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Don’t Fuck With The Ducks Trash Talk

I have been flattened like a bug in the road by a steamroller. Holy crap Batman, that Oregon jizzle shizzled on the Devils in Old Town Tempe last night. Like a nuclear tsunami plague earthquake. This year’s ASU Sun Devils have talent, and newly instilled discipline. They are not yet deep, but they are good. So, while I had some concern as I went down to Sun Devil Stadium THREE hours before kickoff to tailgate party like a rockstar, hope abounded in spite of the fact the Ducks are who we thought they are. Unfortunately, the Ducks were, and are, the number two team in the country. Put Down The Duckies baybee.

Hey Romney, keep yer Mitts OFF of Sesame Street and PBS!

A corollary point: My local NPR radio station is KJZZ in Phoenix, and they are doing pledge week currently. My guess is all NPR stations are as well. These folks kick ass and take names in a large way. They do so because of you, their listeners and supporters. If you can, help them out. It truly is a worthy cause. And, remember, Mitt Romney would cut their hair like a weak classmate. Because that is who Mitt Romney is.

Holy fucking shit. Have you seen the Quackers on teh TeeVee? You have NO idea just how fast their skill players, on both sides of the ball, are; nor how technically sound and quick both of their lines are. I don’t know if they can beat Alabama or not, but, man, they are something.

So, as I mentioned earlier, I went to a tailgater – uh – a little ahead of the game. Times have changed since we used to lug, like ancients with pyramid building blocks, a keg up Tempe butte. Now we roll like big dogs into a covered parking deal in reserved spaces with a custom designed tailgate rig. The pictures are attached for reference. Just to be clear, this gig belongs to my old roommates from college, not me. I actually gave up my 48 yard line seats about 7-8 years ago, about the same time I gave up my cherished Suns season tickets. After a while, it was too much effort, and way too much money.

But, I gotta say, it was one hell of a good time by one and all. I would like to make a quick, no-trash, point. Look at the canopy cover on the parking area where we were tailgating. That same canopy cover covers more area than some small towns. Know what it is? Yep, that evil solar energy. That’s right, ASU and sister university U of A, are both huge into the scourge of right wing mental midgets everywhere. The array of ceiling cover for out drunken binge produces huge clean kilowatts every day of the year for one of the six largest universities in the United States. Not bad.

Cause I know y’all were concerned about teh technicalities, yes the tailgate rig had its own generator, giant flat screen teevee (hey, the NFL was on too last night!) and, most importantly, airplane like bathroom as pictured to the right. The expensive jet set bars of Scottsdale are so yesterday, I was in heaven last night.

Alright, enough of this. Suffice it to say, I am focusing on the good from last night. The bad is that the Quackers wiped the Sun Devils’ asses. And then some. And, honestly ASU did not suck so much as they just were outclassed. The final score was 43-21 but, trust me, it was NOT that close. The Ducks still have USC, Stanford and the upstart and surprisingly good Beavers of Oregon State left on their schedule. USC is better than they appear. Stanford is really sound and well coached. Oregon State is shocking people, but Mike Riley is really a good coach. But if any of those have even a candle for the Ducks, I will be shocked. I think Alabama is the one true test and it will be in the BCS Championship.

Okay, I spent my wad last night and must get on to some other matters tonight and Saturday morning. So, the college games of note, and some of these look VERY interesting, are Kansas State/West Virginia, LSU/Texass A&M and South Carolina/Florida (no, Jim White, the Gators are not really the #2 team in the country).

But, wait, there is more!! A shoutout to two friends, Masaccio and Gaius Publius, I like to jabber with them relentlessly, but I truly love and respect both. Because I have so much respect for them, I must be honest: Anybody that thinks Notre Dame is really the number five team in the nation needs their head examined. The “win” against The Tree was as tainted as the Seahawks was against the Packers with the Replacement Refs. Seriously. If the Domers were playing in Provo against the BYU Cougs, I would say watch out. But, not to worry, you still have the Okies and Trojans coming up.

In the pros, look for Skins at Gents (RGIII ain’t Alex Smith boys), Cards at probably better Vikings, Tebows at Bradys and, on MNF, Kittehs at Cubs.

We also got Beisbol in progress. El Tigres have done the universe a favor by putting the light hitting Yankees out of their misery. The Giants, tonight, roared back behind, the once long lost, Barry Zito for a convincing win over the St. Louis Cardinals, to close the series to 3-2. Still, you have to think the Cards are looking good here. I am rooting hard for the Giants, but it would be kind of neat to see a replay of the 1968 and 2006 World Series. I still get goose bumps thinking about Gibson versus McClain and Lolich in 1968. Bob Gibson was one bad ass muthafucka.

There ya go, trash it up home folk.

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