Week 15 Big Game NFL Trash Talk

Tough last couple of days; there are really no words that make the happenings in Newtown explainable. So, let’s put that aside for a bit and let loose with a little good old fashioned pro football trash talk. And the pros is all we got until the bowl games start up in earnest. The only thing I will note about the student athletes is that it turns out Rich Rodriquez can win bowl games if he is not at Michigan. Maybe it was the Wolvereenies and not Rich Rod after all (hey, they didn’t win squat for bowl games under Bo Merlot either).

There are a host of big games today. With a nod to Ms. Wheel, we start off with the Niners at the Pats. Save for the embarrassing tie the the Niners got with the Rams, both teams have equal records and only three losses each. The Pats have the all world offense, the Niners the equal on defense, right? Not so fast! New England has been rocking on D lately and SF has found a vertical passing game and big play potential with Colin Kaepernick at QB. With both defenses playing solid, it will come down to the offenses. The Pats, however, have ever more receiving woes. Gronk is still out, and now Donte’ Stallworth (ankle) and Julian Edelman (foot) are out on the IR too. The situation is so bleak they have resigned Deion Branch for like the 90th time. But Tom Brady could roll out of bed and find Branch, and I think he will do so enough today, along with Aaron Hernandez, to beat the Niners.

Second up to bat is the timeless grudge match. Packers. Bears. At Soldier Field. Packers and Bears is always must see football, no matter what. But real things are on the line today. The Pack are playing for the Norske Division title and possible first round playoff bye and the Bears are playing for their lives, a loss today and you can put a fork in them. Mr. Discount Doublecheck looks locked in and the Pack are on a late season roll much like their last SuperBowl year. But this game will be won on defense, and on D Urlacher is out for the Bears and Clay Matthews returns for the Cheese. And that will do it, the Pack wins their sixth straight against the Bears.

Hey, if it were not for my beloved Cheese, the second biggest game might have been the Donkos at the Ravens. Because it ought to be a real barnburner (picture Keith Jackson voice)! With Denver at 10-3 and Baltimore at 9-4, both appear playoff bound. But Peyton and the boys are going one direction, and the Ravens have lately been going the other. Interestingly, the Broncos habitually flounder against the Ravens, but Peyton is 8-0 against them in the last eight games. So, what will give? Well, Ray Lewis, who was thought to return this week, will not. Terrell Suggs is a Raven with a bad wing, but a new bride, and will give it a go. Me? I’m taking Peyton over Joe Flaccid. Question for y’all, is Peyton just comeback player of the year, or is he the MVP of the league? Or both?

The Colts at the Texans might qualify for big game status, but I have a sneaking feeling Houston will rebound from recent woes (read Brady and Bill Bel) and put them away at home in Houston. So, we move on to a surprise great game: Skins at the Brownies. Hey, don’t laugh; while RGIII has been getting the ink, Cleveland has turned themselves around and are playing solid football. As to RGIII, he won’t even be active today. Kirk Cousins (who OUGHT to be quarterbacking the Cardinals if they were not such terminal loser idiots) will get the start with Sexy Rexy Grossman backing him up. I like Cousins, and think he gets it done for the Skins today.

Giants at Falcons has to be on the list, although for some reason it doesn’t seem quite as interesting as the games above. Eli and the Gents, despite the lesser record, ought to be favored, but….Matty Ice and the Dirty Birds don’t lose much at home. Ryan has won 10 straight and 32 of 36 inside the home nest. Feel kind of queasy with this one, but I’ll take the Falcons.

The Bills are at home, but hard to believe they have enough wagons to circle Russell Wilson, Pete Carroll and the Squawks. Seattle continues its playoff roll. The better question is what happens in St. Louis between the Rams and Vikes? St. Louis is better than you think at 6-6-1. The Vikings are riding the A Train almost exclusively at this point with Christian Ponder’s inconsistency becoming a weakness. This could be a really good game, and I rate it a toss up.

Nobody in the world gives a crap about the Lions at Cards, but I will be forced to see it anyway as it is the only late game on here. Bleech. Just put the Cards in prison with the Kittehs. The rest of the schedule for Week 15 is ho hum land, save for perhaps the Cowboys and Steelers. Both are banged up and having disappointing seasons. Big Ben, however, doesn’t usually have back to back bad games, I think he gets back on track and puts down the ‘Boys once and for all.

There is your rundown for today. Let’s have some fun and put aside the tragedy for just a little bit. Sheryl Crow can help us with that.

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