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“Notwithstanding”: How Congress Enabled Chuck Hagel and Ash Carter to Keep Child Rape and Torture from Disrupting Forever War

After a victim of child rape by Afghan forces killed three Marines in Afghanistan in 2015, Congress asked SIGAR to investigate how Afghan units continue to receive funding in light of known human rights abuses. Congress has enabled violation of the Leahy laws that prevent such funding by stating that funds to Afghan forces can be provided “notwithstanding any other provision of law”.

Retired Generals of Flynn-Associated IP3: “United States Mideast Strategy Is Resourcing Conflict”

The retired generals of IP3, one of the companies that Michael Flynn advised and interacted with but did not disclose in his security clearance renewal, state that current US strategy in the Middle East is to “resource conflict”. That is a stunning admission and rare bit of self-awareness that could be used as a springboard to a better policy.