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Jakubec Indicted in Federal Charges, Still No WMD Charge

As TPM reported, yesterday the federal government indicted George Djura Jakubec–the guy who had so many terrorist-favored explosives at his house they’ve decided to burn down the house rather than collect it all. But just two of the charges focus on those explosives. The other six charges focus on four alleged bank robberies, two of them armed.

In other words, in spite of the fact that he had what might, depending on the use for which he intended them, be classified as WMD and Mohamed Osman Mohamud never had an active explosive, unlike Mohamud, Jakubec was still not charged with the possession of a WMD.

Now, as I discussed, the charging difference likely has everything to do with the fact that the Feds knew what Mohamud intended to do with the explosives he never had (largely because they helped him plot out his plan for them). Whereas they appear to not yet know why Jakubec was creating a massive stockpile in his Escondido home. That is, the charging difference does seem to accord with the crime (if you ignore the fact that Mohamud never had an active explosive).

But it seems worth tracking the different fates of these two men, if only to see how much more severely the Feds prosecute the crimes the FBI creates for them than those created by alleged criminals themselves.

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