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  1. Bay State Librul says:

    136 days to the election.
    I’m worried.
    My guess this week is that Trump will pull out of the debate citing some lie

    • Rayne says:

      I worry more he’ll stay in but that Netanyahu’s appearance before Congress on 6/24 will have been coordinated with Trump’s debate participation.

      • Sussex Trafalgar says:

        I agree!

        Mariam Adelson and Timothy Melon are spending their tens of millions now to help keep Netanyahu in power and also help Trump defeat Biden this November.

    • ExRacerX says:

      I can’t find any betting odds online, but I gotta figure it’s more likely Trump will be a no-show than a participant.

    • gruntfuttock says:

      ‘136 days’

      In the UK we’ve got a mere two weeks to go and everybody I know is sick of it already. How you Americans put up with the cruel and unusual punishment of your elections is beyond me. ;-)

      • David Brooks says:

        Well, let’s remember that the election campaign starts in the House at the first of the new Parliament’s PMQs.

    • Grain of Sand says:

      Don’t worry. Be happy.
      It’s a win for dems, whether he shows up or pulls out,

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  2. Savage Librarian says:

    Top-notch program, Marcy and Nicole. And it was fun to learn the personal info at the beginning, too.

    About Rahimi, is it possible that it might help Hunter by way of the inclusion of a requirement that a judicial ruling on the domestic abuse violator is present before they are denied purchase of a firearm?

    So, would that mean Hunter would have had to be ruled an addict by a judge prior to being denied purchase of a firearm?

    I may be misunderstanding some things.

    • gruntfuttock says:

      ‘I may be misunderstanding some things.’

      I think you just summed up my entire life :-)

  3. Clare Kelly says:

    Again, thanks for doing this.

    I hope Marcy enjoys her respite, and Nicole continues to recover from her bout with COVID.

    There was, yet again, a lot to unpack.

    In terms of Judge Cannon:
    “Judge Cannon has had at least two law clerks quit on her, according to multiple sources—including individuals who serve in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, where she sits.”
    David Lat
    “Original Jurisdiction” Substack
    March 21, 2024

    While I don’t know definitively whether these reports are true, nor the reasoning (if true), if I were a clerk already uncomfortable with Cannon’s lack of jurisprudence, as evidenced by the 11th circuit panel ruling, the alleged advice by the chief justice of the district court might be the final impetus for me to ‘Exit Stage Left’.

    In terms of the political press not dealing with the breathtakingly obvious ramifications of:
    “Speaker Johnson appoints two Trump allies to a committee that handles classified intelligence”

    …the irony of The PBS News Hour’s Lisa Desjardins nodding her head and somewhat fawning over Margaret Sullivan during her interview yesterday regarding WaPo, while completely missing her own active participation in the antithesis of “not the odds, but the stakes”, was visceral for me.

    Along with other journalists, Desjardins appears to have learned nothing from the 2016 Presidential race, continues to amplify Trump’s fascist messages, while seemingly equating the job of political coverage with that of a bookie.

    As I’m still off X, and haven’t jumped into Bluesky, there are a few references from this podcast I missed.

    Thanks again.

  4. Zinsky123 says:

    First, thank you for making these interviews with Nicole Sanders available. They always provide more depth and color to Marcy’s posts here on emptywheel and her posts on Twitter. I also like the ability to “time shift” them and listen to them when it is convenient for me (like Saturday afternoons). So, thanks again. On the Macron documents found in Trump’s desk – I hate to get creepy on you but Trump is probably sexually obsessed with Macron’s wife! I remember back in 2017 when Trump met with Macron in France and made creepy comments about her figure, like this one:
    Never forget that Trump is a sexual predator and uses every occasion of meeting an attractive woman as an opportunity to size her up and evaluate how to attack her and have his way with her. Guaranteed – this is how this animal functions…

  5. Elizabeth Fuller says:

    I have been trying without success for weeks to find where the “transcripts” are. Can anyone who has actually found a transcript tell me how to look? I have had one replay that suggested something, but it’s not anything that shows up for me on Firefox or Chrome.

    • Clare Kelly says:

      Hey again, Elizabeth.

      On Apple Podcast App, click through to the lastest episode, click on the three dots in the upper right corner then click through to “View Transcript” while listening to the podcast.

      • Elizabeth Fuller says:

        Thanks, Clare— reading more carefully, I see my problem. This only works with the app on a device, and presumably is like closed captioning. I was looking for an actual transcript, which would be quicker for me to read than listening to a podcast. I was chasing up a non-existent tree.

        • Clare Kelly says:

          That makes sense.

          I think the tree exists in a gated forest …for now. :)

          I submitted a request to “Tapesearch (.com)” to include
          Emptywheel Fridays on the Nicole Sandler Show.

          Fingers crossed.

    • Nicole Sandler says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      To find the transcripts on Spotify, you have to click the link to “Listen on Spotify”. You don’t have to download the app. But it will take to you the show’s page on Spotify. There, under the green Play button are two tabs. One is “description” the other is “transcript”.
      The direct link to Friday’s show is
      I hope that helps!


  6. xyxyxyxy says:

    Nothing about what’s happening in this country feels sane. Every election cycle in the past I don’t know how many decades, has felt like if we get a Republican president and legislatures we’re doomed. Reagan, Bushes, Dole, McCain, Romney, Trump. Each of those names gives me agita.
    And now even judges.

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