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SDNY Prosecutors Protect Trump’s Privacy to Enter into a Joint Defense Agreement with the Russian Mob

A privilege battle has erupted in the Ukrainian Grifter’s case, with Lev Parnas trying to release more damning information on Trump and Rudy and SDNY putting up Igor Fruman to object, both in his own interest, and for the interest of those he’s in a Joint Defense Agreement.

Propaganda and Flattery: Jack Posobiec Parrots Adam Schiff’s Case for Impeachment

After listening to the recording of Lev Parnas getting Trump to call for Marie Yovanovitch’s ouster last night, Jack Posobiec declared Parnas a “spy.” That puts him in agreement with an argument that House Impeachment Manager Adam Schiff made Friday: that Trump can be made to undermine the national security of the United States with little more than flattery and propaganda.