Four of Seven Dwarves: Consistent, Courage, Resolute, Cheerful

“Consistent” (Paul), “Courage” (Santorum?!), “Resolute” (Willard), “Cheerful” (Newt)

Those are the one word answers the GOP candidates gave CNN’s John King to explain themselves.

All I could think of where the seven dwarves remaining. (Bachmann? Crazy. Perry? Dummy. Cain? Slutty.)

That said, I’m not sure what service men and women think of Santorum claiming credit, presumably for his socially restrictive policies while never serving, is all that courageous. And Willard? “Resolute”? I guess that’s Mormon for “multiple choice,” right?

These people are clearly all too delusional to have their finger on the nuclear button.

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  1. MadDog says:

    I think I’ll add another corollary to my observations about the Repugs. First, the existing observations:

    “…After their loss in the 2008 elections, the only folks left willing to be identified as Republicans were the Crazies.

    As I said of the Republicans at the time, “When all you have left is Crazy, you go with Crazy.”

    I now would add the following corollary: “When you go with Crazy, all you get is Crazy.”

    Now, the newest additional corollary:

    “To get crazies to vote for you, it’s necessary to promise them more craziness.”

    And an postscript:

    “It also helps if you’re crazy yourself!”

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