Brennan Continues to Stonewall on His Own Leaks

John Brennan has now been asked three times (four, presuming Richard Burr asked during the closed hearing, as he said he would) to list the specific times he has leaked to journalists. He has refused all the unclassified questions, as he does here in his supplemental questions.

Describe each specific instance in which you were authorized to disclosure classified information to a reporter or media consultant, including the identity of the individual authorizing each disclosure and the reason for each such disclosure.

In exceptional circumstances, when classified information appears to have already been leaked to the media, it may be necessary to acknowledge classified information to a member of the media or to declassify information for the very purpose of limiting damage to national security by protecting sources and methods or stemming the flow of additional classified information. Such conversations involve only the most senior Agency officials or their designees and must be handled according to any applicable regulations. I have on occasion spoken to members of the media who appeared to already have classified information, in an effort to limit damage to national security; however, even in those circumstances I did not disclosure classified information.

Burr wants a list. Brennan isn’t giving him one.


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Emptywheel Twitterverse
emptywheel @benjaminwittes VERY hard to support claim he had no desire to suppress when he made very historic efforts to suppress that. @dametzger
bmaz @alexiszotos YESS!!! But gotta work harder, Bruins looking tough so far.
emptywheel @benjaminwittes Any thoughts on why Obama's WH suppressed a short phrase referencing the Finding "authorizing" torture? @dametzger
bmaz @gracels @jacklgoldsmith It is not just here, most counties in the state do the same. I bet this is not the only GOP state where that's case
emptywheel @onekade Fool? Based on what evidence?
emptywheel RT @adamgoldmanwp: .@GregJaffe writes 13 years of war = nearly 7,000 American deaths, 60,000 injuries and cost in excess of $2 trillion htt…
emptywheel @ErrataRob Given that we went to the moon w/far less than a smart phone, not sure I'd call them dumb terminals.
bmaz RT @JoshMBlackman: My Op-Ed in L.A. Times – Congress has itself to blame for ceding so much power to the President
bmaz @gracels @jacklgoldsmith Here in Maricopa County, Arpaio and the County Attorney, Bill Montgomery, prosecute the hell out of that.
bmaz @gracels @jacklgoldsmith Also, "coming out of shadows" will expose most who've been here more than 5 yrs to some type of doc fraud liability
bmaz @gracels @jacklgoldsmith Especially here where it could clearly disappear after 18 months with a new President.
bmaz I also, as atty in border state, have real questions whether Obama's new immig policy will be nearly as effective as claimed @jacklgoldsmith
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