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Meet Deputy Attorney General Robert Gibbs

I guess, in addition to President Rahm Emanuel and Attorney General Lindsey Graham, Deputy Attorney General Robert Gibbs sees the wisdom in putting aside rule of law for political expediency.

Some policy advisers have wondered why the administration’s flack is so often in attendance, but insiders fluent in the administration’s power dynamics know Obama values his views. According to one administration official, who would not be quoted speaking about internal White House discussions, Gibbs late last year pointed out the political perils of letting the Justice Department try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a civilian court and has urged the president to ignore Wall Street critics who argue Obama has adopted too populist a tone when speaking out against executive bonuses. [my emphasis]

You know, when Karl Rove unacceptably took over DOJ, he did so to support world domination. He had a plan.

But apparently we’ve decided to shred the Constitution for no other reason than a press flack thinks it would be smart.

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