July 6, 2024 / by Rayne


Memory Lane: Did You Forget about the Golf?

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It’s a summer Saturday which has always been a golf day in Chez Rayne. Not that I’ve always played golf on this day of the week but I can count on my spouse hitting the links every Saturday from spring to fall.

Likewise you can bet your ass the orange-tinted former bawbag is playing golf.

Just as you could count on him playing golf while he was president, for more than 22% of his days he served in office.

What, you forgot that lard ass mooched off taxpayers this badly? Apparently the media has zero interest in reminding you.

Now imagine what an imperial president who can’t be restrained would do with their time if they could simply call their Florida home the Southern White House and their 18-holes of cheating an official act.

But Joe Biden is old.

Sadly, the Trump Golf Count website has been shuttered; it’s only available now in the Internet Archive. Would an imperial presidency permit a new golf count website if Trump is the imperial president?

Would we be able to learn just how badly Trump fucks taxpayers while cheating on his golf courses?

Will Trump screw with foreign and domestic policy by continuing Trump org’s relationship with LIV Golf, dispatching critics by bone saw as an official act?

Will the media accidentally video Trump saying, “Grab ’em by the wallet. They’ll let you do that if you’re king.”

This is an open thread.

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