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SDNY Showed Probable Cause Rudy Giuliani Was Criming While He Represented Trump in the Russian Investigation

A recent court filing reveals that SDNY showed probable cause that Rudy Giuliani committed a crime — probably, serving as an unregistered agent for Ukrainian agents, including Russian backed ones, during the period he was representing the former President in the Mueller investigation.

Networks of Insurrection: “Trump is literally calling people to DC in a show of force”

The big militia conspiracies are an important part of the January 6 investigation. But so are the random people who witnessed the violence on the East door or the guys who armed with “giant beating sticks,” and expressed the deliberate goal of chasing members of Congress away from their task of certifying the vote.

DOJ Put Someone Who Enabled Sidney Powell’s Lies — Jocelyn Ballantine — in Charge of Prosecuting the Proud Boys

Less than a year ago, actions that prosecutor Jocelyn Ballantine took facilitated lies Sidney Powell told about the Mike Flynn prosecution. Nevertheless, DOJ apparently put Ballantine on a team investigating the most critical players in the January 6 attack incited, in part, by Powell’s later lies about the election.