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The Two New Material Errors Are the News from the IG Report on Woods File Errors

DOJ IG released another of its reports on FISA, showing that for 2.6% of FISA applications, the FBI didn’t have any Woods file attesting to the accuracy of discrete factual claims in the application. But while the report shows far more substantive issues that need to be addressed with the FISA process, it doesn’t acknowledge that those substantive issues are more important to the integrity of the process than Woods files.

WikiLeaks’ Intent in Publishing (and Not Publishing) CIA’s Hacking Tools Was To Wreck the Agency

One of several things missing from Yahoo’s clickbait story about the things CIA was not permitted to do in the wake of learning its hacking tools had been stolen is that WikiLeaks helped Edward Snowden flee with the specific intent of inspiring someone like Joshua Schulte, the alleged Vault 7 leaker, to steal those files with the goal of “wrecking” the CIA. 

Alex Jones Used the Promise of a Permit and a Stage to Lure Hundreds to the East Steps

Ali Alexander used some front organizations to obtain a permit for (among other places) the East side of the Capitol, where he put up a stage. The permit and the stage were the excuse Alex Jones used to lure hundreds of people to the East side of the Capitol. But he brought them to the steps, where many of them breached the building from a second front.