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Thursday Morning: War All The Time

War All The Time — seems appropriate now, and it’s been more than a dozen years since this song was released. Also rather pathetic that MTV censored a reference to suicide in this tune, like a drop of merthiolate on a gaping wound. Say it isn’t so, girl! Wendy’s investigating possible breaches On the face […]

Tuesday Morning: Chasing the Clouds Away

Hope by this afternoon all the major thoroughfares are clear and transportation nearly back to normal along the east coast. You’d think by now we’d have developed and installed self-maintaining highways that melt ice and snow, right? For now, let’s dig. A former Goldman Sachs exec parts company with CenturyLink They called it “creating an […]

Monday Morning: Get a Pick and Shovel

Mississippi John Hurt’s lyrics seem appropriate this morning — get a pick and shovel to dig your way out of all that snow and ice this Monday morning. Getting a late start here because I stayed up watching the X-Files revival. Apple iMessage users’ content at risk if backed up to iCloud While iMessages themselves […]

Friday Morning: Thank a Goddess

Yeah, you can thank Frīġe for her dæġ — Friday is her day. Frigg, Frea, or Freyja, has been lumped into sky-and-weather-goddesses category though I don’t recall running across a folktale about her actually doing weather-y stuff. Hope you were prepared for snow if you live in eastern U.S.; Frigg won’t be as much help […]

Thursday Morning: Trouble, We Haz It

Quite literally I went looking for Trouble, and I found this video by José James from the AllSaints Basement Sessions. Might be the first time looking for trouble paid off. Drug makers struggle with ‘supply and demand’ concept Speaking of trouble, the World Economic Forum meets at Davos, Switzerland this week to engage in its […]

Wednesday Morning: Whac-A-Mole

Can’t bop them on the head fast enough. There are just too many issues popping up. See which ones you can nail. And GO! Video popularity in Facebook’s ‘walled garden’ means change for news outlets This is not good. This is AOL’s model come full circle. Increasingly Facebook is shutting down access from outside, forcing […]

Tuesday Morning: Flip Off

Flip off a few caps; Death came for a few more well-loved artists. Rest well, Glenn Frey, Dale Griffin, Dallas Taylor. Gonna’ be one heck of a band on the other side. [Edit: Mic Gillette, too? Stop already, Grim Reaper, check your targeting.] Hope the cull is done because obituaries are not my thing. Hard […]

Monday Morning: So Good to Me

Yeah, Mondays start off well as we emerge from the safe warm cocoon of our beds to begin our day. But Monday evenings are a different kettle of fish. Like this Monday — we’ve enjoyed a weekend’s cozy glow from soft power exercised through diplomacy now that the IAEA kicked off the new Joint Comprehensive Plan of […]

Friday Morning: Damned Long Week Done

If another artist of note has died, don’t tell me. After losing David Bowie and now Alan Rickman this week, I can’t deal. We should have had another 20 years with these guys. I can think of some people I’d trade to have them back, can’t you? JetBlue had a boo-boo: temporary data center service […]