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Trash Talk: Big Dick Edition

image1Hey, if ya got it swing it; and that is exactly what the Big Dick in the White House did between January 2001 and January 2009. Obviously I am not talking about Georgie Boy Bush. I’m talkin Cheeeney (as Chris Matthews insists on pronouncing it). But the thing about big dicks is they are usually con men and liars. Guess that has been proved up again.

What with all that hard work late in the afternoon and early evening, it is time to take out the Trash. And we gots enough for a landfill this weekend.

Cheesesteaks v. Big Apple Boppers: Crossed you up eh? That is right, we lead with beisbol. Beisbol been berry berry good to me. So sez Chico Esquela. And it is World Series time, with the Phillies and Yanks tied up at one game a piece. The wisdom seemed to be the Yanks should just be crowned, but not so fast. Cliff Lee did a number on the Bronx Bombers in game one and Pedro, despite taking the loss, pitched a very good game in game two. A loss is a loss though, and they move on to the City of Brotherly Love now. Pettitte versus Hamels in game three Halloween night and back to Sabbathia and Cliff Lee Sunday. I figure Philly can win two of three, but then has two back in the Bronx. Not good for Broad Street, Yanks are gonna win the Series.

College Futbol: There is only one huge game this weekend, and it is the Quackers v. the Trojans. Game is at Autzen Stadium, and if you have never been there, you don’t know. Brutal place to be the road team. Seriously. And Oregon has been on a big roll since the opening loss to Boise State (Boise State should really get more love than they do). But USC has been rolling too, and the offense is starting to gel behind Matt Barkley. Kid is the real deal and he is just starting his career. If this game were at the Coliseum, it would be a no brainer; but in Eugene, it is a toss up. Hellofa game though. Georgia at Florida and South Carolina Gamecocks at Tennessee both ought to be excellent games. Lane Kiffin and the Volunteers do not have a great record, but they have played very well this year. If they had a quarterback worth a fuck, their record would be very different and they might even be at the top of the SEC. But they don’t. Even match with SC. Texas at Oklahoma State should be interesting; the Cowboys are going to miss Dez Bryant against a quality team like the Longhorns. Texas wins. Virginia Tech has already been upset tonight; they have been disappointing.

National Favre League: Let’s be real. There is only one game this weekend, and it is on the not quite yet Frozen Tundra. Old Man River returns to Lambeau. Nuff said. I have no real idea who wins this game, but it ought to be something. Antoine Winfield being out for the Vikes continues to be a big problem against teams with a good passing game, and the Pack sure has that. That factor plus Lambeau spells a win for the Pack is my best guess.

The Broncos at Ravens ought to be pretty interesting. It is time for the Ravens to lose their funk and get a big win I think. St. Louis at Deetriot ought to be an even match; look for the Lions to get their second win. Giants at Philly is interesting because both are in bad funks. I dunno about this one. Fish at Jets also is a head scratcher; Fish just seem solid in spite of their losses though, I think they win a good game. Dirty Birds at Drew Fookin Brees and the Aints ought to be excellent too. Saints all the way baybee. Reggie Bush is back!

Formula One: And so the season ends with a bit of a whimper considering the dominating start by Brawn and then their relative disappearance, not to mention all the turmoil about the whole series. All quiet now, Jenson Button already crowned Champ and Brawn too for Constructors. Still the race in Abu Dhabi is notable because it is the inaugural race there, they have shitloads of money, have built an incredible facility and will undoubtedly put on one hell of a show. Track looks gorgeous, but we will have to see how it races. Race at 8:30 am EST and 6:30 am PST on Speed Channel.

Hoop it up people!

Trash – Jerkin Crocus Edition

Well, I have had about enough of that Ayn Rand crap; time to let loose. At Casa de Bmaz, that means margaritas and rock and roll. Today I have whipped out an oldie, but very goodie. From Mott the Hoople’s 1972 classic album All The Young Dudes, its Jerkin Crocus, a thoroughly kick ass song that is mostly forgotten now. Let yer hair down and let’s get down to some football.

Pros: Hmmm, this Atlanta at Dallas game looks interesting. The Dirty Birds are on a roll, absolutely killed the 49ers that had looked so solid prior to last week. It was hard to find a flaw in their game. Dallas needs a signature win to make something of a season that looks shaky at best so far. I do think the ‘Boys are better than people give them credit for; but really do not seem particularly well coached or consistent. The way Dallas has been able to run the ball, and with the game in the new Jerry Dome you would have to give the edge to the ‘Boys. You would, but not me; I’m staying on the HotLanta train.

Two other games of note are New Orleans at Miami and Arizona at the New York Giants. Miamai looked really good last time out with Chad Henne passing, the wildcat offense and a solid defense. The Saints are killing people; the defense is lights out this year and we all know what Drew Fookin Brees can do and does do. There has even been a Reggie Bush sighting. This bodes ill for the Fish. The Cards that closed out the season last year and took the Steelers to the final seconds of the Super bowl have started to rear their ugly heads finally after a slow funk start. They will be running into a pissed off set of Gents still smarting from that egg they laid in the Superdome. It is in NY though and the Cards are famous for not traveling well to eastern cold climes; slight edge to the Gents but this could be a great game.

Oh yeah, there is one other game of interest. That Old Man River dude and his Norske friends are going up to Pittsboig to visit Big Ben and the Stillers. The Steelers have rediscovered their running game now that Rashard Mendenhall has taken over for No Longer So Fast Willie Parker, and Big Ben is throwing the ball all over the field with great success. And they get Troy Polamalu back for the first time in weeks. With Antonio Winfield likely out or hobbled in the Vike’s defensive backfield, it looks grim for the Purple People. Never count out the Old Geezer though. This is a tossup, could go either way and should be a great game. The rest of the matchups are too lame to bother going through.

College Joes: The game of the week is, believe it or not, TCU at BYU. Yeah, yeah, I know, but it really is. The Horned Frogs knocked the Cougars out of BCS Bowl contention last year; and kicked the snot out of them doing it. Bad. BYU would love to return the favor to the undefeated and 10th ranked Frogs this year. The game is in Provo and I will take the Cougs in an upset. Iowa at Michigan State is an upset special; nobody likes playing the Spartans, especially in Lansing. The surprising Hawks should survive though in their last big test of the year before they play Ohio State.

Oregon at Washington and Penn State at Michigan should also be good games. The ducks have been really tough since that initial loss at Boise State. Washington is playing much better this year under Steve Sarkisian, but the Quackers have way too much for them. The JoePas at the Wolvereenies on the other hand, is too close to call. On paper Penn State should win; but they don’t play these things on paper and Michigan could pull off an upset. Oklahoma at Kansas could be close too. Bradford is out and Mark Mangino fields a good squad. Sooners better stiffen up or they will get whacked.

Baseball: It is over. The Dodgers are Bums again and the Phillys are in the Series. It is over in the Junior Circuit too, the Halos just don’t know it. Now all we have to do is wait for a couple of weeks for the World Series to start.

Movin Trash

Marcy has been moving, and moving sucks. I hate moving. Only positive thing about it is that it makes you sort through your stuff and get rid of crap that you should have thrown out a decade or two ago. Other than that, bleech.

Kobe is movin on too, and that sucks in a profound way. In case you didn’t know, Kobe was Jane Hamsher’s beautiful standard Poodle and was a big part of FireDogLake, its history and, of course, Jane. So raise a toast to the wonderful life he led and picture him running and gamboling in his endless new field.

College Ball: As I am getting a late start here, and I know Freep is jonesing, let’s start with the student athaleets. First up, Aggies er, Longhorns v. Sooners. I woke up and this game was already in the third quarter; looks like a good one. 13-13 as I type and fourth quarter just started. Bradford out eight plays into the game, that hurts the Sooners. But since I love monkeywrenching the BCS, GO SOONERS! Hmmmm, looks like the Sooners are going alright; going down that it. The other huge game today is USC-Notre Dame. Will this be the year the Fightin Irish live up to their hype? Yeah, and the Cubs are gonna win the World Series too. Nuff said.

Ryan Mallett can really throw the ball, but Florida should take care of Arkansas. The Virginia Tech Hokies at the Ramblin Wreak should be a really good game, but I think the Hokies are coming on strong and should take it. Iowa has already beaten Wisconsin; man, people better start taking the Hawkeyes seriously, they can ball. And in other Big Ten, er Eleven, news, Ohio State has lost again; Purdue this time.

The Pros: The top shelf game for the pros is Gents v. Saints. Most of the so called experts seem to think NY is the most solid all around team in the league and will be too much for Nawlins. I dunno about that. Drew Brees and Sean Payton have had a bye week to prepare and are at home; I’m taking the Saints. The surprising 5-0 Denver Broncos visit RanDiego’s Bolts at Jack Murphy Stadium (screw Qualcomm). Too tough to call; I just dunno. It is usually not until the second half of the season that Norval’s teams start to pay attention, and we are not there yet. And young Josh McDaniels really seems to have a disciplined and cohesive team; they are not flashy, but the Broncos have been playing solid ball in every phase of the game. Against my better judgment, I will take Denver.

Chicago visits Hot’Lanta. Great young quarterback matchup here Cutler versus Matt Ryan. But Matt Ryan has Tony Gonzales, excellent wideouts and Turner the Burner. Dirty Birds can play defense too. Game is way down south in Dixie, so I’ll take Da Falcons over Da Bears. The only other halfway interesting game this weekend is Ray Lewis and the Ravens visiting Old Man River, Adrian Peterson and the Norske in the Giant Baggie. Adrian Peterson has been relatively quiet lately, letting Favre carry the team. Now that the vertical passing game is dialed in, it seems about time for All Day to explode again, and I think he will. It is unheard of, but this will be the second game in a row (Bengals’ Cedric Benson last week was the first in 34 games) a back exceeds 100 yards on the vaunted Ravens defense. The Vikes defense isn’t bad either and they should be able to escape a good game at home with a win.

F1: Brazilian Grand Prix this weekend. Normal time zone race for once; 11:30 am EST and 8:30 am Pacific on Speed. We’ll see what happens in Brazil and then get ready for the season ending race in Abu Dhabi on November 1st.

Trash Talk – Angels In The Outfield Edition

Well another week has come and gone and people are still talking about the Most Interesting Man In The World and what he has been doing up in the land of the Norske. Well enough about that, let’s talk football.

National Favre League: This is a horrid week for NFL matchups; none of them are great and most are downright lame. The best to my eyes is Marcy’s newfound love, Mike Singleterry and the Niners hosting HotLnata’s Dirty Birds. This actually has the makings of a very good game. The Niners are solid and need to be taken seriously. Their defense is tough and disciplined, and offense has been sufficient, if somewhat underwhelming, so far this season. Atlanta plays well on both sides of the ball too, and young Matt Ryan is just learning what he has got with Tony Gonzales. Frank Gore is out for Frisco though, so give the edge to the Falcons. The other game that has a little bit of sex appeal is the Pats visiting the comfy confines of Mile High in Denver. Now, you have to take the Pats here, but never underestimate the Broncos at home and Denver’s defense has been fantastic so far. Brady should end the Donko’s fantasy start of the season though.

I will take the Jets to rebound and beat the Fish in Miami and the Cards to play with more passion than they have so far this year and take care of business at home against the Texans. Again, though, never underestimate the ability of the Cardinals to suck. Baltimore puts a crimp in the joy of Ochocinco and the Bengals in Baltimore and Buffalo continues the Brownie’s suck in Buffalo. Pittsburgh has too much for Detroit, but Detroit will continue to improve and will at least make it a game. The indianapolis Peytons contue the woeful start of the Titans. I have no idea what kind of bad mojo has consumed Tennessee this year, but they won’t quit sniffing that glue this week. Jeff Fisher must be beside himself; his team has been sloppy and that is just not characteristic of his teams.

Jags/Squawks and Skins/Panthers are both toss-ups. Look for the Vikings to go back to Adrian Peterson heavy against the woeful Rams and rest the arm on the old guy. Heck, they may only play Favre for a half; that is what I would do. Donovan McNabb returns in time to clean out the rust on the Bucs in Philly. The Giants will obliterate the Raiders in Joisey and the ‘Boys do the same to the Chiefs.

College Ball: The discussion this week starts and ends with the Gators and LSU. But the game is in the bayou, not the Swamp so don’t count the Tigers out. It looks like Tebow will play but, quite frankly, his backup looks like one hell of a pure passer and the Gators would be just fine with him too. I expect a good game, but Florida is too much for the Tigers. Oregon at UCLA and Michigan at Iowa look like excellent conference matchups. I’ll go with the Ducks and Hawks, but should both be great games. If you have other games of interest, chat us up with them in comments.

The Boys of Fall: Due to popular demand, we will channel Chico Esquela and talk baseball. The Cardinals are done; they had a good chance against the Dodgers – until they blew game two. Now, not so much. The Rockies are headed back to Coors Field with a chance to close out the Phillies at home. Pedro Martinez is going for Philly tomorrow, that ought to be real interesting in the thin air of Denver. Pedro has been fantastic since his return, but with his reduced velocity and the effect of the thin air on movement, you have to wonder how he will fare. J.A. Happ on Sunday is a better bet for the Phillies and if they get the series back to Philly for a deciding fifth game, watch out because they will have Cliff Lee going again.

The Twinkies put up a game effort tonight against the Evil Empire, but ran out of gas. That puts Minnesota down 2-0 and even though they are going home, you have to figure they are done. It is a shame, the schedule, what with the play in game on Monday was a killer. The Halos won game one and game two is tied up at one run each in the fifth as I write. Great pitching matchup with Weaver and Josh Beckett for the Sawx. The Halos are going to need the Angels in their outfield to beat Beckett, and he has a low pitch count going so he can go late into the game; but if they do they look good, even going back to Fenway for the next two games.

Big Game Trash

With September out of the way, the rust is off the gridiron and we are getting into the heart of the football season. Heck, we even got a cold snap going here in the desert. Got down to 72 degrees last night, and the hight today will only be in the low 90s. Brrrrr. Smells like football weather. It is time for some big games.

The Student Athletes: In the Big Mitten, the Wolvereenies are taking on the Spartans. Nothing would crash Rich Rodriquez back to earth faster than a loss to Michigan State. This is the first real test Big Blue will face this year; to win in Sparta, they are going to have to do better than scrape by with last second victories over also rans like they have the first four games. Smells like an upset. Oklahoma versus Miami will either be a great game or a Sooner blowout; it is up to the Hurricanes to decide, and they sure looked mediocre last weekend. Young Landry Jones for the Sooners is looking very good substituting for Sam Bradford. Oklahoma is safe. LSU at Georgia is too close to call and should be a really good game. The game I am most interested in is USC and Cal. Both teams seem to be less than advertised so far this year, but this game will have huge ramifications for the conference crown and likely the Rose Bowl matchup for January. Who knows which Bears and Trojans will show up, but if pressed, I guess I will roll with USC here. Matt Barkley is back, and the freshman may still be getting his sea legs, but he is clearly critical to the Trojans offense, they looked very pedestrian without him.

National Favre League: Clearly the game of the weekend is the Lions and Bears. Okay, just kidding. The Pats host the Ravens in a real early season gut check. The Pats are 2-1 and have looked only so-so through three games. Tom Brady really is a little tentative, and opposing defenses have been blitzing the bejeebies out of him with success. They really need to get Fred Taylor and the Law Firm untracked. Bill Bel needs to use the Law Firm more I think. Hard to pick against the Pats at home, but I will. Joe Flacco has turned into Daryle Lamonica for the Ravens. The kid can flat out throw the ball downfield and the Ravens finally have an offense to match their defense. Ray Lewis still rules the field when he is on it, having another career year so far. The most interesting game this week may be the Jets at the Saints. Rex Ryan’s defense meets Drew Fookin Brees and the Aints offense. I don’t know if Mark Sanchez can keep up yet with Brees and the Saints point production. I’ll take the Saints here.

The Bolts travel to The Big Ketchup Bottle to visit Mike Tomlin and Big Ben. I am tempted to take the Bolts, but cannot. Big Ben will squeak out a hard fought win, but the Steelers really miss Polamalu. Look out for Dallas visiting the Donkos, it has an air of an intriguing game. Josh McDaniels has Denver at a surprising 3-0, nobody saw that coming. Dallas is 2-1, but looks flaky and Mile High is still a tough place to play. Both Marion Barber and Felix Jones are hurting for Big D, look for the Broncs in an upset. Well, that is it for the pros – looks like a great slate of games.

Formula One: Only three races left in the season. Jenson Button is still leading the point chase and is 15 up on teammate Rubens Barichello. This weekend is the Japanese Grand Prix. Suzuka is a great track unless it is wet. There is a a lot of parity among the teams in F1 right now; this has not been seen for a long time. Even Force India is competitive lately and Adrian Sutil has one of their cars qualified on the outside of row two again. Sebastian Vettel is on pole with Jarno Trulli in P2 and Hamilton in P3 after a wild and crash filled qualifying. This is a track that should suit Vettel, if his car holds up look for him to do well. For the championship, the only two with a realistic shot are Button and Barichello; from here on out relative points between the two will be critical. Fifteen points is a lot to make up in F1 with only three races to do it in. Suzuka should tell us whether Jenson has it buttoned up or not.

Other Stuff: I was all set to publish, but it turns out there is one other game of note to discuss. Apparently there is some wretched old washed up geezer still out there tarnishing his legacy and he might make it into the game. Who says Brad Childress doesn’t have a sense of humor? He put Favre on the injury report this week. I actually heard some dope on ESPN discussing whether Favre would start. Yeah, he should be able to make it I think. The opponent it turns out is the Packers and apparently this Brett Favre guy has a history with them; should make for an interesting game Monday night. Charles Woodson has a bad foot, look for the Vikes to put both Berrian and Percy Harvin on his side and see how Woodson runs. Speaking of running, Adrian Peterson can do that; but Ryan Grant may have a tough go of it against the Norske defensive front. That will put it on the shoulders of Aaron Rodgers, and he and Donald Driver should both have big games. For all the build up over Favre and Rodgers, I expect the defenses to control this one. The Vikes are really solid on defense; no huge names other than Jared Allen, but they are all good. The Vikes know what this game means to the old man. My guess is Favre will have some troubles; he has always been prone to getting too hyped up early in big games and despite all the platitudes about treating it as just another game, it is not just another game. Fall is in the air and the Monday Night Lights shining on the Black and Blue slugfest and Brett Favre playing the Cheesers for the first time. What could be better than that? What are the odds John Madden happens to show up at the game?

Trash Talk – Crazy Pete’s Miranda Edition

Hello Americans, it’s Friday! Since that no longer means Paul Harvey is coming on the radio, it means it is time for Trash. Speaking of trash, we have the garbage from Crazy Pete Hoekstra and J-John Shaddegg (article with quote in it here). So, what is it with these wild ‘n crazy conservatives? They are always so fixated on Miranda; did they grow up having wet dreams about a C Street encounter with Carmen Miranda or something? It is all really hard to figure, so lets move along to the action for this weekend.

NFL: There are a lot of missing B’s this weekend, as in QBs, RBs and CBs. Donavan McNabb and Matt Hasselbeck both look to be out, Marion Barber and LaDanian Tomlinson are out and the Jets have a pair of cornerbacks, Lito Shepard and Don Strickland out. Not good for any of those teams.

The best games, in no particular order, are the Niners v. Old Father Time and the Vikes: It is in the Metrodome for starters, so even though both teams are 2-0, give the home edge to the Vikes. Neither team has a flashy passing game, but the Norske have Adrian Peterson and I’ll take Favre and AP over Shaun Hill and Frank Gore; going to be a great game though. Titans v. Jets: Seems hard to think the Titans could go 0-3 as talented as they are, but I think they are going to. They really miss Haynesworth on defense. Jets still have their best corner, Reavis, and are on a roll. Falcons at the Pats: This is a tough call on paper, but Belichick isn’t going to lose again this soon; take the Pats. They really need to get a ground game going. Saints at Buffalo: Buffalo is way better than anybody thought, and they will make this a close game, but Drew Brees and company are just too much. TO will have a big game. Colts at the Cards for an extremely rare Monday Night game in Arizona: Cards are going to score some points without Bob Sanders patrolling on defense for the Colts. Peyton can clearly still take over a game. This is a toss up.

In the other games, the Ravens put some more hurt on the Brownies, the Lions upset the Skins in Detroit, Texans handle the Jags in Houston, Giants kill the Bucs in Tampa. Philly routs the woeful Chiefs in Philly. The Cheesers make mincemeat of the Rams, Bears over the Squawks in Seattle (remember no Hasselbeck). Stillers end the Bengals one game winning streak in Cincy. The Bolts take care of business with the Fish. Oakland edges the Broncos in Oakland. And The Cowboys take out their frustrations on Carolina.

NCAA: The big game this weekend, now that Spurrier and the other ‘Cocks have taken out the overrated Ole Miss, is Miami Hurricanes in Blacksburg to face the Va Tech Hokies. The Canes are looking very solid and I am really liking their young quarterback, Jacory Harris. I think the Canes blow in and take a win. Iowa at Penn State is another biggee. Jo Pa has two key linebackers out, and he lives by his linebackers. Iowa always gives Penn State fits and they will again, but Paterno eeks out a win at home. TCU is at Clemson, and that may be another mid major that bites the dust in an upset. Arkansas will give the Tide a test too, that could be another one to watch, although Alabama is a much better team. The Kentucky Wildcats should trounce the Gators (just kidding Jim). Okay, what else you folks got?

F1 Circus: Up this weekend is the Singapore Grand Prix from Marina Bay. Maybe it is just me, but I think the Singapore circuit is both ugly and provides crappy racing. Hate it. This is where Renault did their immoral crash stunt last year to cheat a win for Fernando Alonso. I think Rubens Barrichello is going to win again and really tighten up the Drivers Championship standings. Jenson Button is feeling the heat from his teammate and has not been stepping up that impressively.

That is it for now. This week’s musical selection is a Miranda warning just for Crazy Pete. Man, Busby Berkeley must have had some great stash.

Trash Talk – Spooks And Jukes Edition

Hi there Wheelies and Lugnuts, we have reached the end of another week. So now the fun starts!

Marcy and I kind of have a lot of the same interests, that is how I came to be here. Today she wrote about the Ambinder Atlantic article on top spooks caterwauling about the lame ass, to start with, Holder "preliminary review" on the beyond the criminal guidelines, set out by even the tortuous Bush/Cheney Administration, torture.

Yowzah, that letter, and article, was the definition of hubris, both as to the letter from the Head Spooks and Ambinder’s article. But the fact is it was a predictable juke on the part of the spooks, meant to feint the supposedly rookie Obama in a misdirection. The spooks are not as slippery as Darren Sproles though and, hopefully, nobody will fall for that bunk.

That was the spooks, lets look at the jukes on tap. First up, college football; and there are few really big games this weekend. The first is, believe it or not, Boise State v. Fresno State tonight. Boise State is up by two touchdowns midway through the fourth quarter. Since Jacory Harris and the U Hurricanes decimated the Ramblin Wreck last night, the only real top matchup is the Cornhuskers v. Va Tech. I’ll take the Hokies in that one. If you got other interests in the college ranks (Hi Jim White and Freep) talk em up.

National Favre League: The biggest game this weekend is the Jerry Jones Bowl. Jerry has a brand new scoreboard and Bad Eli’s punter wants to take it out. Godspeed punter dude. Bad Eli is missing his weapon, Plaxico, who is headed to the real big house because he, ignorantly, had a weapon (and shot himself in the freaking thigh). Eli wil miss Plaxico, more than Romo-eo misses TO, but the Gents have too much (remember Osi Umenyiora? He’s back). Sorry Jerry, ‘Boys get spanked.

It is a fine line between love and hate, but the Panthers are done; Dirty Birds take em in Hot ‘Lanta. Matt Stafford ain’t no Brett Favre, even a forty year old Favre; Vikes hand the Lions yet another loss. Rams versus Skins – I dunno, Skins ought to win, but I take the Goats in an upset. Houston at the Titans – I took the Houston Tejans as a sleeper this year, but they are going to be Oh and Two; they didn’t play great, but nobody but Big Ben and the Stillers would have beaten Tennessee last week. Rayduhs over the Chiefs and Colts over the Fish. And the Cheesers dispatch the snakebit Bengals.

Now, for some tough matchups. I got the Saints and Drew Brees throwin over and down on the Iggles and the Jagged ones taking out the ozone captured Cardinals (Seminal rule: The Cardinals fucking suck; never bet against that trend line). I’ll take the Bills over the Buccos at Boofalo and the 49ers over the Squawks at Frisco. The Pittsburgh Tomlins at Soldier Field? The Black and Gold will make veal Cutlerets out of that scene; maybe next year Cubs, er, Bears fans. The Donkos go Oh and Two for young Josh McDaniel against the hapless Brownies. That leaves the Ravens and Bolts – sorry Bolts, your Norval and Rivers comes up just short of a Harbaugh and Flacco (Viva Tequila!). And the Jets, Jets, Jets. They run into the Pats; but it is in Joisey. Ouch. Tough gig. I dunno, this is a toss up.

That is it for this weekend; if you have other sports and trash to talk, let fly. In honor of the spook portion of this weeks Trash, I leave you two musical versions of 1984 (Big Brother IS watching you!). It has been 25 years since 1984; now THAT is spooky!

Oh, and one more bit of housekeeping. On the eve of the rematch of the big Texass Tek upset of Texass last year (hey Michael Crabtree, can’t you sign your name?), our favorite lovebirds, Mr. and Mrs. RanDiego, are off, as of yesterday, on their much anticipated honeymoon to Oztralia. Surfer Dude has dual citizenship there; if I was Lady RanDiego, I wouldn’t let the primordial family leave the beautiful down under. Enjoy folks!

Rip it up.

Surplus Trash Talk – Trojans And Vikings

We got off to an early start on Trash Talk because of the first game of the NFL season Thursday night. Just so everybody has an easily accessible place to jaw about the games, and especially the big Ohio State-USC tilt and the rest of the Sunday and Monday NFL games, here is another Trash thread.

A couple of comments are in order. That was a great season opener Thursday with the Stillers nipping the Titans in overtime. I still wish the NFL would give both teams a shot before ending overtimes in sudden death – it just isn’t right that one team can own the ball, kick a field goal and the other team never gets a shot – but that was a great game. Polamalu getting injured may haunt Pittsburgh though. Despite the loss, the Titans look solid.

The big Wolvereenie-Domer matchup in da Big House has, somewhat surprisingly, been great to watch. Not much for defense, but both offenses have gotten a lot of exercise and it has been fun. A far cry from the pitiful matchup up the unvictorious and untieds that took place last year. And Big Blue has won a thriller 38-34. Oh Masaccio, I think you need to sing Hail To The Victors to Marcy! If Weiss also gets blown out by USC again, how does he survive? So far, the rest of the college schedule has gone as expected. BYU just obliterated Tulane and really looks good on the heels of their upset of ex-trollkiller Freepatriot’s Sooners. A shoutout is also owed to GulfCoastPirate for his call on the Houston Cougars (William Ockham’s hometown team too) for their big upset of number 5 rated Oklahoma State. Very impressive.

As to the pros, nothing new until tomorrow except the Tequila charges against Shawne Merriman have been dropped and RanDiego is now crowing about the inevitability of the Bolts winning the Super Bowl. Oh, and some old geezer has apparently been named captain of the Vikings ahead of the season opener against Mannotsogenius and the Brownies.

There is also tennis via the US Open from Flushing Meadows. Nadal and Federer appear on a collision course and a young girl named Caroline Wozniacki looks to overcome an unseeded opponent to take on the winner of Serena Williams versus Kim Clijsters (in a great comeback run) for the women’s final.

And last, but never least, for the F1 Circus afficionados, the always exciting Italian Grand Prix from Monza will go off at 8 am Eastern time with the pre-race starting at 7:30 am, all on Speed Channel. Lewis Hamilton of McLaren is on pole with the suddenly surprising Force India team, by driver Adrian Sutil, in P2. Ferrari’s Raikonnen is P3 with Brawn’s Rubens Barricello and Jenson Button in P5 and P6 respectively.

Today’s musical selection is "Lights Out" in honor of Shawne Merriman beating the rap and in anticipation of what USC will do the home of three yards and a cloud of dust.

That’s it folks; juke the joint! Go Trojans!!!

Trash Talk: The Regular Season, at Last!

We made it the vast wasteland of baseball hell back to football season! Congratulations one and all, especially you baseball nuts cursing my heresy right now.

Titans-Stillers: Things kick off tonight with scribe’s Stillers taking on masaccio’s Titans, the Super Bowl winners against last year’s winningest team. Gotta go with the Stillers, easy, in this, because I still haven’t washed my hand since I shook Franco Harris’ hand at Netroots Nation. Plus, Mike Tomlin did something really classy this off-season–he said, as a friend of Michael Vick’s, he might have ordinarily considered pursuing him, but given Big Ben’s drama in the off season, he didn’t want to do anything to get in Big Ben’s head. The Stillers are pretty much the team that won the Super Bowl, whereas the Titans have lost both Albert Haynesworth and Jim Schwartz. Plus, it’s in Pittsburgh.

Irish-Wolverines: Yes, this college game merits discussion in the first pro Trash Talk of the year. When’s the last time this game actually mattered? How long since it has it featured two undefeateds? There was an interesting stat on ESPN the other night–one of those insta-polls on which coach needed the win more, Charlie Weis or Rich Rod. The entire country, save two states, said Weis. One exception, of course, was MI. The other? WV, which appears to still be pouting. I gotta go with the Wolverines here, because if I gotta deal with game day traffic, then I sure as heck am owed a win. Go, um, Forcier!

USC-OSU: I might make the effort to muster some Big 10 jingoism over this game, to claim that OSU can stay with USC in the Horseshoe.  But … Navy?!?! So consider this the first opportunity of the year for bmaz to boast about how much better the Pac 10 is than the Big 10.

Merriman-Tequila: I frankly had never heard of Ms. Tequila when this whole nightmare for Shawne Merriman came up (yeah, you guys know my problems with pop culture, I get it). But from what folks tell me, Ms. Tequila is as dopey as she sounds–which leads me to give Merriman’s side of the story serious consideration.  But I had to include it here because (as some of you might remember from discussions of Brent Wilkes) it all went down in Poway, CA, where I graduated from high school. And, unless things have changed, Poway’s not the kind of town in which a homeowner’s dalliances with two and three women in one bed make national news. So I included this just to increase Poway’s shame.

There’s so much going on this weekend, I expect we’ll weigh in with more Trash on Saturday. So rather than picking games, why don’t we do a start-of-season prediction of Division winners, for an especially nice hubcap at the end of the year (maybe we’ll melt down all the hubcaps Phred won last year and turn them into one very very big hubcap)? Mine are:

NFC North: Da Bears. Yeah. I get that on paper both the Vikes and the Pack are much better than Chicago this year–frankly, pretty damn good teams all around. Yeah, I agree that Cutler is a punk. Call this a whimsical hunch that I will likely very much regret–say, by Sunday.
NFC South: I’ll pick the Falcons here, though I’d sure like to see Drew Brees have another great year with the Saints.
NFC East: It’s a wacky year in the NFC East, but I think the Gents are still the strongest team in the Division. Besides, isn’t there a rule that at least one Manning wins a Division?
NFC West: Jeebus, who cares? I mean, what are the chances that any team from the NFC West would ever be a factor at all in the post-season? On paper the Squawks are probably the strongest team, but they’ve got the worst travel schedule this year. So I’ll go with the sentimental choice of Mike Singletary’s Niners.

AFC North: Stillers. Whether Stillers or Ravens with the Division, the other will get one of the wildcards. I’m just going with the Stillers because I like Mike Tomlin that much.
AFC South: This will probably be a surprise division this year, with the Colts fading and the Titans losing some key personnel. So hell, if we’re going to have a surprise, why not the Texans?
AFC East: Pats. Not because Brady’s back. Not because they’ve loaded him up with even more guns on offense. And in spite of the fact that BillBel has ousted all of his defensive leaders. But because BillBel has followed up his 6th round steal of Brady, his 7th round Cassell pick, with his latest bottom-feeder (and, at this point, sole) QB back-up: undrafted Brian Hoyer.  Not that going into the first game with a brand new knee and a total rookie back-up is a good thing, mind you. But it’ll keep you amused.
AFC West: Looks like the Bolts are going to have more unhelpful drama this year, and BillBel has stacked the Bolts’ Division opponents with some great defensive weapons. Still, the Bolts are so much better than all the rebuilding teams in their division, they should easily take it.

Trash Talk: My Traffic [email protected]$

JimWhite, who seems anxious to start the college season for some unknown reason, pointed out how remiss I was in not posting a trash talk for the first college games of the season. Oops. Sorry.

In college ball, I have three things to report:

First, for one whole quarter, Navy kept it close with OSU. Alas, one quarter does not make an upset.

Second, apparently those people driving to MI’s first game of the season are suffering from some first-game jitters. Specifically, all the suburbanites driving through my neighborhood to the game seem to never have driven through a traffic circle before. And with four straight home games (that’s what a 1AA schedule will get you in the Big House), I won’t be able to drive through said traffic circles on a Saturday for an entire month.

Third, for some reason Ann Arbor has broken the cardinal rule of city road construction: which is that you finish the major arteries before the first game. They’re starting road construction right out in front of my house on Monday. Now I’ve got wayward traffic circles and construction drivers to contend with.

As to MI football? I don’t have much to say about that.

In the pros, though, here’s an interesting development while we wait for the season to really start. Roger Goodell anticipates that next year (2010), there may be no salary cap (because they haven’t agreed to a new contract yet). So for those of you who want to talk about something else than JimWhite’s gloating, I invite you to consider who will make worse use of his opportunity to spend unlimited funds on big egos: Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder?

Here’s another puzzler. Does anyone doubt that the NFC North–the perennial laughingstock of the NFL–is going to be the most improved division this year? Frankly, with Dallas looking pretty crappy and the Gents looking dicey and the Iggles looking gimmicky, I wonder whether the NFC North might be the best NFC division this year? I understand that doesn’t mean the Kitties will win any games (though I think we’ve done far better off of stealing masaccio’s Titans’ Defensive Coordinator than we did off of stealing Christy’s Mountaineers’ Head Coach), but there are some seriously strong teams up here in the Midwest this year.

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