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DOJ’s Accounting of Its FISA Errors Cannot Be Compared to the Carter Page Report

Many people are suggesting that the results of DOJ’s review of 29 FISA applications in which DOJ IG found a bunch of errors shows that Carter Page’s application was exceptionally bad. On the contrary, it only shows that Bill Barr’s DOJ applies different rules to measure the Russian investigation than it has other investigations.

Ben Wittes Gets Stung by the Trump Effect

Federal intelligence targeting networks — especially when wielded by those who don’t understand the networks they’re looking at — will always impinge on First Amendment activities. It just so happens that now it is impinging on the First Amendment activities of those who used to applaud such approaches. 

Billy Barr Admits, for the Third and Fourth Time, that He Intervenes without Knowing the Facts

In his opening statement for his House Judiciary Committee testimony today, Billy Barr spends five paragraphs explaining he returned to office to right what he believes was a wrong in the “Russiagate” investigation. That means his entire decision to return to government was based off a mistaken understanding of that investigation.