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An Issue of Fairness

mamayaga makes a superb point, in response to Byron Calame’s explanation that withholding the NSA domestic spying story was an issue of fairness:

[C]andidatesaffected by a negative article deserve to have time — several days to aweek — to get their response disseminated before voters head to thepolls.

To which mamayaga asks:

By the same logic, shouldn’t the major news media have held the storyof bin Laden’s conveeeenient new videotape until a few days

The Plot Thickens

So here’s how the plot was going to work. 20 men of South Asian descent, traveling in pairs, buy tickets for flights the US on-line. They pack their carry-ons carefully, with their bottles of acetone and hydrogen peroxide. They’re a little nervous as they approach Check-In, but confident that things will go well.

The Gray Lady's Gray Area

Byron Calame pretends to come clean today, forcing the NYT to admit that it knew about the NSA domestic spying story before the 2004 elections. Come clean, you say? Then he must have revealed precisely when Risen first had the story, right?

Not really.

Calame comes closest to revealing precisely when the NYT had the NSA story when he says,

Holding a fresh draft of the story just days before the electionalso was

What a Difference a Year Makes

I’m having a little bit of deja vu this morning. When I did my post on the background to Cheney’s Old Man Shooting Party, I reviewed the fundraiser that attracted Bush Pioneers from all over the country–including Katharine “Where’s Waldo of Republican Warmongering” Armstrong, who owns Dick’s shooting range–the annual fundraiser at the Broken Spoke Ranch.

How Many Terrorists Does One F-16 Get You?

Fred Kaplan tries to teach BushCo a lesson about cooperating with unsavory regimes by pointing out the central role Pakistan played in yesterday’s big terrorist bust.

There’s a broader lesson here, and it speaks to the Bushadministration’s present jam throughout the Middle East and in otherdanger zones. If the British had adopted the same policy toward dealingwith Pakistan that Bush has adopted toward dealing with, say, Syria orIran (namely, it’s an evil

GOP Domestic Spying and "Trepidation"

Amidst the hoopla about threats to America yesterday, a Walter Pincus story about a different kind of threat to America kind of fell through the cracks. Pincus reported that the top two officials of the Counterintelligence Field Activity, CIFA, abruptly announced their resignation (effective the end of the month). Justin Rood at TPMM managed to get a copy of the resignation email, which basically described how two guys decided to resign

What Would Joe Do for $17,000?

Scout Prime has a really superb post up on this WaPo article, which in turn talks about the big contractors that failed miserably in their Katrina response, but which have just gotten new contracts for further hurricaine response. From Scout Prime’s post:

Companies that received 4 FEMA Katrina contracts “repeatedly faulted”by the DHS inspector general, congressional auditors and the Senatereceived 4 new FEMA contracts for future hurricane work.

Marty Marty Marty

I’m going to take a guess and say that Marty Peretz has been designated as the guy who will give Joementum cover for joining the Republican party, in fact if not in name. I say that for two reasons. First, there’s this little bit of nuttiness:

Worse can besaid of Bill Clinton’s stumping in Connecticut for Joe (and Hillary’sendorsement, too.) When Clinton came into the state, Lieberman andLamont were running dead even

Unsound Methods

Via Steve Gilliard I see we’re still using unsound methods to create ourselves some informers.

The story of the San Francisco resident [Yassine Ouassif] — a security guard andpart-time engineering student — is in some ways unremarkable. He is oneof many immigrants investigated, yet not charged or deported, in thepost-Sept. 11 era.

How to Lose

About one thing the squalling Neocon Democrats are consistent. They claim that their positions–centrism and hawkishness–are the winning positions. But they ignore that in both recent elections and recent wars, those “winning” policies brought Democrats and the US only failure.

Which is about all you need to know about Marty Peretz’ latest straw man op-ed, beyond the fact that is filled with nasty name-calling.