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Turkey in Limerick

In Eire you can now find a turkey

Those sides though can come off as quirky

If you bring on the kin

You must tell them when

Cause Thursday is still in the workweek

I don’t think I’m much better at the Limerick than I was when I tried one last Christmas!

Spouse and I have invited his cousins for an American-style Thanksgiving dinner, but since today is not a holiday, we’re going to host on Saturday. This will be our first dinner party post lockdown and the first big dinner in our new kitchen. And no, the painting is not quite done but it’ll have to work.

I wasn’t kidding about the sides: As I noted in Rayne’s thread, I’m going to make my latest Turkey Day innovation: Kung Pao Rutabega. I love the vegetable but during lockdown I wanted to do something other than another mashed root vegetable. So I tried this. Not only does the rutabega really complement the Szechuan flavors, but the nuttiness of it adds something as well.

Rutabegas here, by the way — Swedes, they’re called — are positively enormous. I cycle to the market so always have to pick the smallest one to fit in my bike pannier.

The one other trick of my first big Turkey Day with family here in Ireland is that the farmer from whom I’m getting the turkey is geared towards Christmas, not Thanksgiving. So when I passed by his stall the other day, he warned me that he won’t be around to pass off the turkey. He’ll be in Spain. He assures me the lady with the stall across the way will bring it for me.

Wish me luck!

I hope you are all deep in your holiday joy. Or, for those of you in Michigan, the yearly humiliation of watching the Kitties play.

Thanks for sticking with us here at emptywheel for another year!

Update: The turkey worked out without a hitch. Our farmer had a friend who gave the turkey to the baker who brought it to market, ah sure.

If you followed my debate about sides, we had mashed spuds (they’re gone, I had none), two stuffings, brussel sprouts, a lovely arugula, fennel, walnut, and dried cranberry salad, and the kung pao rutabega (Swedes). The latter was reasonably well received; the 17-yo had seconds.

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