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NSA’s PRISM and the Oddity of PalTalk

Remember this presentation slide on PRISM from last month’s blockbuster report by the Guardian-UK? Remember the one outlier right smack in the middle of the slide — the company name most folks don’t recognize? PalTalk. Very few news outlets tackled PalTalk, explaining what the business is and asking why it was included in the program. […]

The Shell Game: What is Microsoft Doing?

What is this so-called tech company doing? Microsoft sees itself as going head-to-head with Apple and Google. The 10-year chart above comparing Microsoft, Apple, and Google stock tells us this has been a delusional perception. It also sees itself in competition with IBM. Yet IBM surpassed it in market value two years ago, even after […]

Failing Our Hoodies

Some of you may have been at Netroots Nation this summer, along with Team Emptywheel. I couldn’t go this year. I stayed home because my teen son needs more parental guidance right now. My once-sunny 15-and-a-half year-old who carried As and Bs all through grades K-8 suddenly became a difficult student. He failed a class […]

The Union Imperfect

Like Marcy, I find myself pondering today the Declaration of Independence as well as the subsequent system of government set in motion with publication of this influential document. So much of what our founding fathers protested about the monarchy was the unilateral nature of governance. The signatories quite literally signed their death warrants as they […]

The Truth: The NSA Has Been Working on Domestic Spying for Ten-Plus Years

The yapping of national security conservatives, whether self-identified as Republicans or Democrats, obscures the truth when they denigrate Edward Snowden’s flight to Hong Kong and subsequent attempts at whistleblowing. The truth is this: •  Others before Snowden tried to go through so-called chain of command or proper channels to complain about the National Security Agency’s domestic […]

Seeing Through the Blizzard to Utah: How Much Space Does Metadata Need

In the blizzard of half-truths, dissembling, and prevarications about the nature of the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs, it’s easy to lose sight of the obvious. In this case, the obvious is about one million square feet in size. First, a few other large scale objects for comparison: Here’s Google’s data center in The Dalles, […]