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Beer and Turkey Thirty


I just turned in the paper I’ve been working on. Luckily I’ve got a couple of these stashed away in the basement.

So I’m off to clean the house–I’ve got house guests coming in five hours. And then, tomorrow is Turkey Day for me–an odd little custom some friends and I have adopted that makes the whole process less stressful. We got the full Heritage Turkey thing this year; I’ll let you know if it’s worth its considerable price tag.

All of which means there’ll be light posting until Sunday (rumor has it the football has already started for the weekend, but you wouldn’t know it by what’s on the TV).

But keep track of the site anyway. I’ve got an announcement or two in the next couple of days that may be of some interest. And Monday, I get to start my blog and bill paying frenzy I’ve been warning you all about.

Domestic Spying

I’ve got more questions about the Patriots spy scandal than I do answers.

  • Will the Pats do measurably worse now that the league is going to be watching for them videotaping their opponents defensive calls?
  • Are the great halftime coaches really just users of illegal spy techniques, as is the logical progression of Brian Dawkins’ thoughts? Or is it just the Pats?
  • Unlike some commentators, I consider $750,000 in fines and a first round draft pick a light penalty. With Belichick’s ability to pick talent, losing the draft pick is much less to pay than losing his coaching for, say, the first quarter of the season. Is the light penalty just an attempt to scare everyone else spying as well to cut it out? Because it sure seems designed to bracket further inquiry, rather than make the Pats pay.
  • What’s up with Eric Magini’s silence on the issue? Magini’s not the only former Pats Defensive Coordinator who has to compete against Belichick now–though he is the one with the crappiest relationship, as far as I know. But Mangini’s silence sure suggests Mangini learned of the spying practice when he was in New England.

So those are my questions. As to great commentary about the spy scandal, for once Governor Richardson is right on the money:

Democratic Presidential candidate Governor Bill Richardson,campaigning today in Iowa, issued the following statement regarding therecent "spying" incident involving the National Football League’s NewEngland Patriots:

"The President has been allowed to spy onAmericans without a warrant, and our U.S. Senate is letting itcontinue. You know something is wrong when the New England Patriotsface stiffer penalties for spying on innocent Americans than DickCheney and George Bush."

Other than that, I’m just wondering if, for the second weekend in a row, Michigan will be treated to the spectacle of the Lions outperforming the Wolverines…

It’s Going to Be One Heckova Political Year in Football

Just a few weeks away, too! I can’t wait to turn the satellite back on.

It’s going to be an interesting year in football. Not only have the Patriots loaded up on targets for Tom Brady. But the following issues have arisen since the end of last season:

  • Keith Olbermann will be returning to sportscasting in NBC’s Sunday night prime time slot. He’s not likely to be overtly political–though I do hope it’ll get Joe Sixpack to consider tuning into his show. Olbermann will be accompanied by the conservative but very very pretty Tiki Barber, so the show has something for every … woman, at least.
  • A number of veterans are trying to get the NFL to help get documents relating to Pat Tillman’s death. In any case, the ongoing controversy with the Administration’s cover-up of the real reasons for Tillman’s death might begin to attract some Joe Sixpack  attention as the season gets into gear.
  • George Bush has appointed the gay-hating (but brilliant) Tony Dungy to a Presidential Council.

Hopefully, that last item, tied to Bush’s disappearing support, will convince Americans everywhere that the Colts are not America’s team.

Which is my way of warning you all that there might be an undue amount of football posts this fall, as we all hope the Patriots take away the title from George Bush’s team.

YearlyKos Timing

I’m madly cleaning the house (trust me, a very rare event chez emptywheel) in some kind of mad guilt for leaving mr. e-dub and McC alone again while I’m in Chicago at YKos. So I thought it a good time for a last post until I get to Chicago tomorrow mid-day (well, you know how promises like that go).

I’m hoping I’ll get to put more faces to names among our readers (heck, I hear some of my blog-mates may come out of the woodwork, too). Our "Live-blogging the Libby Trial" (me, Christy, and Shelly Snook from the Courthouse, along with Jeralyn keeping us in line) is at 9:30 on Thursday, which is likely before a lot of you get in. Then, rumor has it, I’m doing a book-signing at 2PM on Thursday. Other than that, I’ll just be wandering the halls aimlessly, mourning the chocolate fountain I bitched about last year.

Drop a note in the comments if you’ll be at YKos, so I know to keep a look-out for you.

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