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Jose Rodriguez Briefed Pelosi and Goss in Deceptive Abu Zubaydah Briefing

As MadDog noted, Judicial Watch just got some new documents detailing briefings Congress received. Or rather, they got new documents providing further proof that CIA has no fucking clue what it said to Congress during some key briefings (this batch shows, for example, that the fall 2003 briefings were never finalized into a Memo for […]


Abu Zubaydah’s Habeas Doodle

I want to make one more point about the interview Jason Leopold did with Jon Kiriakou last week. Jason asks Kiriakou about Dan Coleman’s judgment that Abu Zubaydah’s diaries reveal him to be mentally ill. Kiriakou agrees with Coleman that the diaries were written in multiple voices, but dismisses that by saying they were a […]


The Abu Zubaydah Document

One of the most curious documents turned over in last week’s FOIA dump is the last one, titled “The CIA Interrogation of Abu Zubaydah” (PDF 110-122). While these are just wildarsed guesses, I suspect it may either have been a summary developed for the CIA Inspector General’s office for use in its review of the […]


Abu Zubaydah May Have Been Waterboarded MORE than 83 Times

MadDog and I just realized something that should have been apparent since August. He and I have been looking at the passage of yesterday’s document dump that refers to CIA keeping OLC informed of how many times waterboarding was used. First, and most obvious, Jay Bybee’s 1 Aug 2002 memo to John Rizzo stated, in […]


How Abu Zubaydah’s Sleep Deprivation Got Out of Control

The latest CIA document dump also provides more background on how Abu Zubaydah got subjected to extended sleep deprivation long before it was approved. PDF page 113-114 explains: After consulting with the NSC and DOJ, CTC[redacted] originally approved 24-48 hours of sleep deprivation. In April 2002 CTC[redacted] learned that due to a misunderstanding, that time […]


Abu Zubaydah Experienced “Hard” Dislocation After Session 63

Whoever wrote Abu Zubaydah’s psychological evaluation claimed to have succeeded in subjecting Abu Zubaydah to “hard” dislocation after his 63rd session of torture. And that claim was made before OLC approved the use of torture with him. I’ve long been aware that we got two versions of Abu Zubaydah’s psychological evaluation last August: the copy […]


Government Admits Abu Zubaydah Suffered from Cognitive Impairment

Jason Leopold has made the full filing revealing the scope of the government’s claims about Abu Zubaydah here. I’ll be reading through it today, but I wanted to point to one more clear admission that would seem to undermine the claims the government made in justifying his torture. The government admits that AZ suffered from […]


Abu Zubaydah’s Drawings

Jason Leopold has a long article on Abu Zubaydah out that you should read in detail. It provides an update on AZ’s torture diaries (which his lawyer now has, though in untranslated form). And the tidbit that one reason officials are so worried about information on AZ coming out is that it’ll show the massive […]