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Remember the Torture Tapes?

ABC’s story on the detailed briefings the Principals’ committee received on the torture of top detainees seems designed to focus the attention of the torture tape inquiry on the top lawyers in the Administration who had a motive to approve the destruction of the torture tapes.


Where is Mary McCarthy Now?

Reuters reports that the EU report on secret prisons got much of its information from anonymous US intelligence officers.

Dissident U.S. intelligence officers angry at former DefenseSecretary Donald Rumsfeld helped a European probe uncover details ofsecret CIA prisons in Europe, the top investigator said on Tuesday.

SwissSenator Dick Marty, author of a Council of Europe report on the jails,said senior CIA officials disapproved of Rumsfeld’s methods in huntingdown terrorist suspects,


Bill Moyers Says It Beautifully

When I grow up I aspire to write as well as Bill Moyers:

We have yet another remarkable revelation of the mindset ofWashington’s ruling clique of neoconservative elites—the people whotook us to war from the safety of their Beltway bunkers. Even as Iraqgrows bloodier by the day, their passion of the week is to keep one oftheir own from going to jail.

It is well known that I.