Brennan Continues to Stonewall on His Own Leaks

John Brennan has now been asked three times (four, presuming Richard Burr asked during the closed hearing, as he said he would) to list the specific times he has leaked to journalists. He has refused all the unclassified questions, as he does here in his supplemental questions.

Describe each specific instance in which you were authorized to disclosure classified information to a reporter or media consultant, including the identity of the individual authorizing each disclosure and the reason for each such disclosure.

In exceptional circumstances, when classified information appears to have already been leaked to the media, it may be necessary to acknowledge classified information to a member of the media or to declassify information for the very purpose of limiting damage to national security by protecting sources and methods or stemming the flow of additional classified information. Such conversations involve only the most senior Agency officials or their designees and must be handled according to any applicable regulations. I have on occasion spoken to members of the media who appeared to already have classified information, in an effort to limit damage to national security; however, even in those circumstances I did not disclosure classified information.

Burr wants a list. Brennan isn’t giving him one.


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Emptywheel Twitterverse
emptywheel Clearly Walker's right about that northern wall.
bmaz @ggreenwald Several of his people I talked to said he would be working that in soon, but nearly 2 months later and little sign of it.
bmaz @ggreenwald Yes. Also work was supposed to read "word" in that tweet.
bmaz @ggreenwald Went to his big Phoenix speech. 52 minutes and not a single work on foreign policy. Like the guy, but this is a major flaw.
emptywheel Because why should HSBC have to follow the law.
JimWhiteGNV RT @downwithtyranny: Shady Tom Cotton (R-AR) works with other countries to undermine U.S. foreign policy. Isn't there a law against that? h…
JimWhiteGNV But seriously. David Petraeus has failed so many times on so many fronts that nobody should be listening to him any more. Come on, DC!
JimWhiteGNV After we abolish secular government, let a band of religious scholars choose a Supreme Leader. Oh wait, maybe that's been done before...
JimWhiteGNV If God's law is all that matters, disband Congress. Then disband the Supreme Court. Then abolish the Presidency.
JimWhiteGNV Civil disobedience to deprive people of equal treatment under the law falls far short of the nobility of civil disobedience for human rights
JimWhiteGNV Huh. Who knew that diplomacy would work?
JimWhiteGNV RT @thekarami: Great use of facepalm in this picture for this headline.
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