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Goodbye Earl Trump

“Well, the weeks went by and spring turned to summer And summer faded into fall And it turns out he was a missing person who nobody missed at all” Listen, this has been really over since mid Wednesday morning. Am not sure how long The Arizona Republic has called this race, but pretty sure it […]

Dr. Fauci Has No More Fucks Left To Give

This point was always going to arrive. An actually educated and aware specialist trying to deal with an obtuse oaf. “The impact of a vaccine, he said, would depend on both its efficacy and the proportion of people who take it. Fauci cautions that, even if scientists release a vaccine by the beginning of next […]

Van Halen

Not by any choice, we revert to being a music blog. They were originally four, and they came out of Pasadena/Hollywood. A friend went to high school with them. David Lee Roth may have been the lead singer, but Eddie Van Halen was always the founder and glue. First saw them at a local radio […]

What A Week Trash Talk

Since the period where there was no sports to trash talk about, and this turned into a music blog, it has been hard to get back into the normal trash groove. Let’s try to get back to it, because everything else is botched up. The NBA has actually been pretty good in their bubble, but […]

Really Big Girl

Yeah, she was that and everything. RBG became a thing, not just in hip hop, but popular culture. And she earned every ounce of it. I once knew Sandra Day. Was she as much of a hero, especially to progressives that I would rather associate with? Nope. But RBG came to be the successor, and […]