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Digging through Old Articles…

Steven Clemons asks a question many of us (not least Swopa) have been asking for two years. Who is the SAO in the WaPo’s September 28 article?

But Jeff has gotten me re-examining an even more intriguing article, the October 12 WaPo article the followed up and elaborated on the earlier WaPo article.This article is interesting because while it largely aligns with what we know from Libby’s indictment, it also suggests there

John Dean Sends Woodward a Letter

There is no way anyone who is remotely familiar with Fitzgerald’s history–or Dean’s attentiveness to the Plame Affair–would take this line from John Dean’s recent letter seriously:

I believe that you were selected with theexpectation that you would conduct the narrowest of investigations, andit seems you have done just that.

Fitzgerald is famous for diligently, patiently, meticulously grabbing hold of one tiny thread of a crime and with it shredding giant conspiracies.