Thanks for Keeping Us Independent

I’ve been remiss.

I had plans to send out a thank you note to all the people who donated during our fundraiser. But then a family issue came up and I haven’t gotten it done yet.

Nevertheless, this piece of news made me realize I need to issue a heartfelt thank you immediately.

I am very excited to announce that tomorrow, we are launching a project with our friends at the New Republic to bring Lawfare content and writers to the New Republic‘s web site. Astute readers may have noticed that we have been sharing a certain amount of content with the New Republic over the past few weeks. The partnership aims to build on this relationship, situating Lawfare‘s expertise in national security legal issues within the New Republic‘s broader policy focus.

We are calling the project, which is being sponsored by the Northrup Grumman Corp., “Security States.” [my emphasis]

Some national security commentary gets sponsored by a drone manufacturers and spy companies (the announcement also led me to realize that Brookings itself gets $1 to $2.5 million a year from Booz h/t Katherine Hawkins).

Ours gets sponsored by you.

To all of you who help keep us independent, you have my profuse gratitude.

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bmaz @gracels @dcbigjohn That is a given.
bmaz @gracels Naw, I have sat with @dcbigjohn My bet is you would actually like him quite a bit! Seriously. And he has passion for border stories
bmaz @KanysLupin @emptywheel @MonaHol Not sure of context or question, but I would imagine prior statuses or placements on a list. Sorry, dunno.
bmaz @dcbigjohn This is fucking outrageous.
bmaz @kdrum Yeah. This is just ugly. I am turning to the Boise State game on ESPN2 I think. Or Netflix and a beer.
bmaz @cody_k You are NOT doing very well quarterbacking the USC Trojans tonight. Not very helpful for the ASU Sun Devils. Please do better!
bmaz Will NOBODY rid me of these pesky Bruins?? Jeez. This is what I get for needing help from, and rooting for, ONE TIME, the USC Trojans. #Ugly
bmaz @gracels @21law @jacklgoldsmith As much as I hate it, yeah, they are their own little fiefdoms. Again, I go off what I see where I practice.
bmaz @21law @gracels @jacklgoldsmith If properly charged and within boundaries of state, yes amenable to process for Rule 8 state speedy trial
bmaz @gracels @21law @jacklgoldsmith well, want the conviction for that purpose+willing to lock em up here even if no deport. thats my concern.
bmaz @21law @gracels @jacklgoldsmith In fact, willfully itinerant and belligerent to Fed policy when they can be. Think lot of GOP places may be.
bmaz @21law @gracels @jacklgoldsmith Ah, thanks. We shall see. But my experience here is county prosecutors are undeterred by Fed policies.
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