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John Durham Wants Permission to Delay Providing Evidence of How Weak His Michael Sussmann Case Is

John Durham has already stalled over two months to provide Michael Sussmann evidence that shows his case against him is weak. And according to details about a scheduling dispute Sussmann made public yesterday, Durham would like permission to continue stalling on providing that evidence.

How One CCTV Camera Was Rendered Ineffective Over Two Hours on January 6

A screen cap in the arrest affidavit for Josiah Kenyon makes clear why the Capitol Police have resisted widespread release of surveillance video from January 6. Over the course of two hours, liquids thrown inside the Tunnel and the change of light with the setting sun made the video almost useless for capturing Kenyon’s alleged crime on video.

Ten Things TV Lawyers Can Do Rather than Whinging about Merrick Garland

In the face of Republicans’ unrelenting attack on democracy, expert commentators who support democracy have a choice: They can defend the rule of law and shame those who have denigrated it, or they can spend their time complaining about the guy trying, however imperfectly, to defend it himself. The latter will make Garland less able to do his job, the former will help him do whatever he is willing to do.