Primary Documents

January 14, 2021: John Solomon Podcast bragging of detailed knowledge of what Russian investigation materials would be released in the coming days) described having newly obtained a January 20, 2021 Mark Meadows memo to DOJ instructing them to declassify documents from the Russian investigation.

On December 30, 2020, DOJ provided Trump a binder of material from the Russian investigation.

On January 8, 2021, Mike Ellis attempted to retain a compartmented NSA report for White House archives, initially refusing efforts to return it.

January 19, 2021: Trump letter to Archivist of the United States David Ferriero, FPOTUS designating (among others) Pasquale (Pat) Cipollone and Patrick Philbin as his representatives with the NARA

January 19, 2021: Trump order declassifying Russian investigation documents

January 20, 2021: Mark Meadows memo on declassification

March 2021: Nauta moves boxes to business center

April 5, 2021: Discussion about moving them out of business center

May 6, 2021: Gary Stern to Pat Philbin and others

May 2021: Move to storage room

May 2021: Trump takes boxes to Bedminster

June 24, 2021: Move to storage room (80 boxes)

July 21, 2021: Interview

August 2021: Nauta becomes body man

October 18, 2021: Trump lawsuit attempting to enjoin the Archives from complying with January 6 Committee subpoena

October 21, 2021: DOD IG report on Mike Ellis appointment, including discussion of his efforts to take sensitive NSA documents in January 2021

November 10, 2021: Judge Tanya Chutkan opinion denying Trump’s motion for an injunction against NARA

November 12, 2021: Employee 2 provides picture of docs

November 17, 2021: Nauta, picture of boxes?

November 25, 2021: Pictures of boxes

November 29, 2021: Could you bring up 4 more boxes?

December 7, 2021 Nauta texts picture of spilled doc (count 8)

December 9, 2021: DC Circuit order upholding Judge Chutkan’s decision releasing Trump records to the January 6 Committee

December 29, 2021: Would love to have a number to him — 12

January 13, 2022: Tracking boxes

January 15, 2022: Nauta I marked too much

January 17, 2022: Commercial truck to NARA

January 19, 2022: SCOTUS order upholding Chutkan’s decision

On January 31, 2022, NARA completed an initial inventory of the retrieved documents. It discovered over 100 documents with classification markings, comprising more than 700 pages. Some include the highest levels of classification, including Special Access Program (SAP) material.

February 9, 2022: Referral.

February 18, 2022: NARA to Carolyn Maloney

March 30, 2022: Open investigation.

April 11, 2022: FBI letterhead memorandum asks NARA for access to Trump documents

April 12, 2022: NARA informs Trump of access request

April 26, 2022: Grand jury

April 29, 2022: NSD to Evan Corcoran letter laying out NatSec urgency (not public)

April 29, 2022: Evan Corcoran letter to NARA asking for further delay (not public)

May 1, 2022: Evan Corcoran letter to NARA asking for further delay (not public)

May 3, 2022: Jennifer Little posts picture from Mar-a-Lago

May 4, 2022: Little posts additional picture from Mar-a-Lago

May 4, 2022: Alina Habba searches Bedminster

May 5, 2022: Habba searches Mar-a-Lago

May 5, 2022: Evan Corcoran asks for access to the Trump records for representatives (not public)

May 5, 2022: Kash Patel claims Trump mass declassified

May 10, 2022: Steidel Wall to Corcoran advising him she would give FBI access starting May 12

May 11, 2022: Subpoena

May 11, 2022: Bratt to Corcoran Subpoena Letter

May 22, 2022: Nauta retrieves box

May 23, 2022: Meeting with Corcoran

May 25, 2022: Corcoran to Bratt Letter (non-public, referenced here)

May 25, 2022: Corcoran to Bratt Letter laying out why Trump can’t be criminally investigated

June 3, 2022: Bobb Certification

June 17, 2022: Corcoran tells Gary Stern that Trump will make Kash Patel and John Solomon representatives to NARA on June 19 and they want access on June 21

June 19, 2022: Trump letter to NARA making Kash Patel and John Solomon representatives

June 22, 2022: Kash Patel announces he has been named Trump’s representative at NARA; John Solomon asks Stern for Russia binder

June 23, 2022: Stern explains that Meadows didn’t declassify the Russian docs, as discovered when Justin Clark made same request previous fall (probably September 2021)

June 24, 2022: Subpoena for surveillance video; call with Evan Corcoran

July 10-12, 2022: Trump returns to MAL

July 12, 2022: Kash tries to get clearance by insisting he has clearance

July 14, 2022: Stern sends Meadows memo a second time

July 20, 2022: John Solomon claims to have recently received Mark Meadows memo declassifying RU materials

July 23, 2022: Trump returns to MAL

July 27, 2022: Last date of discussion (as published in Solomon lawsuit) about Kash’s clearance

August 5, 2022: Sealed search warrant affidavit (unsealed August 26); less redacted version (unsealed September 13); still less redacted (unsealed 7/5/23)

August 5, 2022: Warrant Application Cover Sheet

August 8, 2022: Search Warrant and Receipts

August 11, 2022: Solomon regurgitates story describing “cooperation” in June, including Secret Service involvement in June 3 meeting and aftermath

August 17, 2022: Last date of NARA correspondence included in Solomon exchange with NARA; Stern asks Solomon to tell Trump to stop lying

August 18, 2022: Unseal Additional Documents

August 22, 2022: JustTheNews posts the text of letter from Debra Steidal Wall to Trump

August 22, 2022: Motion for Special Master

August 25, 2022: List of Redactions

August 25, 2022: Proposed Redactions filing

August 29, 2022: First Emergency Request for Grand Jury Information; Order

August 29, 2022: Notice of Receipt of Preliminary Order

August 30, 2022: Government Response to Special Master Request; privilege status report (sealed until October 3); unredacted privilege logs (accidentally released)

August 30, 2022: Exhibits to Government Response, including letter from Debra Steidel Wall to Evan Corcoran

August 30, 2022: More Detailed Inventory; unsealed privilege inventory (accidentally unsealed October 3)

September 1, 2022: Transcript of Hearing before Judge Aileen Cannon

September 5, 2022: Cannon opinion in which she leaks details about substance of privilege review

September 8, 2022: DOJ motion to unseal Privilege Statuts Report

September 8, 2022: FBI Assistant Director of CI Alan Kohler Declaration

September 8, 2022: Motion for Stay of Injunction on Investigating Classified Documents

September 8, 2022: Motion to Unseal Privileged Status Report

September 9, 2022: Common plan for Special Master; Trump Special Master plan; Government Special Master plan

September 12, 2022: Trump response on motion for stay

September 13, 2022: DOJ reply on motion for stay

September 15, 2022: Cannon opinion denying stay; Cannon’s order of appointment; Raymond Dearie declaration

September 16, 2022: DOJ motion for a stay

September 19, 2022: DOJ topics for initial Dearie conference; Trump topics for initial Dearie conference

September 20, 2022: Trump 11th Circuit response; DOJ 11th Circuit reply

September 21, 2022: 11th Circuit opinion granting stay

September 22, 2022: Cannon order removing documents marked as classified from Seized Materials covered by her order; Dearie proposed work plan

September 23, 2022: Protective order; amended case management plan; motion for extension of time

September 25, 2022: Trump objections to Dearie ordered (released on September 28)

September 26, 2022: Sworn affidavit with more detailed inventory; Julie Edelstein

September 27, 2022: Dearie interim report; Staffing proposal; Government motion for extension and to adopt case management plan

September 28, 2022: Trump objection that DOJ didn’t ask for enough additional time

September 29, 2022: Cannon order alters Dearie work plan

September 30, 2022: DOJ motion to extradite 11th Circuit appeal

October 3, 2022; Trump response to 11th Circuit; motion to seal privilege log; original privilege status report unsealed

October 4, 2022: Trump SCOTUS appeal of part of 11th Circuit decision

October 5, 2022: Notice of Vendor Selection; Submission of designations of partially-privileged materials (sealed)

October 7, 2022: Order regarding filter materials

October 11, 2022: Update on scanning; DOJ response to Trump SCOTUS appeal

October 12, 2022: Spreadsheet matching Bates numbers with boxes; Notice of completion; Kash Patel invokes the Fifth Amendment

October 14, 2022: DOJ appeal to 11th Circuit

October 20, 2022: DOJ filing showing disputes between two sides; Trump filing unilaterally claiming extension until Monday

October 26, 2022: Kash Patel’s immunized testimony

November 9, 2022: Global issues briefs to Dearie (DOJ; Trump)

November 10, 2022: Trump response

November 12, 2022: Summary of disputes

November 17, 2022: DOJ reply brief to 11th Circuit

November 18, 2022: Jack Smith appointed

November 22, 2022: Trump motion for Judge Cannon to force DOJ to share the affidavit; 11th Circuit hearing Special Master

December 1, 2022: 11th Circuit vacates Special Master

December 8, 2022: DOJ moves for contempt

December 12, 2022: Aileen Cannon dismisses Trump’s Special Master order

January 4, 2023: Judge Howell orders Trump to turn over names of those who conducted search to DOJ

Early January, 2023: Evan Corcoran and Christina Bobb appear before grand jury

February 2, 2023: Tom Fitton appears before grand jury

March 17, 2023: Beryl Howell rules some Evan Corcoran and Jennifer Little communications crime-fraud excepted

March 22, 2022: CADC denies stay of challenge to crime-fraud designation

March 24, 2023: Evan Corcoran crime-fraud appearance before grand jury

June 8, 2023: US v. Trump and Nauta

June 21, 2023: Response discovery order

June 23, 2023: Motion to implement special conditions

July 6, 2023: Supplemental response discovery order

July 10, 2023: Defendants’ response motion for continuance

July 13, 2023: Government reply motion for continuance

July 17, 2023: Supplemental response discovery order

July 18, 2023: Status hearing (Lawfare); transcript

July 27, 2023: US v Trump, Nauta, and De Oliveira, renewed motion for a classified protective order

July 31, 2023: Supplemental response discovery order

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Statutory Background

18 USC 793: Espionage Act

18 USC 1512: Obstruction

18 USC 2071: Removal of Government Documents

18 USC 1519: Obstruction

44 USC 2201ff: Presidential Records Act

32 CFR Parts 2001 and 2003: Rules on storage of classified information

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Recommended expert explainers:

Existing legal requests for Trump materials from the Archives

  • A series of subpoenas from the January 6 Committee that the Supreme Court has already ruled has precedence over any claims of privilege made by Trump
  • Two subpoenas from DOJ’s team investigating January 6, one obtained in May, covering everything NARA has provided to the J6C, and a second one served on NARA on August 17; these subpoenas would also be covered under SCOTUS’ ruling rejecting Trump’s privilege claims
  • Discovery in Tom Barrack’s case, whose trial starts on September 19 (DOJ informed Barrack they had requested Trump White House materials from NARA on April 5)
  • A subpoena from Peter Strzok in his lawsuit over his firing and privacy act violations

Other Key Reports

August 13, 2022: Fox News Report identifying which receipt includes items identified as potentially privileged onsite

August 23, 2022: WaPo Report on document turnover, including description of Trump packing himself

September 6, 2022: WaPo Report reporting seizure of material on foreign nation’s nuclear capabilities

September 16, 2022: WaPo report that, on September 21, Pat Philbin told NARA that Mark Meadows told him the boxes were full of clippings.

Other 18 USC 793 dockets

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