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Joe Biden Appointee Ana Reyes Imposes Maximum Sentence to Avenge Donald Trump’s Privacy

Judge Ana Reyes just sentenced Charles Littlejohn — the guy who stole the Donald Trump tax returns behind this story and the tax returns behind this ProPublica series — to five years in prison, the statutory maximum sentence for the single count to which he pled guilty.

NBC reports that in the sentencing hearing, Judge Reyes likened his crime to that of January 6ers, who believe they’re doing good, even while they attack the country.

“You can be an outstanding person and commit bad acts,” Reyes said. “What you did in targeting the sitting president of the United States was an attack on our constitutional democracy,” she added.

Reyes compared Littlejohn’s actions to other recent attacks and threats against elected officials as well as to Jan. 6 defendants she has recently sentenced. She described his actions as a deliberate, complex, multiyear criminal scheme, but said she believed he “sincerely felt a moral imperative” to act as he did.

I’m sure you’ll hear little about the fact that a namby pamby Biden appointee imposed this sentence.

But Judge Reyes just delivered accountability for Joe Biden’s opponent (and set a precedent for those who’ve been leaking Hunter Biden’s tax information for years).

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