NSA Has Conquered Canada and Mexico Now

Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 3.13.35 PMTo accompany its excellent piece on the NSA’s Zombie Lie about having prevented 54 terrorist attacks, ProPublica republished the map NSA released to seed the Zombie Lie (visual aids help with propaganda, I understand).

I noticed for the first time how the NSA has simply incorporated Canada and Mexico into the “Homeland.”

I wouldn’t have mentioned it at all, but one of the events they’re almost certainly including among the 13 is the Manssor Arbabsiar “plot” to kill the Saudi Ambassador. That plot, at least as DEA’s informant crafted the tale, involved targets in Argentina, too (and, of course, the plotting took place in Mexico).

Though perhaps the most telling aspect of the whole map is how the whole terrorism thing goes blank once you get south of Mexico. There, of course (and in Mexico as well), we’re stopping “Narcoterrorists,” not “terrorists.”

Finally, it’s funny that NSA is so inaccurate with their maps, given that some of their spying depends on boundary arbitrage, the placement of collection points outside of the US, so it can collect US person data while pretending not to.

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  1. Betty says:

    I note that the Caribbean is also included in the aqua colored territory labeled as the Homeland. Does that mean I no longer live outside the Homeland and am therefore not outside the US any more? Would like to know.

  2. Peasantparty says:

    I still have to laugh at all the pants on fire, and no pants on NSA officers. They know this stuff is being made public, but still wait until shit hits the fan to try to avoid the splatter with more lies.

    I’ve been trying to follow some of the court cases the best I can to see how it is being handled. Two of those cases are presenting Bush’s Executive Order on National Security to stop plantiffs. Even FOIA requests for the full E.O. have been denied according to some. Here is the Wiki page on it:


    Now that is Executive Order or Executive Directive #51. The particular case below refers to E.O. 54.


    I realize that the National Security Directives have been changed and amended several times since, but that is another issue I have with these ongoing court cases. Especially since some of them have been removed from public viewing or classified. Secret Laws are hard to convict in my mind, but some courts are still trying. With these revelations of Mexico, France, Brazil, and Germany coming out you have to question how the OLC writers of these secret laws thought they would hold up internationally.

    As Marcy states above, American communications are being vacuumed up and switched over to foreign hubs, then transported back into US hubs via international communication transfers to NSA as cover to somewhat relieve them of directly sucking it up locally. (My understanding anyway) I still have a feeling they are hiding behind those acts when they say they are not grabbing domestic personal info, when reality they are but just offshored it temporarily.

    Which brings me back to not only the DiFi and Senate Intell Committees dance around the bushes about the legality of any of it and how it will actually stand up in a court of law when parts of the laws are still secret.

    I’ll leave you with the latest I’ve found on Obama’s Executive Orders for Cyber security here:


  3. Snarki, child of Loki says:

    CUBA is part of the Homeland now? Can we send Senators Cruz and Rubio back now?

    Oh wait, I get it…that’s all of the area that is covered by the US international “1” country code (i.e., US-style telephone area codes)

    I bet those countries didn’t realize that by signing up to the Ma Bell area code plan that they were secretly being annexed.

  4. Citizen92 says:

    Who needs drones when the NSA can simply hack your pacemaker and give you the “fatal shock?” You created this, Dick.

  5. C says:

    If they, as you say, include narco-terrorists as Terrorists! then its a wonder the “Homeland” number is as low as 13.

    According to official sources the drug cartels are terrorists and those terrorists are not just involved in growing drugs but in organized crime, money laundering, and human trafficking (i.e. international terror). Thus any action against them involves breaking up an “international terror” plot. If they stop one money laundering payment or drug mule then that would be a more realistic blow to actual criminals than the wiring of 2k to Al Shabab.

    It may be that this is just bad graphics. Or it may be that they are including Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean just to get that high.

  6. john francis lee says:

    Merkel in Germany, too. Is Cameron next ?

    The USSA is everybody’s enemy. That makes all of us everybody’s targets.

    Shut down the goddam NSA … CIA … alphabet soup.

    The US Post Office can hire the erstwhile bad guys to create an opensourced email server network that will keep us safe from ANY totalitarian regime … especially our own.

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