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Why a Clinton Foundation/Crossfire Hurricane Comparison Might Backfire

John Durham is comparing how the Clinton Foundation and Crossfire Hurricane investigations worked. While the use of oppo research to take investigative steps may not compare favorably to the Russian investigation, the leaking and biased FBI Agents might look Crossfire Hurricane look far more professional if he continues down this path.

“A Digital Pearl Harbor:” The Ways in Which the Vault 7 Leak Could Have Compromised US and British Assets’ Identities

WikiLeaks would like to believe that nothing happened after 2013 that would change DOJ’s understanding of those earlier exposures of US (and British) assets. 

But the very same Mike Pompeo speech that they’ve all been citing explained precisely what changed. The US government had a different understanding of WikiLeaks’ facilitation of the exposure of its assets identities.

Wherein WikiLeaks Brags about Entertaining a Pardon Dangle from a Suspected Russian Asset and a White Supremacist

For some reason, Julian Assange’s lawyer thought it would help his case to testify about just one of the four pardon pitches — all involving Russia — made for Julian Assange since he helped authoritarian Donald Trump become President.