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Goodbye Margaritaville

Well, shit fuck damn. Jimmy Buffett has up and died. One of the better performers ever. Saw several times, but the most memorable was at Red Rocks. which was twice, because the first one was killed by a storm. Also once saw Jimmy play a whole show from a chair on the end of the […]

Thomas, Alito and Christmas Cookies

You have heard about the private jet and yacht trips given to Clarence Thomas, the jet trips given to Samuel Alito, etc. The stories of this type of absolute impropriety are seemingly endless. Senior Massachusetts District Judge Michael Ponsor has penned an op-ed in today’s New York Times: in which he discuses the acceptable limits […]

How Many Podunk Local DAs Ought to Arrogate Themselves Federal Election Police?

For anybody that has read me here, or followed me on Twitter, you know I have maintained from the start that Fani Willis, and her “investigation” is a complete joke. Have also maintained the Trump conspiracy actions in Arizona were as bad as Georgia, if not worse. Apparently the national media has caught on to […]


Who is the best frontman in rock and roll history? I don’t think it is even close. It is Mick. Here is some early Stones from 1971. Okay, there are later things. From Copacabana Beach in front of an intimate crowd of nearly 1.5 million. The Glimmer Twins did that again in Havana and lit […]