Lying Keith Alexander to Shack up with Promontory and Profit Off His Fearmongering

Man, I knew Keith Alexander was going to cash in after he retired. And I probably would have placed all my chips on him profiting off his cyber fearmongering.

Former National Security Agency chief Gen. Keith Alexander is launching a consulting firm for financial institutions looking to address cybersecurity threats, POLITICO has learned.

Less than two months since his retirement from the embattled agency at the center of the Edward Snowden leak storm, the retired four-star general is setting up a Washington-based operation that will try to attract clients based on his four decades of experience in the military and intelligence — and the continued levels of access to senior decision-makers that affords.

But the part of this story that even I couldn’t have predicted — but makes so much sense it brings tears to my eyes — is that he’s shacking up with Promontory Financial Group, the revolving door regulator to hire that has been caught underestimating its clients’ crimes for big money.

Alexander will lease office space from the global consulting firm Promontory Financial Group, which confirmed in a statement on Thursday that it plans to partner with him on cybersecurity matters.

“He and a firm he’s forming will work on the technical aspects of these issues, and we on the risk-management compliance and governance elements,” said Promontory spokesman Chris Winans.

I’m impressed, Lying Keith: You’ve done my very low expectations even one better!

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bmaz @adamjohnsonNYC The real problem with that argument is that they had already made improper arrest of Gray before discovering the knife.
bmaz @adamjohnsonNYC Don't discount a good faith defense in that regard, it could possibly apply; it is not as silly as it looks.
emptywheel Ut oh, Michigan. Looks like we need to start drawing penises around the potholes. #OurWanksyStateLegislature
JimWhiteGNV Tremendous sunset tonight for @GatorZoneBB
bmaz @nycsouthpaw Question: Are there any estimates on what a round trip ticket will be?
bmaz RT @Atrios: @bmaz @SusieMadrak she's in the next batman movie, too
bmaz RT @billmon1: He's certainly "no angel" -->
bmaz @SusieMadrak "The Nit Pickler". Courtesy of @Atrios long ago and far away,
bmaz @chrislhayes @DLind Tactically very smart of Clinton to take the mantle and lead on the concept though.
bmaz @chrislhayes @DLind It IS legally tenuous. They are already stretching separation of powers. It's a great policy viscerally, but are issues.
bmaz @ryanjreilly I'm sure @greta did mean knife but this bogus argument ignores that the arrest occurred before cops ever saw knife. Stop the BS
bmaz Great tactical move by Clinton, but may be a bridge too far as to Executive Branch power overreach.
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