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Ten Things TV Lawyers Can Do Rather than Whinging about Merrick Garland

In the face of Republicans’ unrelenting attack on democracy, expert commentators who support democracy have a choice: They can defend the rule of law and shame those who have denigrated it, or they can spend their time complaining about the guy trying, however imperfectly, to defend it himself. The latter will make Garland less able to do his job, the former will help him do whatever he is willing to do.

The Disinformation that Got Told: Michael Cohen Was, in Fact, Hiding Secret Communications with the Kremlin

If the dossier was significantly disinformation, then all Americans were victims of it. It turned a legitimate concern about real Russian interference into American elections into one of the biggest sources of political polarization in recent history. As such, disinformation injected into the dossier should increasingly be treated as central part of the 2016 Russian influence operation — perhaps its most successful and lasting part.