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Lol, Rudy Tudy Is Moldy Fruity

Rudy had his lawyer promise to the jury that Rudy would testify and explain the truth. Nope, he not only failed to personally testify, he put on no defense at all. Mothers, don’t let your babies to ever grow up to be this stupid. $148 million. Wow. You all should get ready to learn about: […]

Sandra Day

Sandra Day O’Connor has passed away. Don’t let anyone spoof you, she was one of the nicest, brightest and best people you could ever hope to meet. Gracious is not enough of a word to describe her. She went from the smartest girl in the room at Stanford Law to not being able to get […]


In a now formal, but not unexpected, decision in Colorado yet another local county judge has issued a somewhat convoluted, but yet clear, decision that the 14th Amendment, specifically section 3, cannot be used by a handful of common citizens to sway the election of a President Of The United States. The decision is here. […]

Most Underrated Trash Talk

We had a bit of a detour on Marcy’s Absolute Immunity post. To get it out of the way here, yes I think the absolute immunity claim is ludicrous. But that is what Trump does. But the detour started with Adrian Belew being underrated. He was, and still is. What about other legendary, yet still […]

Goodbye Margaritaville

Well, shit fuck damn. Jimmy Buffett has up and died. One of the better performers ever. Saw several times, but the most memorable was at Red Rocks. which was twice, because the first one was killed by a storm. Also once saw Jimmy play a whole show from a chair on the end of the […]