Robert Mueller Once Again Claims Anna Chapman a Bigger Threat to US than Lloyd Blankfein

Robert Mueller addressed the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco today. He repeated a familiar theme: the biggest threats to the United States are terrorists (even aspirational ones), spies, and cyber attacks.

Terrorism, espionage, and cyber attacks are the FBI’s top priorities. Terrorists, spies, and hackers are always thinking of new ways to harm us.

As he tends to do when spreading this propaganda, Mueller once again focused on Anna Chapman and her band of suburban spies.

Consider the arrest last year of 10 agents of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service. Many of you may have seen TV news stories and videos covering the techniques we used in our investigation, code-named Ghost Stories. It featured the stuff of a John Le Carré novel—dead-drops in train tunnels, brush passes at night, and clandestine meetings in cafés.

Though he did add the example of Kexue Huang, who sent information on organic pesticides and food to Germany and China, to his list of scary spies who threaten our country.

Last month, Kexue Huang, a former scientist for two of America’s largest agricultural companies, pled guilty to charges that he sent trade secrets to his native China.

While working at Dow AgriSciences and later at Cargill, Huang became a research leader in biotechnology and the development of organic pesticides. Although he had signed non-disclosure agreements, he transferred stolen trade secrets from both companies to persons in Germany and China. His criminal conduct cost Dow and Cargill millions of dollars.

Finally, Mueller added a neat new twist to his list of people who pose a big threat to this country. The hackers who hacked into the BART website after BART cops killed the unarmed Oscar Grant and later Charles Blair Hill, and after BART shut down cell service to interrupt free speech will bring anarchy!

And “hacktivist” groups are pioneering their own forms of digital anarchy. Here in the Bay Area, you witnessed their work firsthand when individuals hacked the BART website and released personal data of BART customers.

Because it’s not anarchy when cops shoot unarmed or drunk men. It’s not anarchy when transit companies unilaterally shut down your phone. It’s only anarchy when the hackers get involved.

You’ll note what’s missing, as it always is, from Mueller’s list of scary threats to the country? Not a peep about the banksters whose systematic fraud has done–and continues to do–far more financial damage than 9/11.

It’s anarchy, apparently, when bunch of kids break into a website. But it’s not anarchy when banksters rewrite property law to steal the homes of millions of Americans.

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  1. WilliamOckham says:

    Because it’s not anarchy when cops shoot unarmed or drunk men. It’s not anarchy when transit companies unilaterally shut down your phone. It’s only anarchy when the hackers get involved.

    Well, to give him his due, it’s not anarchy when cops shoot unarmed or drunk men. It’s the oligarchy doing its thing. Likewise with the transit companies shutting down cell phone service and the banksters defrauding the world.

    Mueller’s position is clear enough. Any challenge to the oligarchy is going to be defined as anarchy. He can’t tell the difference between anarchy and democracy.

  2. emptywheel says:

    The thing that pisses me off about this–okay, one of many–is that bankers are better at thinking of new ways to harm us. And they’re so dangerous for precisely the same reason terrorists are (which was the whole point of Mueller’s speech): because globalization and tech makes them all the more dangerous.

  3. geoschmidt says:

    When the government no longer goes by Rule of Law, what’s the word for that?

    @ above question of Vegas lawsuit: Vegas is a major “forclosure center”, but is that where the country’s counties should be leading from? EG., crooks and loonies.

  4. geoschmidt says:

    well anarchy is: lawlessness people out of control of some government situation,,, so when the gov goes ape shit, what is the term for that… Hahaha. Maybe it is same, nihilist, The gov under this simpleton is nihilist.

  5. greengiant says:

    Before was “temporarily” shutdown due to a lawsuit filed in Vancouver BC, the web site connected Anna Chapman and others in that Russian Intel ring to some suspect financial firms and trade volume in connection with associates or members of Russian criminal gangs among other evil doers. Of note was the prominence of ex FBI heads of counterintelligence/counterterrorism hired as directors or consultants to some of these fraudsters.

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