.

          • punaise says:

            Ah, c’mon bmaz: “sullen and crabby” is your middle name! It’s your brand – own it!

            (Or maybe it’s the name of your law firm?)

        • earlofhuntingdon says:

          Civility is over-rated, and often an excuse Goopers use to censor speech. The contents of my comment should have been obvious to any reader of Raw Story, and so should have been the recommendation to cite original sources. The latter is a defining characteristic of the site you’re reading.

  3. James Milot says:

    “… far broker”

    Sometimes it’s fine to modify an absolute, like when Rudy’s finances are the topic.

    • earlofhuntingdon says:

      Rudy’s been screaming for a year that he’s broke, and has failed to pay some of his most important bills, such as the one to the lawyer who stopped representing him because of it. Now, Rudy might be loony. But how possible is it that he’s been hiding stuff for a long time; a lot of money, perhaps, but not enough to pay his aggregate judgments. And his NYC apartment, now listed at $6.1 million, is still unsold.

      • elcajon64 says:

        As Rudy is connected to people who understand that “the Russians” could just buy something for whatever the sale price is – and has an unsold NYC apartment – it seems like he’s not going to have any money.

        • Valerie Klyman-Clark says:

          Doesn’t Rudy also have multiple ex-wives to which he owes alimony? I seem to recall at least one of them (the last one, not the cousin-derp) accusing Rudy of hiding money to avoid paying her. Oy. America’s Mayor, eh?

    • earlofhuntingdon says:

      When you plead to fifty months, you’re worried about double that if you go to trial, with a court unlikely to be lenient on a guy who was a former head of counter-intel for the FBI’s NY field office. Plus, he avoided a public airing of stuff he, his patrons and former clients might not relish being made public.

  4. David F. Snyder says:

    I see that Lowell also filed on Tuesday “MR. BIDEN’S RESPONSE IN SUPPORT OF HIS MOTION FOR ISSUANCE OF RULE 17(C) SUBPOENAS DUCES TECUM” seeking discovery from Trump, Barr, Donoghue, and Rosen. So, they’re reaffirming the subpoenas request in the event that the MTD is denied.
    https: //ecf .ded .uscourts .gov /cgi-bin/

    • bmaz says:

      Fine, duces tecum is only for documents and physical things. Smart move to re-up that with more specificity.

  5. timbozone says:

    Yeah, I caught that too watching the video yesterday. It was good to hear Hunter Biden standing up for himself and going on the attack publicly against the corrupt members of Congress and the media who are less interested in legality and facts and more interested in besmirching the Biden name.

    • Savage Librarian says:

      Now Trasher, Now Basher,
      Now Donald and Nixon,
      On Comer, On Stupid,
      On Barr-gain and Blitz-kin!


      Wingnuts boasting as they open fire,
      Jack Smith nipping at their toes,
      Wild-eyed perils being slung by a liar,
      A hoax dressed up with Don’s low blows.

      Everybody knows the turkey
      in this puppet show,
      Helps to make them squeeze the right,
      Whiny bots with their guise in shadow,
      Won’t find it hard to keep uptight.

      They know with Santos on his way,
      Dice is loaded, lots of noise,
      and Rudy’s now at bay,
      & every muther’s riled or a fall guy,
      To be arraigned here, shill, it’s not so fly

      And so I’m offering this simple phrase,
      For charges from one to ninety-one,
      Although it’s been said
      many times, many ways,
      Dirty business Don spun.

      Martina McBride – The Christmas Song (Live)

      • Ginevra diBenci says:

        SL, your talent is unfathomable. Over and over again, you displace the originals for earworm space in my brain. Jack Smith will now take Jack Frost’s place for the rest of time; my loved ones will think it’s dementia; and when I try to tell them it’s Savage Librarian, that will just confirm the worst of their fears!

        I salute you, once again.

  6. zscoreUSA says:

    If Hunter’s team has more certainty about the way in which his data was stolen, that would be significant news.

    It sure seems like Hunter does have some certainty about the way, and I believe by who, his data was stolen. And I believe the words at the press conference by Hunter has a message for an intended audience.

  7. Old Rapier says:

    Unless there is an indictment related to the hacking of Hunter’s phones, email and other accounts, or hacking the ‘laptop’ along with the various hard drives connected to it, and other laptops and personal devices then Biden’s words will just be dust in the wind. So under what possible circumstance would there be any internal FBI or Justice Department look see into it all? If FanDual put up numbers I think it would be a million to one.

    I’d be happy to be wrong.

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