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“Notwithstanding”: How Congress Enabled Chuck Hagel and Ash Carter to Keep Child Rape and Torture from Disrupting Forever War

After a victim of child rape by Afghan forces killed three Marines in Afghanistan in 2015, Congress asked SIGAR to investigate how Afghan units continue to receive funding in light of known human rights abuses. Congress has enabled violation of the Leahy laws that prevent such funding by stating that funds to Afghan forces can be provided “notwithstanding any other provision of law”.


Torture Tape

This is an outdated replacement for one I’ve lost–I’m still looking for that one. September 17, 2001: Bush signs Memorandum of Notification authorizing CIA to capture, detain, and interrogate al Qaeda figures. September 2001: CIA/OGC begins research on interrogations issues. October 21, 2001: OLC memo eviscerating 4th Amendment. December 17, 2001: DoD OGC asks JPRA […]


Torture Document Dump

May 28, 2008: DOJ IG Report on Torture April 6: NYRB posts the Red Cross report on high value detainees April 9: CIA Director Leon Panetta bans contractors from conducting interrogations April 16: Obama statement on memo release, torture memos released: August 1, 2002: Memo from Jay Bybee, Assistant Attorney General, OLC, to John A. […]


Hillary Promises Not to Order the Military (!?!) to Torture

Though I agree with the general sentiment that Donald Trump should not be trusted with America’s nuclear codes, there’s a lot I loathed in Hillary’s foreign policy speech yesterday. Her neat espousal of American exceptionalism, with the specter that another country could make decisions about our lives and jobs and safety, is especially rich coming from […]


CIA Achieves a Whole New Scale of Torture Evidence Destruction

I once made a list of all the evidence of torture the CIA or others in the Executive Branch destroyed. I thought it time to start cataloging them, to keep them all straight. Before May 2003: 15 of 92 torture tapes erased or damaged Early 2003: Dunlavey’s paper trail “lost” Before August 2004: John Yoo […]