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There is no way anyone who is remotely familiar with Fitzgerald’s history–or Dean’s attentiveness to the Plame Affair–would take this line from John Dean’s recent letter seriously:

I believe that you were selected with theexpectation that you would conduct the narrowest of investigations, andit seems you have done just that.

Fitzgerald is famous for diligently, patiently, meticulously grabbing hold of one tiny thread of a crime and with it shredding giant conspiracies. He doesn’t look narrowly.

But you might believe such a line was written to Bob Woodward, particularly if you had heard Bob Woodward utter these lines:

WOODWARD: But Michael’s point is exactly right. There is deep mysteryhere. It only grows with time and people are speculating and there are– there is so little that people really know.

Now there are acouple of things that I think are true. First of all this began not assomebody launching a smear campaign that it actually — when the storycomes out I’m quite confident we’re going to find out that it startedkind of as gossip, as chatter and that somebody learned that JoeWilson’s wife had worked at the CIA and helped him get this job goingto Niger to see if there was an Iraq/Niger uranium deal.

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