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While You Were Munching

North Kenya: “This is the last of my food…”  (photo: Giro555 via Flickr)

You’ve given thanks for today’s grub, and now you’re dopey from the soporific effects of holiday gluttony. You’ve scraped the plates into the garbage disposal and kvetched about fitting all the leftovers in the fridge, or moaned about loosening your belt.

Shopped, cooked, eaten, stowed. Check, check, check, check.

Now add another item to your check list: a much-needed guilt trip.

•  Climate change may have contributed to instability in these strife-filled locations: Libya, Mali and the Sahel, the Horn of Africa, Syria.

•  Climate change has been and is killing people in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia, even as I type this due to starvation rising from persistent drought and resulting famine.

•  Climate change caused the two-day black out for 670 million Indians — that’s 1.5 times the population of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico combined without power for two days. Mind-fricking-boggling.

•  Climate change effects from 2012 will result in increased food insecurity [PDF] for hundreds of millions of people for the next year and longer. If India didn’t have enough water for its crops, where will it buy food for its population? From the U.S. and Canada, which suffered huge crop losses? Even fisheries are negatively impacted.

There, guilt trip. Check.

On Monday after the turkey has worn off and the leftovers are gone, perhaps you’ll contact your Congress critter and demand immediate, proactive, and effective policy on climate change right after the turkey doldrums wear off.

Wish you and yours much to give thanks about this holiday.

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bmaz @dcbigjohn Aww shit. This is horrible. Condolences.
emptywheel I mean, I used to be a hard ass abt this shit at UM, for precisely this reason: future elite should not be taught to skip deadlines.
emptywheel Did Mtich McConnell miss all his college paper deadlines, too?
bmaz @jadler1969 @smithcp1 @AppellateDaily @rickhasen @CWRU_Law Oh sure, horn in on the glory Adler! So, who is your guess?
emptywheel RT @ChadPergram: Senate now out until 11 am et Tuesday. On 30 hr post cloture clock. Next vote might not happen until late Tues afternoon
bmaz Continue to need a FitBit to keep track of all the @NYTimes walking back on shameful Clinton email story
bmaz @fedcourts @rickhasen @jadler1969 You are on. Clement is worth much more to the cause outside. Kavanaugh long been groomed for this.
bmaz @brentstandridge @GinnyLaRoe @Richard_Tamor @ScottGreenfield You might want to actually read the story.
emptywheel I repeat again: McConnell doesn't seem to be having as much fun as Majority Leader as he expected. Won't LBJ's ghost save him?!?!
bmaz @benwizner @benjaminwittes Better yet, doe yer best Michael Cohen schticht!
bmaz @dcbigjohn Thinking about picking up one of these, what you think?
emptywheel @caidid Like math, there was a point where had I learned strategy (football, not war) I might have loved it. @bmaz
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