Should Elena Kagan Really Be Getting Shooting Lessons from the Koch-Addled Hunting Buddy of the Guy Who Shoots People in the Face?

I admit I’m no big fan of Elena Kagan. But tell me whether I’m justified in worrying about this?

Data point 1: On at least one occasion, Antonin Scalia participated in the Koch brothers’ secret sessions plotting to advance the Koch agenda.

Data point 2: Antonin Scalia is hunting buddies with Dick Cheney.

Data point 3: Dick Cheney has been known to “accidentally” shoot his hunting partners in the face.

Data point 4: Scalia and Kagan are spending lunches shooting skeet together.

I always thought one of Kagan’s strongest qualities was her instinct for self-preservation. But going shooting with Cheney’s hunting buddy sure seems to violate every principle of self-preservation.