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Two Days after Julian Assange Threatened Don Jr, Accused Vault 7 Leaker Joshua Schulte Took to Tor

Monday, the government rolled out a superseding indictment for former NSA and CIA hacker Joshua Schulte, accusing him (obliquely) of leaking the CIA’s hacking tools that became the Vault 7 release from Wikileaks. The filings in his docket (as would the search warrants his series of defense attorneys would have seen) make it clear that the […]

In Attempt to Learn How Much Mueller Knows about Roger Stone’s “Collusion,” Devin Nunes Blames FBI for Stone and Michael Caputo’s Perjury to HPSCI

Roger Stone and Michael Caputo lied to Devin Nunes’ committee to hide one instance where they considered conspiring with a Russian to obtain dirt on Hillary Clinton. Devin Nunes’ response to that clear case of perjury is to call for the impeachment of Rod Rosenstein and Christopher Wray.