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Understanding Covid-19 for Viral Newbies

These days we’re drowning in information about the pandemic, but without much context for understanding the virus causing it. With a never-before-seen virus, the best place to get that context is from looking at the history of previous diseases, and by understanding what they’ve done to our biology and society, as we try to figure […]

Une FAQ Utile

(My friend Meor and @rafi0t have traslated my Covid-19 FAQ into French for the francophones out there- QN; Ed: for those who missed the English version the first time, it is here.) 1. Vais-je mourir? Oui, malheureusement, tout le monde meurt. 2. Non, je veux dire est ce que je vais mourir du Covid 19? […]

Shelter in Place

In the final hours before the six-county Shelter in Place order came into effect in Northern California, signs went up, people gathered for last drinks, and the homeless tried to find warm places to sleep. Here are some scenes from San Francisco’s Mission District and the Castro, just before the order came into force. Cliff’s […]

A helpful FAQ on Covid 19

1. Am I going to die? Yes, unfortunately everyone dies. 2. No, I mean am I going to die of Covid 19? Oh right, that! Probably not. Most people who get it have fairly minor symptoms. Though by minor, I mean not life threatening, not necessarily pleasant to experience. Current estimates are that 80% of […]

What Happens After You’re Cancelled

I was folding laundry with my partner one day when I looked up at him and said, “Do you think they’d be happy if I did kill myself?”

He looked at me, and took a long breath, and said, “No.”

“You’re right,” I said, “I know it. Nothing makes them happy.”

It’s Une Wonderful Strike

Last year, eight million people got on SNCF trains in France and went to visit their loved ones for Christmas. This year, a week before Christmas, almost no trains are running at all. France is paralyzed in a general strike against sweeping and nebulous changes to the social support system that would ripple down through […]

Some Things That are True About France

These are a few things to help Americans understand what’s happening in France (and even some suggestive gesturing as to why you should care). It has some of the best healthcare system in the world. This is arguable, but only in the edge cases. Access to healthcare, and the practical matters of getting help are […]