Big Game Rivalry Weekend Trash Talk

I hope one and all survived and had a glorious Thanksgiving. As you may recall, it did not go so well for us Cheeseheads. Ouch, the Kitties put a licking on. Just goes to prove, if you want to win a football game, it helps to have a quarterback. But, here we are and the Big Game between the Wolverweenies and the Artists Formerly Known As The Sweatervests is underway. And multiple players have been ejected already! Big Blue has a 21-14 lead in the second quarter. I’ll be rooting for the Michigan Men, but not gonna bet any money on them.

The big game here is, of course, Arizona State hosting the dreaded Wildcats of Arizona. This is as bitter a rivalry as there exists in sports, bar none. For the last four years, the away team has won. Let’s hope that does not hold tonight. Rich Rodriquez has the Cats gelling and looking very good in their last game, a huge whipping of the then fifth ranked Oregon Ducks. The Cats’ running back, Ka’Deem Carey almost went to ASU out of high school, and now he is a beast and Arizona’s all time leading rusher; he went off for 205 against the Quackers. Their QB, BJ Denker is a competent manager, and very good on short and mid range passes, and he runs pretty well in Rich Rod’s spread offense too. The Devils will likely be without leading rusher, and touchdown machine, Marion Grice, who has a tender knee. But Taylor Kelly has really solidified into a decent QB, and the Devils have explosive capabilities at all the skill positions. On defense, ASU is more experienced and more capable on paper. With the game being played on Frank Kush Field, the Devils should have the clear edge; but that never works against the Cats, this is a must watch game and a pick em.

Other rivalry games today include Alabama at Auburn; take the Tide to roll. Clemson at South Carolina pits the number 6 versus the number 10 team and should be a bloodbath. Clemson has too much firepower though, and the ‘Cocks defense has not been as good as expected this year. Texas A&M at Mizzou should also be a great game. Johnny Football stunk up the joint against LSU last week and will be looking for redemption. Tough road against the next set of Tigers. Notre Domers go to visit the Trees, and that won’t go well for the Irish. Lastly, the Trojans and the Bruins square off in the battle of LA. Hard to not see USC having the edge here, they are playing very well since dumping Lane Kiffen on the tarmac at LA International Airport. Also, I owe Kevin Drum a huge one for rooting for the Devils against UCLA, so I am returning the favor here. Go Tommy Trojan!

In the pros, the big game is, as it was a couple of weeks ago, the Broncos and Chefs. This time, however, the game in in the BBQ pit of Arrowhead, and man that is every bit as tough a forum as Mile high is. I still don’t think KC has enough offense to hang with the Peytons, but this should be a lot closer. Rams at Niners may be a pretty darn good game, but take SF at home. Kellen clemens has done great filling in for Sam Bradford, but Kaepernick and the Niners have their groove back. Dolphins at Jets might be very interesting, I’ll take the Jets Jets Jets in an upset (no idea why, the Fish are probably better). Saints at Squawks is the Sunday Night game on NBC, and it should be a barnburner. No way I will pick against Seattle at home though, even though they have had some turmoil from drug suspensions.

Lastly, there will be another pretty big, and good, game here in the Valley of the Sun – the Eagles coming to visit the Cardinals. And Valley of the Sun is right, the weather has been to die for lately; should be 75° and clear blue sky here both weekend days. Both teams are really coming together late in the season, and both QBs, young Nick Foles and Carson Palmer have been in grooves. This game is another pick em….except the Cards are really tough at homw, so the slightest edge goes to Arizona.

Well, that is it, hoop it up! Music this week is Saint James’ Infirmary by Dr. John and Eric Clapton, and it is superb.


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