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It Is A Mad Mad World

So, while some digital jackass named “Microchip” is dominating so much discussion here, let us talk about other things. When I was a kid, I read Mad Magazine. If I had to ride my training wheels bicycle there to the local store, I did. There were Playboys there on the shelf, and I did not […]

The 98 Luftballoons

Alrighty then, as TV news is still consumed by the Chinese balloon thing, I need to get a couple of things in. Did the US shoot it down when over Cheney’s sparse area of the country? Nope. Nor before that. Let it wander all the way to The Atlantic. If it was ever a threat […]

JBG And Other Trash Talk

Jeff Beck has passed away. He was not in the Beatles, not in the Stones, nor in The Who or Experience. But Jeff Beck could really play guitar. RIP Mr. Beck. There is professional football afoot too. Squawks are at the Niners. Brock Purdy may encounter midnight, but he is not that kind of kid. […]

The J6 Committee Proves Themselves To Be Suspect Media Whores

Well, here it is. J6 Chairman Bennie Thompson, clearly fueled by Liz Cheney, is going to do one of the dumbest things ever. A “criminal referral” from this Committee means absolutely nothing. The DOJ will prosecute individuals and/or entities on their own. “Referrals” from Thompson, Cheney and the J6 Committee mean less than nothing legally. […]