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COVID-19 Exposes Migrant Worker Conditions Amounting To Modern Day Slavery In Florida Agriculture

Alachua County in Florida has added 91 new COVID-19 cases over the past two days, raising its total by about 20 percent. This outbreak, when coupled with similar outbreaks among migrant agricultural workers in Immokalee and across the state, bring to light the conditions amounting to a version of modern day slavery under which these workers are forced to labor.

How Many COVID-19 Deaths Is Ron DeSantis Hiding?

Ron DeSantis fired Rebekah Jones, who developed and managed the Florida database for COVID-19 deaths on May 1, just as he “reopened” the state. Since her departure, the number of deaths reported has dropped even though the reported number of new cases per day has been reported as steady. Floridians are now confronted with relying on a database that may well have been manipulated when they are trying to make life and death decisions that depend on accurate information.

Pompeo’s Latest Attempts To Propel Propaganda On Lab Escape Of SARS CoV-2 Suffer Two Epic Swat-Downs

Two reports (possibly based on the same fabrication) claiming the SARS CoV-2 virus was accidentally released by the Wuhan Institute of Virology have been thoroughly debunked by the media in the US and Australia. Mike Pompeo has been at the forefront in catapulting the false propaganda in these reports. A significant portion of the “documentation” for the propaganda appears to have originated with State Department leaks. All of which leads one to wonder whether Steve Linick was looking into Pompeo’s role in spreading this demonstrably false information.

Jail Couldn’t Silence The Music Of Albany In 1961 And A Voluntary Lockdown Won’t Silence Them Now

The parallels between 1961 and 2020 in Albany are striking. The citizens of Albany took a stand for what is right in 1961 and were locked up for it. They realized that this suffering while locked up would help everyone in the struggle for civil rights. Today, the citizens of Albany are once again organizing and this time they’re locking themselves up. Just like before though, this round of being locked up is being undertaken with the knowledge that it is for the good of their community and their country.

Digging Through The Science—And The Noise—On What Is Known About The Origin Of SARS CoV-2

Scientific analysis says SARS CoV-2 is very closely related to coronaviruses seen in bats. There is evidence suggesting, but not proving, that the virus made the jump to humans at the Wuhan wet market, possibly through an intermediate animal other than bats. There is no concrete evidence at this time for the alternative explanation of the virus accidentally escaping a lab in Wuhan, despite many claims that that is the case.