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The Government Has a Festering EO 12333 Problem In Jewel/First Unitarian

The government claims it does not have a protection order pertaining to the phone dragnet lawsuits because the suits with a protection order pertain only to presidentially-authorized programs. The declaration made clear, in a number of places, that the plaintiffs challenged activities that occurred under presidential authorization, not under orders of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance […]


2008’s New and Improved EO 12333: Sharing SIGINT

As part of my ongoing focus on Executive Order 12333, I’ve been reviewing how the Bush Administration changed the EO when, shortly after the passage of the FISA Amendments Act, on July 30, 2008, they rolled out a new version of the order, with little consultation with Congress. Here’s the original version Ronald Reagan issued in […]


How NSA Spies on First Amendment Protected Speech: The EO 12333 Loophole

As important as the fact that NSA was illegally watch-listing 3,000 US Persons is what they did once they got caught doing so. They kept watch-listing them. As I noted, NSA’s solution to the problem that it had put 3,000 US Persons on its contact-chaining and alert list without doing the First Amendment review required […]


Federated Queries and EO 12333 FISC Workaround

Particularly given the evidence NSA started expanding its dragnet collection overseas as soon as the FISA Court discovered it had been breaking the law for years, I’ve been focusing closely on the relationship between the FISA Court-authorized dragnets (which NSA calls BR FISA — Business Records FISA — and PR/TT — Pen Register/Trap and Trace […]


Upstream US Person Collection: EO 12333 and/or FISA?

Keith Alexander had a really bizarre response to a question from Mazie Hirono in Tuesday’s hearing. SEN. HIRONO: I have one more question, Mr. Chairman. General Alexander, is PRISM the only intelligence program NSA runs under FISA Section 702? GEN. ALEXANDER: Well, PRISM was (the statement ?), but, yes. Essentially, the only program was that […]


James Clapper Proves Inadequate Oversight by Refusing to Answer EO 12333 Questions

The headlines from today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on NSA will no doubt be that Pat Leahy forced Keith Alexander to admit they’ve been lying about whether the 54 “plots” they “thwarted” were really “plots” or “thwarted” in the first place. Perhaps just two were. More astute reporters might note that, in response to questions […]


Has Federal Use of Drones Violated EO 12333?

The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board just sent a letter to Eric Holder and James Clapper requesting that they have all the Intelligence Committee agencies update what are minimization procedures (though the letter doesn’t call them that), “to take into account new developments including technological developments.” As you know, Executive Order 12333 establishes the overall […]