Official Documents

July 26, 2023: Plea hearing transcript

July 26, 2023: Unofficial diversion agreement


September 9, 2023: David Weiss May Have More Bluster than Tactical Leverage

August 25, 2023: Right Wing Operatives Say Hunter Biden Shouldn’t Get Same Treatment as Dmitry Firtash

August 20, 2023: “Ebb and Flow:” How David Weiss Volunteered for a Subpoena, or Worse

August 17, 2023: Trump’s “Hunter Biden” “Laptop” Consiglieres Want to Be Paid

August 15, 2023: How James Comer’s Counsel, James Mandolfo, Conducts an Investigation

August 14, 2023: In Hunter Biden Case, Abbe Lowell Enters His Appearance

August 13, 2023: Alberto Gonzales Lectures Jack Goldsmith about Perception versus Reality in a Democracy

August 11, 2023: Merrick Garland Makes David Weiss a Special Counsel

July 28, 2023: David Weiss Is Wrecking the Right Wing Story (and Likely Sandbagging Hunter Biden)

July 26, 2023: Cover-Up: Joseph Ziegler Provided a Different Explanation Why Hunter Biden Wasn’t Charged

July 24, 2023: “Super:” The Day after IRS Got a Warrant for the Hunter Biden Laptop, DOJ Sent Bill Barr a Laptop

July 23, 2023: Chuck Grassley Must Think the FD-1023 Informant Is Worth Killing Off

July 21, 2023: The Funny Leak Denials of the So-Called IRS Whistleblowers

July 18, 2023: WaPo Is Suppressing Information that Might Debunk Devlin Barrett’s Latest Spin

July 17, 2023: “I can get any source on the planet.” The Pre-History of Gal Luft’s Pre-“Whistleblower” Indictment

July 16, 2023: Hunter Biden’s Uber Connection and the K Street Collision

July 13, 2023: Keith Ablow’s Unallocated Space in Hunter Biden’s Memory

July 12, 2023: Hunter Biden’s Matryoshka Cell Phone: How the IRS and Frothers Got Hunter’s Encrypted iPhone Content

July 11, 2023: James Comer’s Imaginary Whistleblower Friend, Gal Luft, Was Charged Last November for Lying in that March 2019 Meeting

July 10, 2023: Gary Shapley and Hunter Biden’s Colleague Named “Z”

July 10, 2023: The Blind Squirrel’s Nut: Chuck Grassley Unwittingly Debunks Bill Barr

July 8, 2023: The Laptop Everyone Knows as Hunter Biden’s Appears to Have Been Deleted Starting February 15, 2019

July 6, 2023: The Technical Oddities of the FBI’s Exploitation of Hunter Biden’s Laptop

July 5, 2023: Double Booked: Whistleblower X Described Inappropriate Presidential Interference … Back in 2019

July 4, 2023: Gary Shapley’s Goosey Gander: When Investigators Want Treatment They Don’t Accord Others

July 3, 2023: On Bill Barr and Sex Workers: Whistleblower X Raised Hunter Biden’s Baby Momma in Response to a Prostitute Question

July 1, 2023: Republican House Chairmen Are Resorting to Immunizing Crimes to Gin Up Their Fake Scandals

June 30, 2023: Paul Manafort Remains a Bigger Scandal than Hunter Biden

April 8, 2023: Elon Musk “Censors” Matt Taibbi’s Post about Twitter “Censoring” the “Hunter Biden” “Laptop” Story

February 2, 2023: James Comer’s Dick Pics Hearing Just Became an Alleged Stolen Laptop Hearing

January 11, 2023: BREAKING: James Comer Jumps Right on Hunter Biden’s Dick Pics

December 26, 2022: “Dumb & silent we may be led, like sheep, to the Slaughter:” Elvis Chan, Hacks, the Klan, and the Twitter Files

December 6, 2022: “Tentacles” with the “Potential to Spiral:” Geoffrey Berman, Bill Barr, and Hunter Biden’s Dick Pics

December 3, 2022: Matty Taibbi’s Dick Pics

November 18, 2022: What that Report Purportedly Authenticating the “Hunter Biden” “Laptop” Really Said

November 17, 2022: Welcome to the Jim Jordan and James Comer Look the Other Way Committees, Brought to You By Access Journalism

April 10, 2022: Bill Barr’s Legal Exposure May Lead Him to Lie about the Hunter Biden Laptop

March 19, 2022: Imagine if DOJ Used the Hunter Biden Inquiry to Get Testimony against Rudy Giuliani…


March 18, 2022: “The Laptop” Is the Functional Equivalent of The Steele Dossier, 1: Rudy Is the Real Scandal

February 24, 2022: Rudy Giuliani Attacks Biden as SDNY Sifts Through His Comms for Ukraine Foreign Agent Investigation

March 17, 2021: News from the Election Front: Russia Attacked Joe Biden Through “Prominent US Individuals, Some of Whom Were Close to Former President Trump”

February 5, 2021: While Lindsey Graham Was Stalling Merrick Garland’s Confirmation He Was Hoping for Imminent Hunter Biden and John Durham News

December 13, 2020: Trump Prepares to Pardon Massive Tax Cheat Paul Manafort While Claiming that Suspected Midscale Tax Cheat Hunter Biden Disqualifies Joe

November 17, 2020: After Wailing That No One Was Reporting on the Hunter Biden Laptop, Glenn Greenwald Is Now Wailing because Ben Collins Did


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