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The Decider on Iran

Aside from the boorishness of discussing more war with bread crumbs all over your chin, Bush’s pathetic simplification of our relationship with Iran–in a monologue he calls “strategic thinking”–is pretty alarming, even coming from Bush.

“The job of the president,” he continued, through an ample wad of breadand sausage, “is to think strategically so that you can accomplish bigobjectives.


Let the Sunshine In

I’m with David Kurtz. In addition to offering good reason to begin impeachment procedures, Bush’s dangerous claims to executive and deliberative privilege really ought to invite us to reconsider the notion that Presidents need to hide their deliberations.

As long as we’re going to be discussing the parameters of executiveprivilege in the weeks and months ahead, can we start by revisiting thenow commonly accepted notion that the President can only get free